They handle well, even when going 140MPH in the quarter. -Jason Moulton, Mickey Thompson Tires. While there are exceptions to every rule, we have found higher pressure generally works best with Mickey Thompson Tires. “These tires can also work when track conditions are a little tricky. No, Run-Flat Technology: Actual optimum air pressure may vary significantly. We'll send you the most interesting Street Muscle articles, news, car features, and videos every week. Best Tech Advice and Customer Support, before and after your purchase! With other tires I would get a about a season out of them. Yes, Asymmetrical Tread Pattern: 3065M: 6.0 – 9.0 psi, Wheelie bar 1 ¾” Recommending air pressure is not easy, since there are so many variables that affect it: i.e. The ET Street R is available in 13 sizes – eight for the radial version and five for the bias-ply. 787025488968. 9.20 in.

With some additional bolt-ons including a CAI, MSD Atomic Intake, and a long tube header and exhaust kit, the Camaro was ready to hit the track again, and put down and 11.67 second run with a 1.69 second 60-foot time, reeling in the traps at 118.35 mph. Image is a representation of this item. L7 ...... For Motorcycles 10.20 in. “We wanted a bonafide race tire you could still drive on the street under dry conditions,” says Moulton. The Pro Bracket Radial uses our proven race tire technology, and has exceeded our expectations in real-world testing.

Maximum Recommended Wheel Width: I've seen guys have success with these at 18 and and as much h as 19lbs going 1.2x in the 60'. But one look at the tread pattern differences between the two makes it clear that the R is truly intended for track use as a top priority. I will definitely buy them again. We sat down with Don Sneddon of Mickey Thompson to get the lowdown.

Recommend pressures: 14-18 psi For suggested highway use inflation pressure in Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial tires, contact the Mickey Thompson Tires tech department at (800) 222-9092 (Option 5). The times I don't hook I just need to remove a couple PSI and corrects the issues. 28.00 in.

Sold individually. Using a pair of drag-tuned Camaros as our test subjects (our fifth-gen drag build, Project True SStreet, along with a sixth generation SS), we’re taking a look at the differences between three lines of Mickey Thompson tires to help get a better sense of what each is best suited for. Holiday shipping notice: Order now to avoid delays! But one of the deficits of modern cars these days is the big wheel/tire combo, and low profile tires. It was specially designed for the weekend bracket racer. All rights reserved. Mickey Thompson has stepped up its game to provide you more choices for the drag strip, for better launches – and better ETs. 2

Note: Many racers feel that “Less is Better” with regard to air pressure. Quarter Mile: in 8 to 9 seconds, 15 – 19 psi The bias-ply version is aimed at high horsepower Pro Street-level cars – it is essentially the 3191W tire used by Pro Modified racers but reconfigured to meet DOT standards; this makes it a great option for Drag Week-style events.

Everything you need for anything you drive.

Designed for automatic transmissions. No tire growth down track for more consistent et's. Order the size needed for your racing application. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 3221, 3222: 6.5 – 8.0 psi, Wheelie bar 2” – 2 1/8”. “The main idea behind the ET Street S/S was to design a great looking street tire that could offer solid performance at the drag strip on the weekend.”. Each tire’s design, compound, wear rating, application, and other  factors often require concessions in some aspects of its performance in order to provide advantages in others. Regardless of the motorsport discipline you may be competing in, experienced racers will agree that tires are one of the most effective upgrades for a vehicle in terms of cost-versus-performance benefit. X5. The Mickey Thompson Pro Bracket Radial is a full race tire that's designed with consistency and high speed stability in mind. The technical information provided in this document is to be used purely a guideline. Think about it – they’re the only part of the vehicle that makes contact with the ground – or should, with any luck.

The times I don't hook I just need to remove a couple PSI, These tires are very sticky hooks really hard like you are on a slick do a roll burnout and they are ready fo, I switched from a drag slick to the Pro Bracket Radial two years on all three of my bracket cars and 60ft's a, Summit Racing SUM-900006 - Summit Racing® Tire Pressure Gauges, Summit Racing SUM-530526 - Summit Racing® Shop Gloves. The Pro Bracket Radial is specially designed for weekend bracket racers who are looking for a reliable tire that will deliver exceptional performance at the top of the track and consistent track times. 11.20 in. 28 x 10.50-15, Sidewall Style: Wheel Diameter: Gear Ratio Calculator, Tool Tire, Pro Bracket Radial, 28x10.50R15, Blackwall, Each, Estimated International Date: Use commas to separate multiple addresses. WILLIAM from PA answered on July 26, 2019, +See All Answers (3)

The Burnout: Tell us about the tire. 3220: 7.5 – 10 psi, Wheelie bar 2” – 2 1/8” Yes found this review helpful. The ET Street R was bred from the popular ET Street Radial Pro, and like the S/S, the ET Street R is an R2 compound. We're confident our prices are the lowest. May 26, 2016. They deliver an affordable, tubeless radial design that produces consistent, quick elapsed times and reliable performance. a question about this Product. Find Mickey Thompson Pro Bracket Radial Tires 90000024499 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!

These recommended pressures are guidelines only, actual pressures may vary. The tires offer low rolling resistance, no rollout contrast, zero growth for consistent down track times—and are compounded for various track conditions and long service life. Proper air pressure is critical to the best performance of your ET Drag or ET Street racing tires. Mickey Thompson Pro Bracket radial tires are specifically designed for the weekend bracket racer. Answer This Question. It also gives the higher horsepower cars the ability to get off the starting line.”, The ET Street R and ET Street Radial Pro share the same construction, one which allows the tire to absorb more horsepower on the hit. I think 8 inch is to thin and should go with the 28x9. This provides better starting line traction, especially when conditions are less than ideal. While our Project True SStreet build and this sixth generation Camaro SS may fit into slightly different categories in the performance spectrum, they both perfectly illustrate the use cases for different types of drag tires in the Mickey Thompson lineup. Serving as the successor to the ET Street Radial, the S/S is a DOT approved radial that uses the proven R2 compound, the same compound used on the quickest drag radial tires available. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request.

There’s a reason successful drag racers don’t use low profile tires, and though Mickey Thompson has drag radials to fit many of today’s bigger wheels, it’s the tried and true classic profile that benefits the serious contender. Photo: Courtesy NMCA West. Minimum Recommended Wheel Width: of Please be aware requires that you have JavaScript enabled and that your browser accepts cookies. That in turn minimizes the expense required to upgrade your ride’s rubber for the track since you won’t be required to switch over to aftermarket wheels that will fit your drag radials. from PA, Date: weight distribution, transmission, chassis set-up, wheel size, etc. With the help of a Carlyle Racing 15-inch conversion kit, the sixth gen Camaro was modified to accept a smaller wheel to take advantage of the better profile of a 15-inch drag radial. The recently introduced ET Street R was engineered for the drag strip, but is D.O.T. “The main difference between the ET Street R and the Pro Bracket Radial is that one is DOT approved with a minimum tread pattern and the other is not,” Moulton explains.

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