Known as the point at the ‘heart of the hand’, this marma point is found at the center of the palm, and measures ½ anguli (half a finger unit) in size. An essential policy of Marma healing is pretty simple where a strong punch can cause pain, a soft nudge can cause healing. It is best massaged in a broad and gentle way with the palm of the hand with sesame oil in order to calm the energy of the heart. Once the marma points are properly stimulated, it can always offer results as you had thought about. Marma means ‘a point that can kill,’ and there are some marma points used specifically in martial arts. But, if the person is thinking about a remedy, then the therapist uses oil for rubbing the area gently. You can also energise the point further by rubbing the palms together until they feel warm. They’re also identified as neurolymphatic points, stimulating the removal of lymph and enhancing the efficiency of the body’s organs. It ensures relaxation of mind, body, and spirit. If you are thinking which type of oil is used, then it totally depends on the dosha and the constitution of the body. In Ayurvedic marma therapy, this point is said to control the digestive system and the activity of the small intestine. Improve the functions of the reproductive system – apply pressure to the Kurchashira marma. #Step 4 – Moving ahead, you need to press the cheekbones that are located below the center of the eyes. To get healthy joints and alleviating skeletal pain – pressure needs to be applied to the Manibandha marma. This is the most significant principle of Marma massage. To improve the flow of prana – pressure should be applied to the Kurcha marma. There are said to be 107 marma points on the body, each serving a particular purpose, and each with its own name and specific way of massaging it. He began his journey of self-realisation around 15 years ago when he met his guru ji “Shri Kamal Yogi “ The Indian Tantrik Mystic , but major shift happen when he came to know about Osho. For stimulating the lymphatic system – apply pressure to the Kshipra marma. This point is closely linked to Anahata, the heart chakra, and is thought of as an important point in stimulating circulation throughout the whole body. If you are thinking that cassava flour is ideal for cooking, then it may be considered. In case you can go for a rejuvenating session, then you can place your palm and induce the effect. For Abdominal pain – pressure needs to be applied to the Kurpara marma and Urvi marma. Just as many of us are (re)discovering through yoga, the key to greater health and happiness doesn’t necessarily lie outside of us, but instead is quite literally at our fingertips. There are also points in some of our body or organ systems like the circulatory and glandular. Marma allows a person to determine the flow of life through both the authorities for the faith of rendering health and peace of mind. The master had the understanding both of how to induce pain as well as how to utilize the information and experience of healing. Finally, since the marma therapy is considered as a self-healing process, you can always balance the doshas and stay healthy. Known as the point at the ‘heart of the hand’, this marma point is found at the center of the palm, and measures ½ anguli (half a finger unit) in size.

He can attain peace which was perturbed due to bad habits, unnecessary thoughts and many more reasons. Referring to the God Indra’s arrow, this point is found at the center of the calf muscle, and measures approximately ½ anguli (half a finger unit). Sciatic pain – it’s necessary to apply pressure to Gulpha and Kshpira marma. Thus, it is an amazing learning and growth experience that connects people with their inner traits. When they’re unable to work efficiently, the heart has to work a lot harder. Marma massage is an essential massage therapy in Ayurveda. Shoulder pain – you must apply pressure to the Kshipra marma and Kurpara marma. Marma points are acupuncture points that are used for various healing purposes.

AS you place the ring finger on the eyebrow point, you should keep the index finger on the hairline point and middle finger between them.

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