We’ve seen Merinos with coats that look like Texels, but we’ve also seen some so fluffy that they look like tiny sheep–and that’s probably where they take their name. Guinea pigs tend not to like water, and bath time can be a challenge without treats and coaxing. But be careful! An avid animal lover, Roland started this blog to help all varieties of pets and their owners on their journey to living their best lives.

Scissors are fine, but they require a bit more skill than I can muster.

Males tend to be a bit larger than females. The Merino is a curious, outgoing, and laidback breed of guinea pig with long curly hair, like that of a Coronet.In fact, it bears such striking resemblance to the Coronet in both looks and temperament that the untrained eye often cannot tell the two apart.. Interestingly, it is still not clear how this breed came into being. In fact, it bears such striking resemblance to the Coronet in both looks and temperament that the untrained eye often cannot tell the two apart.

Vets and grooming experts alike recommend combs with fine teeth, and Gnawrishing’s combo delivers the tight gaps that are essential for proper care. Unfortunately, Merinos cannot make their own vitamin C, which makes them susceptible to vitamin C deficiency. It is also necessary to create hideouts where they can sleep in or hide when feeling shy. The frequency of trimming depends on the guinea pig’s age, diet, cage substrate, and activity level. What Is the Merino Guinea Pig? Merino guinea pigs are a rare breed. You may also want to bath them and trim their nails occasionally. With its long, curly hair, the Merino is version of a Coronet guinea pig. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus? Merinos do not like being submerged in water, so use just an inch or two for that purpose. The most dominant traits of the Merino is its long, curly coat, as well as the short forehead crest. Instead, you’ll want to use high-quality cotton swabs and a drop of mineral oil to gently clean any loose debris and wax from your furry friend’s ears.

And do you want to know if the Merino is right for you? Long-haired cavies needs more attention in keeping them. Adopt a Merino Guinea Pig from a shelter near Redmond,WA. Guinea pigs are social animals and therefore, require the company of another piggy to be content. Final Thoughts: Is the Merino Guinea Pig Right for You? Their life span ranges from 4 years to 6 years and has a size of 4 to 11 inches. Its big brother is no slouch, either. Think of the Merino as a Coronet with curls! Earn $1 - Upload ... Latest Reviews For Merino.

It is quite similar to the Coronet in both appearance and temperament except that it has short, curly hair on the forehead. And as much as they may not like it, Merinos need regular bath-time–probably once a month. You don’t want to hurt your guinea pig when loosening tangles, and some pet parents like to use baby brushes for daily brushing. Is a Merino Guinea Pig the right Guinea Pigs for you? It has swirls of short, frizzy hair on its forehead but is otherwise very similar in both temperament and nature. But there’s just no denying that they’re pretty high-maintenance, and if you’re new to the guinea pig world, an American, Rex, or other short-haired breed would probably be a better choice. Their fur is short on their heads while it is long on their other parts of the body.

To cut down on bathing, and keep your Merino healthy and happy, a trim here and there–especially there–goes a long way. Interestingly, it is still not clear how this breed came into being. Alpaca Guinea Pig Breed Info: Pictures, Temperament, 9 DIY Hedgehog Cage Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures), 7 DIY Guinea Pig Beds You Can Build Today (With Pictures), 9 DIY Hamster Toys You Can Make Today (With Pictures).

The life expectancy is about three years and therefore much lower than other breeds. It has a coat that is spring-like and soft. If you are up for the challenge, you will be grateful that you adopted a Merino guinea pig. 4. As PetMD warns, “Guinea pigs do not typically like to be immersed in water, so just an inch or two of warm water in the sink, with a sink sprayer to rinse off the shampoo, works great.” But for long-haired breeds like the Merino, it’s essential.

The Merino also enjoys attention and is an intelligent cavy that can make training easier. Guinea Pig Breed Guide: How Well Do You Know the Baldwin? Whatever you pick, bathing a cavy can be interesting! The rule of thumb is not to allow treats to make up more than 5% of the piggy’s diet. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber? Cavy geneticists tell us that a Coronet carrying a double-dose of the Rex coat gene (rxrx) produces the distinctive appearance the Merino is known for. As guinea pig grooming expert Melinda Wolff-Foster explains, “They require careful daily combing with a stainless steel comb, along with regular, professional grooming so their coat, skin, and nails remain in good condition.”. Ruwix is the best place to learn about the Worlds best selling puzzle toys. At le… If you suspect a serious build-up of wax, make an appointment with your veterinarian! Instead, I prefer to use electric clippers, which have the added bonus of no sharp points! The Merino guinea pig, known for its gorgeous long, curly hair, is a breed of domestic guinea pigs. Everything You Need to Know. Learning about the different breeds, therefore, allows you to choose a breed whose care requirements you can meet.

