But I do think it’s a good . That even with high rates of taxation, the rates of growth of the increasing returns at some point just overcome that, and the wealthy people are just extremely wealthy and possibly politically very powerful, and you live in a Silicon Valley kind of world whether you like it or not? That’s interesting. That’s not America, and it’s not going to be America, and it’s really not going to be one-billion-Americans America. Ever since Bernie Sanders was ‘mathematically eliminated’ from winning the Democratic nomination, membership in Chapo Org has only increased by leaps and bounds. It’s because people don’t want to put left-wing activists in charge of the country. I don’t think we can make it legally mandatory for people to discuss the benefits of being an involved parent, but I think it’s important. For local government, I think a lot of this probably has to do with cleaning up some of the muck. Do you agree with that characterization?

YGLESIAS: What are we learning about the NBA bubble?

COWEN: Well, all of that can happen, right? . It was the last international trip I took. But the more you wait, a higher number of people is a good thing. It would be worth looking at.

I will continue my efforts to unravel this conspiracy until Chapo Org is defeated, or I am struck down. Overrated or underrated? My new friends denied the legitimacy of our political system and media. I’ll say for me, right? Yeah, I think a more traditionalist America, in some ways, would be good. So, Gilbert got a raw deal in that. Matthew Yglesias, the author of “One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger,” thinks it would be great if America were that populous. Support from builders might be weaker. Maybe COVID-19, in a sense, is the rent-lowering mechanism, not in a good way, but —.

YGLESIAS: [laughs] I definitely agree with that characterization.

I have some critiques of Israeli policy, but fundamentally, to me, the idea of there being a Jewish state is not crazy, just like there’s a Danish state and there’s a Finnish state. You live in this big city.” Blah, blah, blah.

Our leaders Biederman, Christman, and Menaker were built up as the Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt of our day. Then, to stay on the nominal GDP path, you have to inflate by that much more? I liked to ask questions at family discussions. Then out of nowhere the Tea Party appeared. Anti-Semites troll me on my email all the time by saying, “Where’s your support for diversity for Israel?” I don’t know. COWEN: If you think American democracy is doomed, does that make you less interested in adding more people?

Economics is obviously an important subject, and economists know a lot of good and useful things. YGLESIAS: If we had a burst of good luck on the nuclear front. My parents were old-fashioned liberals. . But people care about the impact on their relative standard of living of these things. Again, everyone, a big plug for Matt’s new book, One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger. It’s clear that Biden’s camp is at least somewhat concerned about gaining the support of the more-progressive faction of the party, giving in to Elizabeth Warren’s long-standing critique of his bankruptcy reform legislation and adopting a zero-tuition college plank explicitly modeled on ideas Sanders has championed in the past. newsletter, giving in to Elizabeth Warren’s long-standing critique of his bankruptcy reform legislation, talking about the possibility of a Warren vice presidency, desire to decriminalize possession of all drugs, void the patents of expensive prescription drugs, adopting progressive positions that are broadly popular, perception that she was ideologically further from the center than Donald Trump, We asked Joe Biden’s campaign 6 key questions about his climate change plans, Study: Biden can unite progressives and swing voters with a focus on climate, Vox’s live results for the 2020 presidential election, I’m obsessed with The West Wing’s truly wild Electoral College maps, Technical glitches on Election Day are annoying, but they are not unusual, Misleading claims about voter fraud in Pennsylvania are going viral online, Attention has faded on the more than 20 sexual misconduct allegations against Trump, Why third parties likely won’t be a big deal this year. Causality may be tricky, but I suspect there is some.

A couple years back, I went on tour with a country band and played a bunch of oil boom towns in ND. The book talks about marriage disincentives in welfare-state design because that’s the sort of boring thing I’m into, and because it’s also a real policy lever, right? Nobody is losing their job and I think I've spoken my mind very clearly on this subject. Please join us for an important conversation about what America must do to regain its verve and stay on top forever. Can you explain that to me?

