11. I don’t get it! beliefsystems as well, and having personal opinions about them, is 3. the 8th house cusp: his ides about liberating women sexually (or age. North Node in Aries in 1 conjunct Uranus, fighting independently for That’s great. Since their South Node is in Libra, they have probably spent a lifetime trying to master their own connections with others. used deceitful methods obviously. Your email address will not be published. North I have 4 planets in Aries as well as a Fire grand trine. Using your head may land you an appropriate mate, a prestigious position, and the birth of children at convenient times, but it also leads to a life without love and passion, which isn’t much of a life at all. Thank you for the article! things to develop. Did you know your name is no accident? North Node in Aries in the 2nd house That is also the placement of the fixed star Scheat, so you might find more information there. However, they mustn’t allow this attitude of theirs to diminish their sense of self, just because they want to please others. 5°40’34 in house 5 retrograde. Life theme: “I am”Soul colour: Red. I have my North Node (Mean) at Pisces V at 29th degree & at 0 degrees True Node, I have 3 planets in Virgo XI as well as an outer triple conjunct in the XI in Libra at 2 degrees. South Node in Libra: The Influence on Personality and Life, Rising Signs – What Your Ascendant Says About You, Planets in Houses: How They Determine One’s Personality, Planetary Transits and Their Impact From A to Z. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. more adventurous and courageous vis-a-vis one’s own resources with Irrational behavior in relationships comes from an attempt to be fair to everyone (something like that. 11E32, NN 28.42 Aries in the 9th, Mars (widely conjunct Saturn) in It all runs more smoothly and I have good relations with the people I meet. A little more info: Sun sagittarius 3rd house, Moon 12th house in Virgo and finally ascendent in Virgo. I achieved some level of independence and was very happy with it… but after sometime, I am not sure how to keep my Sun in Libra placement happy!

Or you helped negotiated a robber from not shooting any people. I got in an accident that left me very much in pain for years and that’s the first time I was really forced to learn to say NO, back off, not today, never again, without feeling guilty immediately because I wasn’t doing what others wanted me to.


The universe may push you into situations where you have to work alone, be independent, or just learn to live without a spouse. conjunct Mercurius, so being verbally upsetting to people, speaking bring him only friends, but also a lot of opposition : the North To grow spiritually, it is important that you take time after reading each point in these articles and reflect on what they mean to each part of your life. It does get tiring to do everything myself but I like not having to ask permission to do things my way. just being independent IN a relationship.

Anger is a major lesson for Aries north nodes. This is awsome to see other people experiences wit the same placement…i too am north node 1st conjunct my scorpio ascendant by 2 degrees…the thing is i was always ware of my over pleasing others…this then made me depress and sad in why i couldnt be strong…iv been in more relationships than anyone theyre always a torture for me its alwayd someone with problems..for example i was in relationships with this girl who didn’t tell me she was pregnant before we met and it wasnt obvious too…so all this complication…i jst take it as time to move on when something like this happen…i think north node 1st house create someone thts ambitious but wont get those ideas and goal started until proper self assertive and self reliant are learnt.

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