If WD-40 doesn’t work, and it can’t be loosened with tools, it’s probably time for a replacement.

I appreciate you and this service! Check the bobbin case to make sure the bobbin is inserted completely. My second thought is, If it won’t stay tight, It may have a part that’s broken. So today we’re going to put an end to it! Hi, I leaped before looking... How do you put the bobbin winding assembly back together? I like buying from The Treasure Cellar as he checks over all of his parts carefully and tests them to make sure they're working correctly. I followed the instructions to fix Bobbin Winder Clutch, now the Hand Wheel (White Machine) doesn't work.

Because if you’re winding the bobbin at full speed, and the needle and hook crash, you may damage something, or the feed dogs can gouge the bottom of the presser foot.To get that inner wheel to disengage, I push the machine up against a wall on a counter, and put my whole weight into it. So, it was great to be able to fix it as I have LOTS of projects coming up and now I don't have to worry about it now. Stop winding when the bobbin starts slowing down. I wasn't able to remove it completely from the shaft because I wasn't confident about removing the belt. I just can't find the right one. My bobbin wasn't winding so we tried everything above, to no avail. Then lightly press the bobbin winder until the tire is in closer contact with the balance wheel. And I’ll bet the replacement part won’t cost very much. I have an old New Home 691 sewing machine. Do you happen to know if repairing the clutch is expensive? Clean up the region beneath the hook. Thank you for your site. I only link to things I like and use, and the proceeds help me to run this blog. Yes, the bobbin winder tire comes off and can usually be replaced for less than $1.

If there is any damage, then you need to replace the bobbin case. I have tried toggling the bobbin winder shaft left and right it the hopes that something inside might not be catching but with no luck. http://shesasewingmachinemechanic.blogspot.com/2014/12/using-wd-40-on-sewing-machines.html And here’s a link for getting a stuck –on handwheel off.

If you’ve got the ring off, that’s great. Whenever we use WD-40, we have to remove it while it's still wet. I can rotate the clutch wheel and the needle moves up and down. Can't figure out what I did or didn't do. Turn on the machine if it wasn’t already on. Use the WD-40 if it’s frozen. Posting Guidelines | As an important safety precaution, make sure that the machine is switched off and the power plug is detached from the electrical outlet. Usually, the flat side of the needle faces towards the back, and make sure it is pushed all the way up. The spindle will turn when I have a bobbin on it but the bobbin itself won’t spin. Question for you - I have an old Japan made zig zagger (Universal De Luxe Automatic Zig Zagger), prob from the 50s, weighs a ton :).

1 - I don't know if this applies to your machine, but I had a White which I loved, and you had to disengage the hand wheel while filling the bobbin or the needle would go up and down, as you describe. I've seen a couple of those machines with the bobbin winder tire down inside the bottom of the machine. Inspect the bobbin case for any signs of damage, such as scratches or dents. Another reason the machine is not running might be that the needle is now loose and remains stuck within the hook. If it helps for reference at all I had to jimmy the bobbin out on like a 45 degree angle due to the rotation, and all the thread is out of the machine. Lol.

Of course, I've removed the little screw and the rounded piece that holds the handwheel. I’m rather proud of myself! Ta-da! Hi, I have a Singer 4562 with a broken bobbin winder stopper. Quilter's Bug has an excellent post showing you how to do this. Lindsay is relatively new to sewing but has absolutely fallen in love with the hobby.

I cannot see what you clicked nor which products you have seen. Now my needle is jammed and I'm stuck with a $100 block of plastic.

I finally got it set up, went to wind the bobbin and it seems the needle is not disengaging, so within a second or two (as soon as the needle moves) it stops and gives me an error code E2. After looking at your instructions, 2 minutes later my machine is fixed!!!

The spool of thread first is inserted onto the spool holder on the top of the machine. Thank you this resolved my Issue........Roxanne, Hello Annette!

Turns out I had taken out the screw and forgotten to put it back!

