Today, we’re sharing updates to our Azure hybrid-enabled cloud servers, services and devices:, Continuing our focus on helping enterprises create immersive and innovative experiences for customers, we’re expanding the portfolio of Azure Mixed Reality services to now include, To further scientific advancement, exploration and use of space data, we are extending the power of our global cloud to space. Inspire provides the opportunity for Microsoft Partners to meet new customers and clients in person. In addition, Power Virtual Agents and Azure Bot Framework will now work seamlessly to allow developers to build bots with no code—the capability will be generally available in October. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This new consumption-based model gives app developers a way to build and scale smaller apps and run tests without the commitment and cost of provisional throughput, making it ideal for small workloads with occasional traffic bursts and moderate performance requirements. Developers! These updates demonstrate what’s possible when everyone, from pro developers to non-technical users across the organization have access to no-code or low-code tools. Whether it is hardware computing power, cloud computing, the way people communicate in a mobile interconnected world, or the coming Internet of Things revolution, Information technology is always morphing, adapting, and evolving. Organizations can easily scale to fulfill orders from multiple channels on time, and mitigate stock-outs and overstocking. In addition, Microsoft Edge is the first browser to natively support policies for Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP), a suite of features used to discover and protect sensitive items across Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft Ignite 2018 is an enterprise technology conference, where the company showcase the enterprise product and service and providing valuable IT training. The HoloLens 2 will be available in additional markets and we’ll start, The last several months have shown us that professional developers are often tasked with quickly creating business solutions to help organizations adjust in an unprecedented environment. The below list is a summary of news items that are of particular interest to Developers. ​.

Everybody’s favorite Microsoft Inspire is here again. We are advancing our vision for Power Platform to shape and scale the future of work with low-code apps and new capabilities to help professional developers rapidly transform the business from the ground up using the tools and languages they are already familiar with. Available within a few weeks after Ignite 2020, the capability will allow developers to seamlessly incorporate Linux apps into their workflows. It’s a place full of ideas and inspiration, hence the name inspire strengthens. Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Oct 20, 2020   |   Finally, I want to clarify that the second Microsoft Ignite event to be held early next year will not replace Microsoft Build.

The integration will first be made available in limited beta, and no timeframe has been given for a wider rollout. Dynamics 365 delivers the optimal customer service solutions for everyone in the business—from frontline agents and customer service management to solution implementers and administrators. Similarly, it will also help you to market and increase technical and business knowledge about Microsoft products and solutions. You don’t know who you are going to run into at Microsoft Inspire 2018.

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