Layup timing is in the game but poor timing in close doesn’t hurt you too bad. Takeover returns in NBA 2K20 with more content and new features, Re-tuned Takeover abilities to be much more balanced across positions and play styles, Take-over OP (over-powered) animations have been toned down or removed, Takeover activates on its own. Both off-ball and on-ball screens were rebuilt and feature much better interactions between screeners and screen defenders. Pick Pocket Slippery Off-Ball Ball handlers now have contextual awareness of specific situations on the court and his surroundings i.e. Tight Handles The badge will boost the chances of a player hitting a jump shot immediately after a catch. Makes it harder for the defender to steal the ball while you are dribbling. Contact Finisher Thank You.

Post defenders will have access to an expanded and more reliable post body-up system that will help them lock down spins, drives, dropsteps, and hopsteps on the other end.

Pro Touch Players have full control over whether they want to lull defenders to sleep with a slow rocking crossover or pound the ball hard with quick machine gun style crosses. Shot contest logic: added more tools to be able to tune different aspects of it for different modes. Bigs won’t be able to equip certain jumpers this year.

The badge will boost the shot percentage of a shot which is made after a certain amount of shots. The badge increases your shot percentage if, you attempt a putback layup after getting an offensive rebound. Pick Dodger Thanks to the motion engine upgrade and its improved defensive footwork, as well as a greatly improved body-up ride system, 1-on-1 battles now resolve in a much more predictable way, showcasing the differences between attacking a flat-footed defender vs. highly skilled Lockdown. 2K will no longer be locking out jump shot animations based on height/weight for the final game so don’t let that impact your build-making decision. Volume Shooter If shot taken before the receiver lands, the badge will improve chances of effectively finishing an alley-oop layup.

AI teammates have the capability to dynamically roll/fade to open space, whereas before they were always sent to a static location.

Heat Crusher Pick & Roller Clamps: Players stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter in front of the defender for longer. When it drops too low you start to fumble the ball. Improved foot planting, momentum modeling, and motion style variation. This badge is going to boost your points high. On-ball defenders are provided more tools to help them lockdown their checks. ), Also look out for new team-specific and player-specific adjustments in ACE, including:– Utah’s on ball adjustments to Harden in the playoffs, In past 2K’s, the AI has always used Real Player % when it came down to determining makes and misses.

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