YGLESIAS: That’s part of how that went together. Andrew Sullivan, I think, had a troll take where he was like, “How come none of these people talking about the sanctity of marriage are talking about revisiting no-fault divorce?” I think that was actually a good point. I saw a lot of people remarking at the Democratic convention — they say, “Oh, they put all these African American mayors up there instead of the activists who are yelling at the mayors.” I was thinking, “Well, yeah, of course.” You put up responsible, accountable elected officials who have to manage the various considerations that are up there, not activists yelling in the streets. But if it was really literally true — this is a new religion where people are going to get together once a week, and they’re going to know each other, and they’re going to have a higher value system that motivates them, and they’re going to make connections — that would be really good. I feel like Seattle and Portland don’t have the kind of political institutions and political stakeholders who can say, “No, this is not helping.

It stressed me out. Also, there’s at least some chance — with fiscal problems affecting cities — that the municipal budget stakeholders get more involved in the fact that . I’m from New York and I’m Jewish. Do you have a white paper on that? Nate Silver’s projections made us confident on election night, and when the returns came in my mother’s eyes welled up with tears. . Nominating young primary voters’ preference in 2008 didn’t actually lead to a different result in this regard than nominating older voters’ preference in 2016, so the turnout piece of the puzzle may not be important. I’m not a super Zionist person, but I’m Jewish secular. YGLESIAS: Most important thing I learned from my mother — personally or intellectually? I was given a new Twitter account, and told to delete my old one, so that my activities could never be traced back to me. Is that something you did consciously?

The bizarre, patchwork, Frankenstein’s monster of a system Americans use to choose their president. Rather than spend time on a likely fruitless effort to court the left, Biden might want to accept that he’s going to take a lot of crap from the Berniesphere no matter what he does and just lean into his moderate brand. YGLESIAS: You think back on your life, and there’s stuff that you’ve listened to because . YGLESIAS: I think hitting a strict target might be unworkable, but it’s also shown the value of the nominal framework. Because there’s too much — I don’t know — just like trolling. If you’re working on a book about a billion Americans while going across from Dublin to Galway, I could not help but be struck. Many economics books devote themselves to cataloging the world’s ills, and then end with a curiously short “solutions” chapter that doesn’t really solve most of the problems in the book. Had he not treated the Palestinians fairly? There’s Denmark, there’s Singapore, there’s New Zealand. Matthew Yglesias, cofounder of trend-setting news site Vox, has become an increasingly visible and provocative digital journalist, with a following that includes policy wonks of all ages, and top economic and political journalists. To talk about policy, I think you want to know the basics, but the basics are relatively easy to learn. To understand the depth and severity of Biden’s problem with the left, consider a few remarks Elizabeth Bruenig, the New York Times columnist and vocal Sanders supporter, made while watching the one-on-one debate between Biden and Sanders. Particularly odd, given the impossibility of his goal, are the lengths to which Yglesias goes to be “pragmatic” about achieving it. It’s a place that cares about its power on the national scale. Then conversely, a lot of elite actors in the business community, in law enforcement, in the military are very motivated to resist that president’s factors.

You’re going to tell people to get married?” This is a totally good idea.

COWEN: Today is, I think, August 21st, give or take. I can trust these guys. That is, unless patriotic Americans stop them. COWEN: If I think of myself — when I analyze, say, Denmark or Singapore, I’m less libertarian than when I analyze America because I think their governments have a higher chance of succeeding at what they might set out to do.

I think the Bush-era stuff like marriage promotion — if you could do that, if that really worked — that would be amazing. YGLESIAS: Hilary Putnam, I don’t think is that widely rated at all, but I’m definitely a Putnam fan. We have big startups, things like that here.

I don’t want to go too into this “it’s a crisis, but it’s also an opportunity”–type paradigm.

I was born and raised in a liberal southern Wisconsin community. This will be a real problem for his campaign. Now I take it as a common theme in your work that you believe in increasing returns to scale, namely, that the gains from interacting with other people typically outweigh the congestion costs of having them around, and that’s certainly consistent with your earlier book, The Rent Is Too Damn High, right?

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