Saw the splendor of Light where they dwelled. and only God can traverse it; the circle of Chaos where all things by nature arise from death; the Circle of awareness where all things spring from life. Aye, free shall ye be to move through the cycles– pass the guardians that dwell at the door. Draw ye away from the veil of the darkness. Yet, know in a time, far in the future, Light shall be All and darkness shall fall. ionization.

This is the only authorized, original and true rendition of these Emerald Tablets. Only by struggle and toiling thy utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. Once in a time long forgotten, I THOTH, opened the doorway. Dwelt I again among children of men, teaching and showing some of my wisdom; Now again I tread the path downward, seeking the light in the darkness of night. the Source of all wisdom, the place of beginning, that is yet One with the end of all things.

Release thou his flame from its bondage, free let it flame through the darkness of night.”. Arbitrator of Cause and Effect in thy life. White Temple. Bound are ye in your body, but by the power ye may be free. Manifest THEY through their power, filled by force from beyond. (hidden knowledge left behind by Thoth / Ningishzidda). Know They that in time all will be perfected, having none above and none below. Then shalt the past be as one with the present.

Heard I then the voice of the DWELLER: “O darkness, come into the Light. Dig ye and find that which I have hidden. Used they always the dark magic, brought into men by the power of darkness. Brought HE me, before the DWELLER, deep in the Temple before the great FIRE. Here, I manifest in this your cycle, but yet am I there in your future of time. I click on the video and proceed to listen to 12-13 min video with the translated tablets in text with voice over. For all is but part of the Oneness that is at the Source of the Law. Gathered I then my people and entered the great ship of the Master. Turn thy thoughts upward to Light and to Life. Stand before the gates and their guardians. Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys that shall show ye the Way into life. Choose thou thy work, for all should must labor, never be free from the pathway of Light. Speaking with music, singing with colour, flame from the beginning of Eternity’s ALL. Wandered I free through the vastness of ether, circled the angles that hold man in bondage. Yet thou shalt have moved to a star-space beyond this leaving behind this place where thou has dwelt. List to the wisdom that gives thee of Death. Yet know, we are still part of our Cycles with our Vision reaching unto them and beyond. Called I from the other planes of being, one who was fairer than the daughters of men. Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway: many the mountains to climb toward the LIGHT. Lost, but existing, flowing through all things, living in ALL is the INFINITE BRAIN.

There time after time placed they their first created bodies so that they might by filled with the Spirit of Life.

Think not to escape by entering your body, for follow they fast the Soul through angles.

Man can only read the future through the causes that bring the effects. Make of thyself a vessel for Light, a focus for the Sun of this space. then truly ye are free from all bondage, free to work in a harmony of Law.

When ye and all of thy brethren were formless, formed forth were WE from the order of ALL.

When ye are free from the fetters of darkness and travel in space as the SUN of the LIGHT.

while we of the cycle that extends to Infinity take of the striving and build greater Law. There by my power, I conquered and ruled them. The One step thou has gained on the long pathway upward, infinite now is the mountain of Light. Open to all is their pathway, open to he who will walk in the LIGHT. The that I, Thoth, have all of the knowledge and all of the wisdom known, to man since the ancient days.

Hear ye the voice that shall banish the night. Hark ye O old man and list to my warning: be ye free from the bondage of night. Fast fled His soul then, back to His body. Man, a perfect flame of this Cosmos, shall move forward to a place in the stars. Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom. Let not thine heart turn ever to darkness. There in the apex, set I the crystal, sending the ray into the “Time-Space,”. When ye have gained the light of all wisdom, free shall ye be to shine in the ether —. The Key of Wisdom, -  Drift with the sound to the place of thy longing. Follow the pathway to brightness, and thou shall be ONE with the way. Give the key to ascend to the Presence of Light in the Great world. Three are the hindrances: lack of endeavor to obtain knowledge; non-attachment to god; attachment to evil. Each soul on earth that loosens its fetters, shall soon be made free from the bondage of night. I got chills listening to it.

cast off the bondage of the brothers of night.

Opened, they then, by their knowledge, pathways forbidden to man.

Ceased again the voice of the Nine, and into my consciousness the words had sunk. Yet before thee were others greater than thee. filled them with wisdom called forth by His mind. Forward he led me through many great spaces filled with the mysteries of the Children of Light; mysteries that man may never yet know of until he, too, is a Sun of the Light.

