Every page burns with ideas and originality. Medusa has some interesting ideas but I never get so itching to play it that it goes to the top of the pile. Maze of the Blue Medusa is a dungeon. Both download and print editions of such books should be high quality. Maze of the Blue Medusa is right up there with those four products. Art by Zak Sabbath; text by Patrick Stuart and Zak Sabbath.

Something weird. Wants: Blood spread all over hi. gives one pause.

It’s doesn’t just rank with the best. Caleb Oval Dining Table At Home, Can purchasers of the print copy get a PDF?

There’s a _lot_ of content, but almost none of it moves. A bit more mythic or inspired by things other than Appendix N. A little more classical, in reference to the greek. It's meant to be a tabletop role-playing game supplement, a mega-dungeon at that. Error: No match for email address or password. I can fit this megadungeon in my sandbox, so if players don’t like the eccentricities they can go elsewhere. Milky alien moons. The Hot Zone Pdf. Some nut jobs are running around. Line walking with consequences … and creatures nearby that know and lurk. It’s magnificent. Having just played this at a convention, I will say that it worked wonderfully as a con game. This extends to the medusa proper; she’s not necessarily evil.

Infinite broken night. It lures you in. Art by Zak Sabbath; text … Maze of the Blue Medusa.pdf.

Female Goliath Barbarian. The love the vision of Deep Carbon Observatory. Space D&D. Pier 1 Woven Block Seagrass Twin Headboard, The best? Maze of the Blue Medusa works with your favorite fantasy tabletop RPGs. Mosaics come to life. One could quibble with a stinker here or there, like the giant snail encounter that seems more static than other encounters, but given the overall quantity of the quality that would be the epitome of gauche. Staff Picks. A sudden bursting out of a squealing pig.

And Maze of the Blue Medusa is the madly innovative game book from the award-winning Zak Sabbath of A Red & Pleasant Land and Patrick Stuart of Deep Carbon Observatory. This extends to the medusa proper; she’s not necessarily evil. It’s make different assumptions. Ta da! Will two great tastes taste great together? How about a sword that turns blood into wine? Layout is. It's cleverly divided in color-coded areas, and the production of the book, paper quality, etc. maze of the blue medusa the trove. I bit the bullet and purchased the deluxe edition. The Tower of Gygax con games and to a lesser extent the DCC “continuous play” games have this as well.

DCO is one of my favorites of all time; a magnificent work of terseness and evocative language with wonderful situations centered around the players characters. Go buy it. I love the gonzo of ASE1.

Stonehell does that also.

It’s this type of play that I luv Luv LUV. So many designers fail in this. Lethal gardens, soul-rending art galleries, infernal machines—. Of course.

I feel so fortunate to now own a copy of this exquisite creation. Is it a rescue mission, or a “just because” or “make it up your ownself”?I believe this is the hook: “The PCs acquire the painting “The False Chanterelle” (Halls 1). Wavering demons of gold. It could also be the case but the first room also faces the challenge of getting you oriented to the text/layout style and that the later rooms are easier to pick up because you are already oriented to the text. La Zafra Noticias, Even if you have never played a tabletop RPG, this book is worth getting for Zak Sabbaths artwork. And Maze of the Blue Medusa is the madly innovative game book from the award-winning Zak Sabbath of A Red & Pleasant Land and Patrick Stuart of Deep Carbon Observatory. There’s a print book on the way which, I believe, is claimed will drool-worthy gorgeous. A sudden bursting out of a squealing pig. Here’s an example from the garden: Bad Statues: Everything is black. It seems very complex but I suspect if you forget some of the goals/motivations along the way in some sessions it won’t matter. Go in, recce the place, and get out with as much as they can.

Lethal gardens, soul-rending art galleries, infernal machines—Maze of the Blue Medusa reads like the poetic nightmare of civilizations rotted to time, and plays like a puzzle-box built from risk and weird spectacle. Zak has published a couple of excellent gaming supplements and writes pretty insightful adventure commentary on his blog. The next couple of pages describes the keyed rooms in more detail. “I do not age.” “All who see me love me.” and so on. Maze of the Blue Medusa is art. Of the over one-thousand adventures I’ve reviewed this is the best. Time and time again there could have been the temptation to tell us about these creatures. The interaction possibilities for the party are mind-boggling! The Red Crayon Scary Story, You are awesome, Anthony. This NPC/monsters are truly one of the special parts of this adventure. Does Not Want: To be destroyed.

