vol 1 (sic) Jun 1959-Jun 1964. Francis Mackay has edited Charlie Radford's wartime autobiographical notes to form this very readable volume.

vol 4 Jun 1979 … £175.00 . Fleming, unable to swim, became trapped between the SAS unit and the swollen River Bannagh and was swept away and drowned. Charlie contributed many articles to this journal over the years and if you ever had the added pleasure of receiving letters from him then you will also understand fully why this book was crying out to be written. The Units represented are shown on this site. Physical description. The story does not end with the disbandment of the Regiment but continues with his post-war postings in Africa back with the Royal Engineers.

What we do. Much to his credit Mackay has also included Charlie's notes on his modern day Association and privately organised pilgrimages. Post war. Niven. AO.66/1950 (dated 31 May 1950) is the order, which disbanded the Army Air Corps and constituted the SAS Regiment as a separate Corps dated 13 May 1950.

Purchase Ascension, the SAS memorial in Hereford Cathedral. £19.99 .

This is an interesting autobiography examining the British experience of the Second World War from a slightly different viewpoint - that of a pre-war long-service army man rather than the more normal wartime entry, with a mix of special forces and engineer service.

We believe that ACI.460/1952 (DATED 16 July), which covered the changes to the War Establishment, was the instruction that brought the Malayan Scouts into the British Army Order of Battle as 22 SAS Regiment, as a battalion of the SAS Regiment. £75.00. It continued to serve with great distinction through Belgium, Holland and Germany until the end of the European War in May 1945. Charlie's narrative briefly takes us through his early life, then his boy service as an apprentice fitter in the pre-war Royal Engineers,, before his first combat experiences in Tunisia where he cleared mines and was witness to the surrender of the Afrika Korps. For his distinguished actions whilst a prisoner he was made an OBE. Minerva was a bloody whore. Over the last few years the Special Air Service Association has paid out an average of £200,000 a year for direct financial support to members who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves needing a helping hand. David produced the painting to compete for the Prix de Rome of 1771 - he and the seven other competitors were assigned the task of painting a new work in 10 weeks on a set subject, which that year was the Iliad. 2 DEC 1979 - SPECIAL AIR SERVICE Journal Ma. TWENTY-FIRST SPECIAL AIR SERVICE REGIMENT, ARTISTS, T.A. The badge bore the motto 'Cum Marte Minerva' (Mars with Minerva') which was also the title of the first Regimental March, the words of which were written by an Artist, George Cayley.

Colonel David Stirling DSO, OBE returned from Colditz Castle and assumed duties as Deputy Commander of the SAS Brigade in July, and mooted the idea for the British SAS Regiments to be sent out to the Far East theatre of war. At that time there was a deception organisation already in the Middle East area, which wished to create a phantom Airborne Brigade to act as a threat to enemy planning of operations. Golden Jubilee souvenir magazine. Physical description. The unit was formed from the Reserve Reconnaissance Unit, who were studying the possible methods of acquiring accurate battlefield surveillance, ie., nuclear targets.

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