There's some vintage Singer lovers there who know so much. ; Make sure the bobbin-winding spindle has been pushed back to initial position for sewing after the bobbin was winded.

People online have recommended tightening the smaller know while holding the larger one still, but I am just confused! Take the lid off. Adjust the stop farther away from the spindle to let it fill more. If you liked this lesson on how to wind a bobbin, check out the other lessons that are part of the FREE Cucicucicoo Learn to Machine Sew beginner’s sewing course! Buy from a specialty shop, such as Sewing Parts Online, where I got my second round of Class 15 bobbins, which worked perfectly. http://shesasewingmachinemechanic.blogspot.com/2017/09/pfaff-bobbin-winder-clutch.htmlGood Luck to You! I have a Kenmore 158 13400 mechanical machine. Remember that the bobbin, bobbin case and needle should all feed and turn at the precise rate and in synchrony with each other. If your sewing machine needle keeps hitting the bobbin case, then you must first stop the machine and follow the steps that have been outlined below.. My Singer came with plastic but I tried a metal and it does sound better with a metal bobbin. ).

There's no little screw in the clutch wheel to remove, like there usually is.

See my review of the Sidewinder bobbin winder. but i bought some. The bumps should protrude outward. I can’t get a good picture of the handwheel side of the machine, but it looks a lot like a Bernette, with the stitch selector knob underneath the handwheel. Thank you so much.

That is when it appeared to start having problems. Make sure that the machine is off for up to half an hour. The clutch had quit working on my 1973 Kenmore sewing machine..that I had bought NEW way back then.

Sometimes oil gets on the belt, and it slips. STANDARD SIZE TO FIT MOST SEWING MACHINES: Bobbin size: Size A, Class 15, can be applied for a variety of sewing machines like Bro-ther, Baby-lock, Jano-me, Ken-more, Sin-ger etc.

Once again thank you for taking the time for posting all your info.Kindest RegardsFran (UK). Ps the machine is a St James supreme, made for david Jones, I have no idea of the year model . So I can't find my answer. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'sewinglife_net-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',107,'0','0'])); Pull off the bobbin case by pulling the lever that is located at the front of the case.

I talk more about those in my lesson on inserting a bobbin in the sewing machine. That pulley frequently freezes-up. but their sturdy stitches are formed with two threads. And they don’t list that particular screw. Maybe it went to your junk mail. Obviously I can't hold it down whenever I sew.

On most Singers of that era, you need to remove the left side cover and find a screw hiding inside that will allow the top to be removed. Your bobbin is ready to be inserted into the sewing machine! My first thought is that it might just need to be adjusted so the bobbin winder tire is touching the handwheel correctly, when the bobbin winder is switched on.

Do you know of any link to someone on the web who might be able to help or if you know anything about these machines and might be able to give me some pointers. This is to save unnecessary wear-and-tear on the machine, and prevent you from having to unthread the needle to wind a bobbin. Here are the steps involved. C. Push the end of the bobbin holder into the center hole of the spool of thread. The needle clamp screw is not tight and the needle slips too low into the bobbin. Privacy Policy | I figured it had something to do with the clutch. Some clarification on the centre knob: it is mostly turning freely. I am able to turn the hand wheel and nothing seems to be locked up inside the machine.

Now re-tighten the screw. How to Use Fabric Glue: Learn When Fabric Glue is the Best Option. HI MY NAME IS MAGGIE. Thank you, Hi Lori,I've created a post to show you how to work with your Singer bobbin winder and clutch. Hi Barry,I wish I had one in front of me to check. I'm glad you got your old friend sewing again! Those are easy to replace, if needed. This was very helpful. Here’s the link. i love my old metal machines. Mechanic gloves can give your hands double strength so you can turn the knob. If you find any, then you must clean up and remove the lint from both the shuttle and the bobbin case.

I so hope you can help! I opened up the top of the machine and saw that when I pushed on the paddle, the large belt moved the clutch as if it was winding the bobbin, but the small belt did not move and so the needle did not move.

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