Thanks Deborah. love texture with almond meal. I have one, but I’m afraid the cake batter will seep through the bottom. I have made this cake twice so far for my family and they love it. Anyway, I do not have many failproof recipes, but this is one and I thank you for it!!! When you order coffee after lunch, it comes with a square of moist orange flavored olive oil cake that is really delicious. I want to make your cake for Easter… Do you think this would work with Clemetines? You wrote: Cut off a small slice of the thicker top and bottom parts of each orange, discard these pieces, and then cut the rest of the oranges into chunks. I’ve been looking for an orange cake recipe ever since my aunt told me about one she had in Italy! My picky teenage son also has eaten lots, and it’s usually difficult to get him out of his chocolate cake comfort zone. The addition of olive oil creates a moist, rich cake that is delicious served for dessert with fresh fruit, or at breakfast with a cup of coffee. I made it with blood oranges and the cake came out beautifully. Ansrea, glad you liked it. I adore this recipe. It is said you should choose your olive much like you would choose your wine. It is smelling wonderful in the oven. First Aired: January 12, 2019. I adjust it by adding homemade candied orange peel pieces and I like to do a zigzag drizzle of dark chocolate on the top. The family loved it and I plan to try it again with even more fun variations. (Be careful not to over mix which will deflate the eggs and create a dense cake.). I substituted the lemon juice for two tsp orange juice and topped the cake with some grated orange peel right before baking. Tried this cake today , worked very well , as per recipe.

I may also substitute 1/3 cup of the flour, with almond flour. I am sorry, but I am not familiar with high altitude baking. Looks very moist and lovely too! Place them in a food processor and puree until blended. Susanna, clementines are much smaller than oranges so I might use 1 extra.

Keanu Reeves makes a surprise stop in the Top 10. Should I refrigerate the cake and then bring it to room temp before serving??

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2 eggs.

I am not an experienced baker, but this worked very well. Love the recipe and your presentation, true!

Thanks! My husbands grandmother used to make this cake on Sundays when the whole family would get together for dinner, and since his birthday is on Friday, I thought I would make this for him instead of the usual boring birthday cake. I want something clarified .. when you say the skin and flesh of the orange, are you referring to the exterior peel?

DID YOU STILL USE ORANGES ..VISITING ANCIENT OLIVE TOMORROW AND THIS CAKE WILL FOLLOW SUNDAY DINNER ..THANK YOU. Olive Oil Orange Cake Recipe - Begin to add the egg mixture in three parts alternating with the orange mixture just stirring until combined.

Is a springform pan essential? Using olive oil, this moist rich cake is delicious served for dessert with fresh fruit, or at breakfast with a cup of coffee. planning to make this recipe tomorrow. Olive Oil Cake. Are there any adjustments for high altitude ( 7000′) baking? I remember long ago making an orange flavored quick bread where I threw the entire orange into a food processor and used that mix of juice, pulp and skin to flavor the bread with so I decided to simply play around in the kitchen and see if I could get the flavor and texture I was looking for. Am going to try a few variations this week , with limes added and a salty caramel sauce. This is one of my favorite cakes to make as there are just a handful of ingredients and it has a lovely fresh, orange flavor. Not sure this extra step was necessary – but it worked for me. This will defiantly be one of my recipes that will be a family trend in the years to come…..Thank you forever.

The essence of Italian cooking today is simplicity. Can’t wait to try it. Hope I will be luckier next time. I would just like to know what type of cake pan that you used in the picture. Made this for a Sunday brunch and it came out beautifully – nice and moist and fluffy – not too sweet – and a great orange flavor – I was a little nervous about keeping the egg/ sugar mix aerated – (didn’t want a dense cake) so I separated the eggs, whipped the whites until just before soft peak stage then added the sugar and then the yolks as a last step. One uses the freshest seasonal ingredients and basic cooking techniques to simply enhance the natural flavor of the food.

I made this last night in little old New Zealand, and it’s one of the nicest cakes I’ve ever made. Thanks. I was very lucky that I came up with a winner on my first try, but this cake has everything I was looking for. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. and lightly grease a 9 inch spring-form pan. Baked it for 50 min in a square pan. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. I never measured by cups.

Add the oil to the oranges and pulse until blended.

Just made this now and it’s so yummy!

North American oranges are quite large, so when you say 2 small oranges, is there a cup measurement that I could go by? Today, olive oil is the basis for much of Italian cooking; used in sauces, sauteing, grilling and even as a condiment drizzled over dishes at the table. Thank you and best regards from Prague.

I made this cake yesterday. HOW MUCH INFUSED OLIVE OIL DID YOU USE ? The batter for olive oil cake is very runny but bakes up into a nice moist cake with rich olive oil flavor! Heck, I think I just plain love olive oil and would put it in my morning coffee if I could get away with it, but that’s another story altogether. I made this with a Blood Orange infused Olive Oil from a shop in Winter Park, Florida called Ancient Olive – delicious!! Olive Oil Orange Cake. Butter, for greasing the pan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you think I could do this with pink grapefruit instead? What brand of Olive Oil do you recommend to use for this recipe? I have very simple tastes when it comes to sweets I make myself at home. The recipe says to use 2 9 inch cake pans. 3/4 cup sugar.

The oranges were medium sweet.

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