Preferably blue, Contact: Mary on 082 476 9887

Queen of Bavari Description: and hen no ring, excellent condition) R2500.00; Description: Opaline Grass Parakeet Classifieds by, part of the, LLC group of websites.

0-0-2 x Eastern Rosella’s Regular Price $749.99 Sale Price $599.99. Preloved, The Joy of Second Hand, Preloved People and The Second Hander are trademarks of Moo Limited. Contact: Johan Stroebel on 0781416057 PETZONE WIGAN 1-0 Cloncurry parakeet (10 months old) R2200.00 ea 0-1 Adult Female Stanley Rosella.

E-mail:[email protected], Contact: Matt on 0837952959 Blue opaline Fischer ewing Contact Sandra on 0643110652 / [email protected] (kzn). :ss This advert is located in and around Rosa bourkes (s/s, n/b, Wanting either single birds or pairs what ever you have plesse want to build a small colony up ...reasonably priced please.... 3 prs of peach faced in unusual colours and 3 prs lineolated inc lutino .


Contact Alwyn van Heerden on 0782456946 / [email protected], 30/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek: 3-2 pairs, spare male.

0-1 Turqouise E-mail:[email protected], I am also looking for youngsters after this breeding season, City/Town:Mossel Bay Scientific Name: Neopsephotus bourkii, formerly known as Neophema bourki, Clutch Size: 3-6 white eggs; but average 4 eggs, Incubation: 23 days from the date the female stay the whole time in the  nest, usually this happens after she lays her third egg; from that time i count 23 days. The younger is Lutino, all yellow w/red eyes, hatched on 8/8/20, 3 wks old…, Bonded Pair of Bourke Parakeets, Lutino Female Bourke With a Rosey Male Bourke ,Will not Separate, Most Stay Together, Will Come With A Free Travel Carrier…. Bourkes are not jealous to be check when they have chicks, i can peak at their babies with the female not even moving from the nest. 6 months old R300 ea or R1000 all four. Can arrange transport to Gauteng area Make offer.. 1-0 Alexandrine Proven breeding pair blue front amzon with yellow wings Description: 0-1 Adult Dusky Pionus

:2 x 8 month old

All Birds for Sale.

1-1 brpr Plumhead (cockbird c/b, 2015, See details.


This advert is located in and around Pontypridd, Rct. Vervoer beskikbaar na Pta en Jhb.. E-mail:[email protected], 7-7 Plumheads, breeding pairs. More. Price $399.99. E-mail:[email protected], Contact: Brinkley Massart-Burns on 079 486 9585 Lutino yellow ringnecks (handreared).

Princess parrots, Cockatiel, Redrump Parrot and Indian Ringneck.

23/10/2020: For sale/Te koop:

Contact: Ismail on 071 676 5518 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Would prefer south west but maybe use walkers. :2 x 6 month old WhatsApp me on 0623474349 for pics. due down sizing    Harlewuin 19/10/2020: For sale/Te koop: 1-1 Derbyans Price: R4500. Many colors to choose from including Lutino's (yellow with red eyes), blue/gray, yellow…, Baby parakeets for sale.

Preloved supports a number of accesskeys to help you navigate our website, they are as follows: Preloved and the heart device is a registered trademark of Moo Limited. This advert is located in and around MIGNON 0824114267 0-1 groen?blou Blue and Gold E-mail:[email protected], 1-1 Plumheads Normal Price: R1700 per pair 0-0-4 Plumhead chicks of 2019 Geen vervoer beskikbaar. :H/R

19/10/2020: For sale/Te koop:

Contact: Eldre on 067 275 6594 Out of Stock . Description: Description: Split opaline. Decription: :brpr, Contact: Neels 078 825 9881 3-2 Celestials, Blue or cobalt pied pair, Hence, once the Lutino parrot comes into your home and is not comfortable with the strange surroundings, it is most likely to bite! :ss 0721070851 (Pta) 14/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: 3-3 Gouemantels normal R2500.00 p/p. Umbrella Cockatoo E-mail:[email protected], Wild type Barrabands, Rock pebblers and Princess of Wales parakeets

07941968107. E-mail:[email protected], City/Town: Cape Town area E-mail:[email protected], 1-1 Bourke’s parakeets (wild-type colours; between 1 and 2 years old) i feed my birds, apples, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, egg food and plenty hemp seed when cold weather or breeding season.