The map in this adventure is quite interesting, in the way the Stonehell maps were., from a functionality standpoint. Catherine Hills Bert Convy, Imagine that! It’s not similar to the classics because it has a medusa in it. Potential. The maze is populated by memorable characters with interconnected goals. He paces back and forth on cloven feet, listening at the western door, waiting for his chance, whispering to the knife he holds: “Now ..? All rights reserved. One of the great joys of an environment like this is the players having their characters mix and match what they find to overcome obstacles. Maze of the Blue Medusa is art. It’s like the authors took a “d100 random rooms in a megadungeon” brainstorming exercise and turned it into a book, without actually creating a plot or progression…. I’m suspicious of my own feelings and in the dangers of conflating preference with best, and with the confusing addition of nostalgia to the mix. Some people are going to be turned off by the flavor of this. I’m struggling here. There are very adult themes throughout, so I would only run this with a very comfortable group of friends I've played before. Report this file. Sounds like an impressive product. Welcome wanderer, to the Trove! Second, the adventure has a different style. It’s not just good. It’s not orcs in rooms. The best content in the last few years is coming out of the DIY community. Meghan Mccarthy Kevin Mccarthy, Beautifully put together. It’s not just good. Magic that’s actually wondrous and magical! More on the maps later. Very well informed about crowned heads.


Even without reading the supplemental text I can picture the scene in my head and I immediately start to expand on it! Not just an RPG adventure, but an actual work of art. These are the sorts of things that Rulings not Rules revolve around. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update. Yeah, I don't know what was changed with this new upload, but the hyperlinks aren't working. Maze of the Blue Medusa ramps that up. Maybe I’m just not smart enough / a good enough multi-tasker.

It lures you in. Goofy plan time! I know there is enough in there to run with & for players too discover or for me to add (say a couple of cultists who just want to escape the cult & could be allies cowering in a cupboard in SSS) that it can get complex, reward investigation or work up to a fever pitch of tension without disappearing into a confusing navel gaze. And then there was Planescape. Is it a rescue mission, or a “just because” or “make it up your ownself”? Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht.

reads like the poetic nightmare of civilizations rotted to time, and plays like a puzzle-box built from risk and weird spectacle. Will two great tastes taste great together? A wrench that makes machinery breakdown? The blathering platitudes of the fanboys shouting THANK YOU SIR PLEASE SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER (Princes of the Apocalypse sits with a rating of 90% at ENWorld.) High D&D. The love the vision of Deep Carbon Observatory. It ranks with that very smaller group of three adventures that I love. The first room, in particular, is one of the more challenging of the text.

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published That’s quite remarkable.Second, the adventure has a different style. This plays with format in the same way that the One Page Dungeons do, and in the same way Stonehell does. Future generations shall think themselves accursed they were not here and hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks they played Maze of the Blue Medusa.

Still, it sounds like I’ll be able to mine it’s weirdness for ideas. Ryan Blaney New House, I already said they did. Energy. I believe it’s the first eighteen rooms. Looking closely, the lion on shield is actually waving goodbye. The next couple of pages describes the keyed rooms in more detail. Telepathic, but can’t move. It’s doesn’t just rank with the best. It does this time and time again. Others vary wildly. Maltipoo Puppies For Sale In Pa, I read through this one. / maze of the blue medusa the trove. Anyone know? Super weird theme dungeon, with the themes of relationships gone bad and art world bullshit.

I love the gonzo of ASE1. Somewhat overhyped but not altogether terrible. It’s also got a nice sentence in the room on the map that describes the encounter. I’m hesitant to use the word “perfect”, but the format is pretty damn spot on for running a megadungeon, expanding and improving on what the one-age dungeons do, and on what Stonehell then expanded upon.

This creates, I think, some kind of universal context that almost everyone can relate to. It adds roleplaying, and plotting, crosses and double-crosses, and maybe even make friends and allies.The creatures are in the keys, but also summarized in the rear for easy reference. Maze of the Blue Medusa is in some higher tier than The Best. I don’t even think I have the words to describe it. Search *COVID-19 Stats & Updates* *Disclaimer: This website is not related to us. A book called “Moving on with your life” that will end a negative effect suffered from the undead? That’s a pretty perfect magic item in Brycelandia. Description Download Maze of the Blue Medusa.pdf Free in pdf format.

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