Know ye, O man, that when ye have progressed into the cycle that lengthen above. Open thy eyes and see the great SUN-LIGHT. Yet know thee that in Infinity there is neither above nor below. Search ye for the Light on thy pathway and ever for thee the goal shall endure. Until at last, I passed to a plane, hidden from knowledge, known not to wisdom, extension beyond all that we know. Formed forth ye, from the primal ether, filled with the brilliance that flows from the source. Dark is the pathway of LIFE that ye travel.

For knew I that in these words lay wisdom and a way to explore the mysteries of time. Form they the skeletal framework through which the subtle ether flows. The Flower of Life is as thine own place of Spirit and streams through the Earth as thine flows through thy form; giving of life to the Earth and its children, renewing the Spirit from form unto form. Onward and upward into the morning, free flash, O Soul, to the realms of Light.

Free from the body, I flashed through the night. We, who have being in cycles beyond thee, are those who first came forth from the, Source and have in the passage through time-space gained ability to use. Then spoke I to them in words calm and peaceful, telling them of the might of Atlantis. Mystery in Mystery, yet clear to the Light-born, the Secret of all I now will reveal.

Down they descended and created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own. Known not are they to the children of men. Asked him the question that surged in my being, saying: O Master, what is time?

Forth then, my soul sped, throughout the Cosmos, seeing ever, new things and old; learning that man is truly space-born, a Sun of the Sun, a child of the stars. All things animate are of three states of existence: chaos or death, liberty in humanity and felicity of Heaven. ORDER brought forth from Chaos will bring thee the WORD of the SOURCE, will thee the power of CYCLES. Then having drunk deep of the cup of wisdom. Seek ye to find the path through the barriers. in a time far past, I began this incarnation.

), Tablet 1: The History of Thoth The Atlantean. Come from the HALLS where the Seven Lords rule. then ye shall know that space in not boundless but truly bounded by angles and curves. The following is an excerpt taken from this work: The Truth Seeker, who is willing to give them a more intensive study, will open avenues to the most intrinsic wisdom; wisdom of unutterable majesty and beauty.

Know ye, O man, whatever from ye inhabit, surely it is one with the stars. Yet live I forever in the wisdom I taught. Then saw I the need for the barriers, saw the need for the Lords of Arulu. like the shadows that surround the stars in the sky and like the stars in the sky-space. Given to man have they secrets that shall guard and protect him from all harm. Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I builded, to the apex of the pyramid, built as a gateway. is ever growing in ways that are different from those that were part of the ways of thine own. Beyond lies the sphere of the heaven-born powers, Arulu, the land where the Great Ones have passed. All eyes do not see with the same vision, for to one an object appears of one form and colour and to a different eye of another. Flashed forth my soul through infinity’s beauty, far through space I flew with my thoughts. Once in my search for deep buried wisdom, I opened the door that bars THEM from man. solely through the Brotherhood of the Then will I receive the initiate, give him the words of power. Then grew in the great space before me, flame after flame, from the veil of the night. for not as the sons of men are the Children of Light when they are not incarnate in a physical body. Now, seek I ever more wisdom that I may be perfect in Law with the All. Keys let them be to those who come after.

Know that all is Order from Chaos born into light. He was a physician, a magician and a spiritual person. I, Thoth, (Ningishzidda) the Atlantean, give of my wisdom, give of my knowledge, give of my power. I, THOTH, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, mighty king, magician. Henceforth forever is Life, thine for the taking. Free must thou rise from the darkness before thou art One with the LIGHT.

Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said. Cowed I them by my display of magic-science, until at my feet they groveled, when I released them. Above and beyond man’s threefold nature lies the realm of the Spiritual Self.

Saw I the movements of the cycles, vast as the thought of the SOURCE could convey. Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear. Wouldst be one with the heart of the flame? Know ye, O Thoth, that LIFE is but thee WORD of the FIRE. Then from the throne, there poured a great radiance, surrounding and lifting my soul by its power. If he hesitates to open his heart to thee, it is because thou, the judge, doeth the wrong. extending his consciousness out of the darkness, flowing through time and space in the ALL.

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