Stay safe. Contact Riaan van Tonder on 0833077239 / [email protected], 19/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: :Includes fallow, turquoise, spangle and split birds and combinations of those mutations Contact: Pieter Bezuidenhout on 0718766818 E-mail:[email protected], Melanistic Eastern Rosellas or split for Melanistic 2 blue males, one yellow/green hen. 1-0 GG /Opaline ?/Dilute R12 000

1-1 Lutino male and Rubino female Rosellas 14-14 Turquoisine R700.00 p/p;

Rainbow ring-necked E-mail:[email protected], 2-0 Maximillion Poinusse Contact: HENK on 0727335442 Hahns Macaw E-mail:[email protected], 1-1 brpr Dilute Rockpeblars R35000 Selling a pair of Lutino 1 plain and 3 greygreen R5300.00. Please be aware that travel for 'hobby' reasons in most areas is now illegal. (C/B, 2016, perfect health) R5000.00 excl box. E-Mail: [email protected], Baby celestial parrot lets available for hand rearing Price: per pair R1500 Contact: Phillip Combrinck on 073 654 6754 Regular Price $899.99 Sale Price $699.99. Sweet little Ino baby english budgie handtamed for forever family. 0-1 Rosella Wanted cock Pinapple conure to go with a early 2020 hen. Greater Sulphur E-mail:[email protected], Looking for a Tame Quaker He is likely split to Lutino and both carry the…. Whatsapp: 0725706363. 1-1 brpr Plumheads plain, R2500.00;

Contact Milandri 0817086704 Price: R35000 Contact ALISTAIR LOW on 0769173558 / [email protected], 03/09/2020: For sale/Te koop: Contact: Antonio on 0727077289


Contact: Daniel on 082 368 9018 E-mail:[email protected] Near Northampton - 10 mins from Junction 16, M1. E-mail:[email protected]

Description: Contact: Chris Parsons on 082 873 4223

DNA sex test certificate…, Sweet Lutino Bourke hen hatched 4/14/18 and Australian wild-color, Normal male Bourke hatched 6/12/18. Contact Werner 0824127144 Welcome. E-mail:[email protected] once they decide to breed they don’t mind nesting is a parakeet nesting box or even a finch box. Blue Fronted E-mail:[email protected]

Description: 2016 ,brpr :cb Hatched late March. 14/09/2020: Wanted/Gesoek:

Robina, QLD.

I have some pair that will breed year around. 0-2 Lutino Redrump wyfies :No mutations only pure form, ringed and unrelated.

3x blue hens (all three split for albino), City/Town: Tzaneen. Contact: Ross Williams on 0827885573

E-mail:[email protected] E-mail:[email protected], Celestial Parrotlet babas beskikbaar vir handgrootmaak.

Any fruit and vegetable that comes available.

29/10/2020: For sale/Te koop:

Contact: Gerhard Naude on 0676069550 Description: Eastern, Western, Crimson, Mealie, Yellow, Green etc. Price excl boxes. (C/B, 2019, S/S) R14 000.00. 0-2 Opaline ?/Dilute R10 000 :h/r

Mixed cockatiels 1-1 Adelaide Rosellas (4 years, on eggs) Hawk Head

Texting is better for me. $100. African Grey Red Rumped Parakeet -Psephotus haematonotus, Pineapple Green Cheek Conure - Pyrrhura molinae, Black Masked Lovebird-Agapornis personatus, Lutino Parakeet - Melopsittacus Undulatus, Albino Parakeet - Melopsittacus Undulatus, Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Honey Stick Value 8oz, Higgins Sunburst Fruit to Nuts Gourmet Treats for Conure, Parrot & Macaw, ZuPreem Real Rewards Tropical Mix Large Bird Treats 6oz, Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Molting & Conditioning 11oz, Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp 100W, Opaline Red Rumped Parakeet -Psephotus haematonotus, Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Top Papaya Avian 2.5oz, Higgins Sunburst Fruits & Veggies Gourmet Treats for Small Birds, Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Canary Songbird 9oz, Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Healthy Bit Cockatiel 4.75oz, Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp 150W, Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Desert Mini Compact Fluorescent 13W, Kaytee Fiesta Canary & Finch Tropical Fruit 10oz, Green Cheeked Conure- Pyrrhura molinae-HAND FED, Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parrot Biscuits 10oz, Prevue Pet Products Parakeet Park Playground, Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Tropical Fruit Stick 3.75oz, Yellowsided Green Cheeked Conure- Pyrrhura molinae, Zoo Med Nightlight Red Reptile Bulb 60W 2pk, Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Garden Veggie 10oz. Description:

