© Copyright 2018-2020. Your notary profile summarizes all of your credentials and other pertinent facts. Being signed are real estate  or loan documents--the reason... read more, Notaries are public servants.

Brenda. A copy of your driver license with the number blacked out neatly. This is very awesome information. Thank you for this. Here are the things you need to include on your profile whether paper or online. The NNA is the nation’s leading provider of Notary training and educational resources. Update your online profiles monthly to show you are active! Initially, I came up with my list of must-have requirements for a notary’s marketing kit, then went a step further and asked a couple of friends who hire notaries for loan signings for their input.

Health Administration / Health Information Systems, Specifically trained to facilitate mortgage closings. Signing Agent. I really enjoy your articles and look forward to them arriving in my email box. Start your narrative with a paragraph, bullet point a few things, then end with a paragraph. At the first of each month, log into your notary marketing accounts around the web.

We try to provide info that notaries are seeking. Our flagship Notary Essentials online training class will help ensure you are performing your duties legally and properly.

If you understand the meanings of all of the documents in the list, you can skip reading this section. When we give Jane Notary a loan document signing, we know it will be done with care. Certified Signing Agent by 123Notary and NotaryRotary. Plan on paying for two to three hours of the writer’s time. Provided traveling Notary Public services, Acted in office management and bookkeeping capacity. It’s good to toot your own horn, but use a French horn, not a bull horn! Learn how to manage and improve your SigningAgent.com profile for more business.

Security – Many programs offer the ability to create PDFs but do not offer the feature of adding a password to protect files while they languish on your hard drive or other storage area. Collect large sums of certified funds from borrowers to close the transaction and ship all documents back to the title companies. Jane Notary said it was her job to make sure my mother was comfortable and coherent, was aware of each item being signed, and was not being coerced in any way. Subscribe today!

Office Apps – if you plan to produce marketing materials, you will need to have apps that will do that for you. Truly appreciated. Notary Signing Agents are notaries specializes in closing real estate transactions involving a mortgage. Perform Courier services for loan documents. It shows you from your waist up or shoulders up. Requesting all necessary documents for the purchase/sale of property, including; sales contacts, inspections, warranties, etc.

In fact, photos are so desirable to hiring parties that without one, schedulers will often arrange the list of notaries based on that.

Explain the purpose of each document being signed and answer any pertinent questions. Perform various loan closings, including refinances and reverse mortgages, in a mobile capacity, Meet with borrowers to insure proper authentication and witness of loan documents, then notarize. Also, the address on your W-9 should be the address you want your check mailed to. Strictly follow lenders closing instructions provided by client.

Once you finish and proofread it, it will complete your marketing kit. Showing too much skin isn’t conducive to winning work from top notch hiring entities. Work as an independent Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent through the [company name] (NNA) traveling to clients' homes or places of business to notarize real estate closing documents and other documents as requested by clients or escrow companies. Over 20 years of customer service experience. Adobe Acrobat would probably be a better strategy at $12.50 / mo. Narrative – no more than 200 words. Getting loan package back to lender in a timely manner. For lenders, Notary signing agents are the critical final link to complete the loan. She prides herself on attention to detail and getting it done right the first time! Verify that all documents are accounted for when notarizing closing documents during a real estate transaction. A Bachelor’s Degree and notary public education are seen on most Notary Signing Agent resumes. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. When my mother was in the hospital, she needed to sign several legal documents. The safeguarding of borrowers' private financial information.

Although skilled in all areas of notarization, she specializes in loan document signings, with over 2,100 successful closings. Thank you for taking the time to write it and post it. Company name followed by LLC, D/B/A, etc. 150 is better. Coordinated signing appointments with borrowers and return properly signed and notarized documents to lender. You can view the PDF here: Notary Profile Sample PDF. And, your credentials are verified through the documents in the list so keep all of them current and linked as required to your online profiles. Ever.

A Simple Plan to Start You Off, Knowledge is the Key to Securing Your Notary Career, Part 2: Purchasing a Scanner for NSA Work (Necessary Technology for Notary Signing Agents in 2020). Keep your profiles and credentials current. Manage all aspects of a small business: new business development, create and maintain a client database, negotiating pricing, accounting activities, Collaborate with mortgage lenders, title companies, scheduling services to complete mortgage loan signing, Work with law firms to notarize legal documents, Assist individuals with general notary needs, Worked with various lenders and title companies across the nation, Accurately executed mortgage loan documents including first mortgage, HELOC, reverse mortgages, seller and buyer documents.

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