Noises that occur when the doors are opening or closing typically do not require a repair service. When you dispense water, does the noise occur everytime; or briefly as you start and stop dispensing water? Persistent noise that stops when the doors are opened is usually caused by the refrigerator fans. For your convenience, please visit our Request a Repair page for a professional service. Level your refrigerator and align the doors. was advised by the the service engineer 4th time that next time the problem occurs, the part will be replaced free of cost or we will be given a new replacement. Please, DO NOT SKIP this step. But if the noise becomes louder or can be heard from another room, the unit will require a repair service. Copyright © 2009-2020 LG Electronics. Note: Normal operational noises can be louder depending on the installation environment. A popping sound that occurs while the door is opened or closed can be coming from the auto closing hinge or door stopper. Allow few hours for the refrigerator to regulate, and monitor the noise reduction. The high efficiency compressor may cause your new refrigerator to run longer than your old one, but it is still more energy efficient than previous models.

This can be resolved by leveling the refrigerator, aligning the doors, or both. Check if the hinge has a push switch or a reed (magnetic) switch.

Please visit our LG Refrigerator Leveling Instructions page for a step by step guide. FOR REED (MAGNETIC) SWITCH: If you have a reed (magnetic) switch, unfortunately, testing and repairing it requires a technician's help. A snapping sound will be heard about 4 seconds after removing a glass from a dispenser. If the side or back of the refrigerator is touching a cabinet or wall, some of the normal vibrations may make an audible sound. Check the control panel to see if the door alarm function has been turned off. Once you have the ice maker out close up the refrigerator and if the noise is gone the problem will be the ice maker. // Manipulate variables Please visit our Request a Repair page for a professional service. When water enters the refrigerator the water inlet valve can make a “pop” or “popping” sound. But if the noise becomes louder or can be heard from another room, the unit will require a repair service.

If the icemaker is turned ON but the WATER SUPPLY IS NOT CONNECTED the refrigerator will make a buzzing or clicking sound that can become louder and more persistent. Food grease are availble for sale at local building supply stores. The water inlet valve can make noises when it opens to allow water to enter the refrigerator for the ice maker or the water dispenser system. Popping or tapping sounds may also occur if the unit is moved while it is in operation. complaints registered with LG service centre more than 6 times till date. within a week after installation, it became faulty. If a level is not available, fill a glass half full of water, set it on top of the refrigerator to gauge if the unit is leveled. Let’s take a closer look at the compressor to determine if your refrigerator needs a repair service. Noises that occur when the doors are opening or closing typically do not require a repair service. The floor where the refrigerator is installed should be as level as possible. The only part I could see per the service manual is the damper, but I don't know how often this cycles or if it would operate 7-13 times for the knocks. Recommended solution: For LFC, LFX, or LMX models, the latch on the underside of the refrigerator door may be dirty or dry. Compressor noises are a part of normal refrigerator operation; however compressor noises are not supposed to last longer than 1 hour and should not be loud enough to hear in another room. The noise will usually go away after the refrigerator automatically defrosts.

Please re-arrange the home water supply line, and check the noise again. A hum or click can be heard when the icemaker fills with water. NOTE: The door push switch or magnetic switch is located on the top door hinge of the unit. If the compressor goes into a higher speed than normal, it can make noises that resemble buzzing, knocking, or banging. The following steps are snippets culled from our detailed article about proper leveling. During and after defrost, the refrigerator case can sometimes make a noise as it shrinks and expands. But before you request for a repair service, we recommend that you continue the troubleshooting steps because there are other contributing factors that can cause refrigerator noises. The phone number you add will not be used for any other purpose. As frost melts and water drips onto the defrost heater, it will make a sizzling or hissing sound as it evaporates . Control board – Every LG refrigerator has a control board.If the control board not sending power to the ice maker or one of the relays on the control board failed, then the ice maker will not run. This adjustment depends on your home water valve installation, if you are not sure about how to adjust home water valve, do a quick search on any search engine for this topic, you may also need the help of a plumber for proper adjustment.

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