He picked up the chubel spear and speared Midja George. Discuss character or literary device examples and use quotes to support your ideas. No Sugar Jack Davis. However, it seems that his goal is simply to keep the Aboriginals docile, so depriving them of knowledge and the ability to read will only depress them further. The council wants the new site to be “well away from any residences”. Big mob, 1926, kill ’em big mob my country.

And when she had that baby them trackers choked it dead and buried it in the pine plantation. When reading the play, readers can turn to the glossary for definitions of over one hundred words and phrases.

Joe seethes resentfully. Davis constructs the character of Frank Brown to show how the aborigines are at greater risk and more disadvantaged than their white counterparts during the depression.

The Settlement is, inappropriately, preparing for the Australia Day ceremony. SISTER: What do you mean?

Mr George flogged the “old man”, almost to death, who in an act of retaliation, speared the “gudeeah” with his “chubel spear”. Even saying “hello’ in the local lingo was punished.

In the 1980s and 1990s in Western Australia, Indigenous Australians consisted of 3 per cent of the population, yet their numbers in prison often increased to 30 per cent of the population. There is a happy land,Far, far away.No sugar in our tea,Bread and butter we never see.That’s why we’re graduallyFading away. Furthermore, the fact that Neville intends to restrict privileges is ironic because the Millimurra family has constantly struggled with bare necessities.

Songs and phrases in the Nyoongah language further preserve the family’s culture and history. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Mary: He’s always hangin’ around where the girls are workin’; in the cookhouse, in the sewin’ room. This leaves him open to exploitation and reinforces again his second-class status as well as the stigma attached to their aboriginality. (31)  The JP eventually loses patience at Jimmy who seems to prolong the hearings because he highlights the humiliating circumstances of the “piss” and the “ “shit bucket” .

Molly ran away, taking the baby with her but leaving Doris behind. I was taught to deny my own people – be ashamed of them even. [CDATA[ Gran’s insistence on Cissie and David attending school shows that she understands the importance of, and power, that derives from learning the dominant language. That they often speak in their own language helps Davis draw attention to their cultural differences and their alienation from mainstream culture. They illegally escape Moore River, and live freely and happily for several months, but are eventually recaptured by the Sergeant and Constable.

Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does.

[As the whites continue, the Aborigines break into full clear voice with a parody of the words.].

Mary: ‘Coz I said I wasn’t gunna go and work for guddeah on a farm.

Jimmy systematically exposes the hypocrisy of the Government, but his addiction to alcohol acutely captures their loss of faith, their degradation and their sense of despair. He is aware of his completely powerless situation and “hurls the bucket against the wall”. Literacy levels are very low: sub-standard education. No Sugar received standing ovations when performed in Vancouver and Edinburgh in 1986. We are also introduced to the white bureaucrats who preside over the Aborigines, including Neville and Sergeant Carrol, who are more interested in their professional development than the well-being of their charges. Make a summary on some of the author’s most critical views, Return to Arguments and Persuasive Language : an essay-writing guide: Suggested Responses. Mr Neville, (the Chief Protector of WA) was of the view that “within one hundred years the pure black will be extinct.” He reported that in 1937, the population of full-blooded had decreased from 60,000 to 20,000. He vows that they will “rue this day” and accuses them of rank and “disgraceful” “ingratitude”. Mr Neville is constantly cost-cutting.

“Cause them bastards took our country and them blackfellas dancin’ for ’em. “Sometime in 1937, Doris Pilkington Garimara was born Nugi Garimara under a wintamarra – mulga – tree on Balfour Downs Station, the daughter of Molly Craig and Toby Kelly, an Aboriginal stockman. The White man’s paternalistic attitude to the aborigines.

Teachers and parents! Neal is contemptuous of “do gooders”  Mr Neal is adamant that no books are needed – they have enough troublemakers.

Degradingly and contemptuously he tells her, “Millimurra seems to have learnt you well. No one in Northam Shire wants to be living near Aboriginal Australians because they believe it will be unsafe to leave wives and children, despite the fact that many of the neighbours are getting drunk at the Shamrock Hotel “till stumps” and, as we will discover, the men in charge at many reserves are abusing aboriginal women in their care.

Davis uses this story to foreground the disproportionate and indiscriminate violence that occurred during the colonial period. Although their literacy levels are poor, the government is reluctant to provide them with a decent education. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Despite the Matron’s constant sarcastic remarks to Mr Neal regarding  his assaults and binge drinking episodes at the hotel (she is “scared of living”), she is powerless to affect any change. The Millimurra-Munday family has very few physical possessions, and very little agency over their own lives—even the food they eat and the land they live on is regulated by the government.

Essay Topics. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. Through the characterisation of the matron, Davis shows their awareness of their shameful complicity, and their inability to challenge authority figures because of the consequences (an inferior out of the way posting).

Mr George belted the old man with the stockwhip; the old man was bleeding from the cuts.

Six years earlier, in 1931, Molly had escaped from Moore River Native Settlement with her two sister/cousins, Daisy and Gracie, and walked all the way back to Jigalong, an extraordinary journey along the rabbit-proof fence that took them three months. Milly discusses the need of patching up the dilapidated tin house which is “colder than the North Pole” hoping that “that old baldy” (the rations policeman) will “cough up with some more blankets”.

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