Is this little Merino cute or what? The merino is a rare breed of guinea pig 3. For experienced guinea pig parents, the Merino–if you can find one–is a wonderful option. Plentiful timothy hay (70-80 percent of its daily diet), a small amount of quality pellets, a few slices of fresh fruits and leafy greens as treats per day, Regularly brush its fur using a soft bristle brush, trim its hair once or twice a month with a pair of rounded scissors, bathe your pet when its coat is dirty and it shows signs of fungal or parasitic infections. Required fields are marked *. When brushing, ensure that you are gentle about it to prevent the animal from associating grooming with negative experiences. My favorites clippers for pets are the time-tested Oster 76–there’s no coat they won’t trim. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

Do you know the origins of the Merino breed? This is the reason wherefore they are a more suitable for faddists. ensure that you have safe toys for playtime. The Merino guinea pig is one of the rarer breeds of this rodent. Here is what you need to know about this guinea pig. The Merino is among the smaller breeds, with adults measuring between 4 and 11 inches. Merinos aren’t the easiest breed to groom, and we only recommend them for experienced owners or people who really understand the time commitment this will entail. Males tend to be a bit larger than females.

The Merino’s beautiful coat demands more or less constant care, and you’ll need to brush every day to keep its coat in top form. Our favorite combs are Gnawrishing’s Flea Comb Combo. Upload your photo. Nonetheless, you can give them small bits as treats when you deem it fit. However, this breed is not for everyone due to its high-maintenance nature. Everything You Need to Know! However, the males are usually larger than the females. Every two weeks, you’ll want to work a good outer-ear cleaning into your Coronet’s care rituals, but never try to clean deep in your guinea pig’s ear! All rights reserved. The Merino guinea pig is a non-self variety of guinea pig. © 2020 (ThePetStep.com). To keep your Merino in tip-top shape, you’ll need to spend a lot of time with it–and the bright side of that is that you’ll have plenty of time to bond and cuddle!

Guinea Pig Breed Guide: How Well Do You Know the Merino? Their long coats tend to collect and trap anything that they touch. Pet Merino piggies require a diet consisting of at least 75% hay, while the rest is divided among vegetables, fruits, and pellets. What about grooming that beautiful coat? Keep in mind, though, that their long coats demand quite a bit of care. For a Merino to be happy, they need a companion, toys to play with, and a clean, spacious cage with hiding spots. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage? The lack of recognition by any professional association hasn’t stopped the Merino from gaining admirers, but this is a hard piggy to find! Merino guinea pig. Your email address will not be published. Merinos are among the rarer breeds of guinea pigs, but their undeniable cuteness and outstanding temperament make them super popular. Featured Image Credit: Baishev, Shutterstock. It is quite similar to the Coronet in both appearance and temperament except that it has short, curly hair on the forehead. As such, you will need to brush the animal as regularly as every other day to prevent dirt from accumulating in their coat. New piggy parents and young children will struggle with some of these grooming tasks, and make no mistake: it is a time commitment to consider. Some guinea pigs might even experience internal bleeding. There are not yet any reviews for this breed. Even though guinea pigs are naturally timid, they make excellent companions once they warm up to you. The origins of Merinos, also known as English Merinos and Merino Peruvians, are something of a mystery. Also called the English Merino and the Merino Peruvian, the Merino has a curly coat like that of a Texel. All that beautiful hair tends to pick up anything it comes in contact with, including urine, feces, food, and soiled bedding. Therefore, instead of adopting a single Merino piggy, adopt a pair. $54.99 Outdoor Guinea Pig Run - 6ft x 6ft x 3ft. Consider getting animals of the same sex if you are not capable of raising a litter of these critters. Earn $1. You can work on one or two nails per session, resuming when it has had time to calm down. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. When looking to adopt a piggy, most people are shocked to learn that there are several different breeds of guinea pigs, with each having unique characteristics. Another tip: if trimming is stressful for your piggy, slow down! Merino Guinea Pig. The Merino is a curious, outgoing, and laidback breed of guinea pig with long curly hair, like that of a Coronet. PetKeen.com does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Also the fur has to be cutted to retain its motivity active. But we also really like Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo, a common choice among professional groomers. Another concern is basic hygiene. Merino guinea pigs require a great deal of grooming.

A Merino requires constant grooming for it to remain healthy. Merinos are typically a bit smaller than the average guinea pig, and you can expect an adult to measure from 4 to 11 inches with lighter weights to match. $439.00 Your Pictures. Most guinea pigs don’t love this process, so do your best to keep your cavy calm.

Unfortunately, the Merino is not recognized by any professional guinea pig association, which greatly undermines its credibility as a distinct breed. As part of creating an enriching environment for your animal to live in, ensure that you have safe toys for playtime. Follow with a towel dry, or a hairdryer on low heat, to get your friend warm and dry. Click here to write …

Thoroughly clean its cage every 3-4 days using pet-friendly disinfectant mixed with water. Guinea pigs need some ear wax, but too much can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Merino Breed has two rosettes in the hip and has long, dense and curly hairs on the whole of the body. A Merino guinea pig can cost anywhere between $20 and $40; the cost of housing, feeding, and caring it is average, Seasonally high; it molts excessively in spring as well as early summer during which it needs frequent, regular brushing, Your email address will not be published. If you aren’t sure whether the Merino guinea pig can be a good pet, let us assure you that you won’t want to put it down once you hold it.

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