Don't trust it or your tree to someone who simply cuts down or prunes trees on the side. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! One reason folks like Norway is their foliage color - a rich green in summer and dependably, very yellow in the fall. The branch collar is the swelling that attaches the branch to the main trunk. If the crack is severe enough, you can hear the wood splitting. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Once fungal spores enter the maple tree, they produce toxins that invade the water connecting tissues. Iowa State University Forestry Extension: Maples, University of Rhode Island Landscape Horticulture Program: Bark Splitting, North Carolina State University Extension: Acer Saccharum, Virginia Tech Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation: Black Maple, University of Wisconsin Extension: Maple and Other Trees Disorder -- Verticillium Wilt, Grapefruit Tree Problems With Bark Cracking and Splitting. But if you see these other signs, your tree needs a bit more help: Bark falls off after frost, which usually happens on the tree’s south or southwest side. My research and experience shows that Norway maples are especially prone to frost cracks. I would think that subsequent winters would not bring subsequent splitting, at least of the magnitude of year #1. The drip line is the area that is directly underneath the outermost branches. This only happens occasionally, however, according to the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. Sunscald occurs when a cold freezes follows warm, sunny temperatures. The two Norways are on the north side. Fortunately, these cracks usually heal over, entirely or partly, in the following growing season. Sterilize your pruning tools with 30 percent water and 70 percent denatured alcohol before pruning and in between cuts. What is causing this and what can be done to preven tree loss? © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Keep journalists asking the hard questions. Please, please, consult a professional for this analysis and remedy, if needed. Maple trees have wood that is classified as either soft or hard. Verticillium wilt is a disease caused by a soil-borne fungus. However, pruning will not remove the fungus from the tree, but it does help to prevent other fungal diseases from killing the maple. A: The problem of bark splitting on maples is a common one, especially in this part of the country. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. These splits can be as much as four feet long. Other trees are nearby but do not compete with these maples. Arborists sometimes install a bolt or rod-like screw into the tree to secure the wood around the wood. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. In addition, the wood under the peeling bark is covered with a mat of fungus.

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