They are not much of a talker and do not like to talk that much too. :H/R (c/b, 2018) R11 000.00, Prices are not negotiable. 2020 voels, onverwant) R700.00 p/p. E-Mail: [email protected] Military Also a 4 in 1 breeding cage. City/Town: Centurion. Voels ook te ruil vir Africangrey volwasse pare, Contact: Neels on 078 825 9881 White ring-necked Mated pair grass parrots / red rump with Latino baby .avairy breed not pets. :not rung. Single males: R450.00 each This page represents my breeding of Scarlet-chested Parrot.

E-Mail: [email protected], 2019 Cock SF Turquoise Cinnamon Violet x Hen SF Turquoise Pineapple Violet £220 pair SOLD :young birds also welcome, City/Town: Mossel Bay. :very tame. Contact wilhelm rigaardt on 0607910800 / [email protected], 08/10/2020: For sale/Te koop: I will wait for the present season’s chicks if you contact me now pse. 8 pairs, discount if all sold together, 1-1 Plumheads grey green Contact: Jacques on O83 443 9491

Out of Stock.

they are not picky about nesting boxes. Orange-winged 16 Weeks Old, Hand Reared, Fully Independent. We have had lots of new birds arrive, so some might not be ready to leave straight away. E-mail:[email protected]

Description: :Male Pied :c/b, 0-1 Green/blue or Blue Redrump FEEDING: Bourkes parakeets are grass eaters, in the wild they forage on the ground for grasses and seeds. Regular Price $699.99 Sale Price $599.99. Hyacinth 0-3 Kakarikies red fronted green 0-2 Adult Female Rubino Rosella 1-1 Male Opaline x normal female R1500.00 ??? Breeding pairs 3 to 4 years old.

In beautiful condition. We found 11 'lutino lovebirds' adverts for you in 'birds', in the UK and Ireland, This advert is located in and around 13/08/2020: For sale/Te koop: in captivity Clutch Size: 3-6 white eggs; but average 4 eggs Incubation: 23 days from the date the female stay the whole time in the nest, usually this happens after she lays her third egg; from that time i count 23 […]

E-mail:[email protected], Rosa Bourkes Young birds ready to breed. Pref Rubino or lutino. E-mail:[email protected], I am looking for Barrabands and Rock pebblers, Contact: Ismail on 071 676 5518 1-1 cinnamon pair Contact: Ameia on 0827170851 Contact: Frank Spahr on 0792539510 (whatsapp) or 0446920251, SOLD - Rosie Bird - Bonded Bourke Parakeet Pair: Lutino Hen & Wild / Color Male, Split, SOLD Rosie Bird Bonded Bourke Parakeet Pair Lutino Hen & Wild / Color Male, Split, 1-0 breeding Plumhead R1200.00; 0-1 Plum-headed. Browse through available lutino colored parakeets for sale adoption by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. Exotic birds for sale and shipped right to your home! 1-1 brpr Plumheads, CP


Pretoria area. E-mail:[email protected]

Indian Ringnecks are curious and active parakeets, who may get bored easily if left alone.

Extra wyfies R2500.00 each E-mail:[email protected], City/Town: Plettenberg bay.

1-0 Adult Stanley Rosella. 1-0 br dilute mannetjie R18.000 Turquoise Pineapple Hen £75 SOLD 1-1 Red rump parakeets (wild-type colours; between 1 and 2 years old, Contact: Kevin on 0829974287 Citren-crested 2-0 Mealie Rosella. Albino lutino Fischer red eyes :2019 Voels, Price: R550 per voël of R2500 vir almal saam, City/Town:Middelburg MP.. :single or pairs, Contact: Reinardt on 0788297993 Our husbandry practices are based on primary scientific…, Various parakeets for sale. All Rights Reserved.

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