Be the queen you are and slay Tiktok, Insta, Acting etc. all your videos like this one Surprising my best friend with a new squad member shocking reaction, Piper…you are a really strong girl and we all love you. Piper i’ve Always dreamed to see you one day and thank you for being a really good role model you proved to me that you should never be afraid of telling something that is really sad to yourself, piper i am your biggest fan please i want those tickets, I haven’t even met my dad too piper i feel so lonely without him cuz i was born hawaii and he left to heaven and he was named as paul walker he died in 2013, Hello piper I love every single video you make and I watch them too, Does pipers mom sell drugs and give them to pipers dad. !, Hi my name is Darcey I am your biggest fan . Ilysm. Drippy Heart Crop Tee. His name is Tyler Ray Hill. Also, they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to young to be doing that stuff. !❤️, Guys, this isn’t piper it’s just some facts about her-. There’s reportedly been a stalker. Piper is not dating Gavin she is dating Lev Cameron who is also a dancer and a Youtuber. He just might bee avery very close friend or relative, is he yoru brother an i whish one day to be in yoru squwad, @unknow she doesn’t like jojo anymore she’s 13 now lol, who wanna learn french i can teach you, because i go to french school❤❤❤. He a bunch of shit anyway Just go on tour like sassy said. Fit: Standard unisex fit. Does pipers mom sell drugs to her ex pipers dad after that didn’t want to be together that is kinda weird. Hayley LeBlanc. XXXX, piper , you are a kind girl and don’t let the other people hate you. Care: Avoid water and salt water, as it may cause tarnishing. You are funny, sweet, kind, and much more (aka etc.) We are over. but reading this review confused me so much. piper doesn’t have a dad yet. I wish one day I could meet her.

Material: Gold finish on metal. I agree with Kenlee, piper should make a vid and to prove it she should say at least 2 names that were an inspiration, and Kenlee should be one of them.

YES Kenlee… thank you.

Thank you for allowing us to see and be a part of your life.

Mrs. Rockelle supports her little girl in each her beginning – starting from dancing lessons and ending with her social media activity. You guys got some problems. For fans, it’s exceptionally worrisome since she stopped her daily vlogs right halfway through. ‘Windi’ Is Over? I like really LOVE you and I like wanna meet you sooo badly but I cant go to tour so thats unfortunate but I love you so so sooo much and you are so pretty and i was wondering if there was ANY way to reach you!!! Most Popular #9. I just wanted to say please stop pretending you’re me. Amber, boo, honey, no!!!

I just want to say people should really stop hating on piper because she’s going through a hard time right now.

Hey guys hope everyone is safe ..lysm .thanks for you support. You may be wondering, what. Your email address will not be published. Even now the “daddy question” is really painful for her. um piper dosen’t need you in her life anymore she loves lev and that’s it and he loves her plus all you talk about is gucci and songs and stuff but lev and tells piper that she looks pretty and always kisses her on the check everyday so she dosen’t need you or love anymore leave her and her new boyfriend alone. You are not supposed to love your girlfriend for only how she looks, but also her personality. please give me a shout out i have been watching your videos and i tell my self that u always be my best youtuber.your mother is the most beautiful women i every see u look just like her. In her early years, Piper felt very upset, because all other kids had their fathers near them, and she didn’t. Piper you are amazing. WOW!! Recommended: Emirichu and Daidus Are Really Dating, Here’s the Proof. ... PRE-ORDER.

Sometimes when im sad I watch your youtube videos and your positive energy makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you piper and hope you can believe me. me last year when I was at school my brother came to pick me in school at 12:00 am i thought she was sick but when I saw my big sister crying then I knew and I started crying to love you piper and my opinion is lev #liper cause your so cute together bye hope you reply me I wish I could see you piper but I stay at Tanzania, piper you and walker looked so good togher but walker go for indi but it okay you liper is so cute piper i dare to make a video prank lev to kiss him the whole day i dare i love you bye piper, piper i’m sorry about your grandmother i hope you are okay i love you. $45.00 LEV QR Hoodie ... Piper Rockelle Tee. Piper is amazing and way better then u Gavin. Is it just me or does Coco Quinn look kinda like a Bunny??? Hooded neckline with drawstring, kangaroo front pocket, ribbed cuffs and waistband. And it was. Lev Cameron Khmelev. Please get it right thank you! 10,000, hi my name is Taylor ross i am about 12 in may um i just wn’t to say that you are pretty in all your pic and that i am ugly, Piper I don’t like you anymore after hearing all this, Hi piper I watch your videos every day I wouldn’t stop I love you very much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, omg piper i think you are beautiful!!! i wish i can be apart of the squad please, i do miss pavin its just piper happy and gavin that is all that matters and i love you piper you rock, the is so maen the piper’s dad didn’t want her when he don’t know how cute she is im a fan im and im 9, Hi txunamy if you read this i just want to say you are so postive and so pretty and worked so hard to be where you are. the more views and subscribers, the more money for her. I love u guy all the way, Well I think that hate should just stop already! Hi piper i hope that your okay and can you do a video of you and lev being madly in love plz, Did anyone else know hunter was pipers brother? Height and more. I love frank but I’m in the middle of whatching a vid and frank keeps ”talking”. and I think I know who is doing this to piper because some people hate her because her and gain broke up its not her fault they broke up its gavins he cheated on her and that isn’t right and I think gavin is the one doing all the hate I use to like pavin but I don’t I hate it all!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️, Hi piper i love u and hunter and the rest of the Squad so much ❤, Hey everybody! Squad (piper rockelle) Fanfiction.

$25.00. After school, Hunter found a dull job, and he was busy 6 days per week. Do not iron. However, Gavin and Piper have been continually making content together. @piperrockelle I love your style and everything ♥️, Genuinely I would say that piper is so lucky and successful even though she doesn’t have a father but she has her mother with her in every minute and I would just say @piperrockelle keep going on there’s a lot more and there is a lucky path in front of you and don’t stop your career just keep going on hello I like your videos and your pranks your videos are nice and cool piper and piper you and lev make the best couple with Lev and walker but you make the better couple with lev more. I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable.

Gavin is my boyfriend now!

Guys I’m thinking I should break up with Gavin we had a fight recently what do you think.

The girl has an older brother, named Hunter. If you see this I don’t want to be one of those creepy people who are like “please be my friend, just because your famous” I would want to be your friend because you seem pretty genuine and not fake and I need those type of people in my life so piper if you ever see this and if you want just give me a comment back I would appreciate that even if it’s just a ft during this time or even a text it would be nice to talk to someone who’s not always trying to stab me in the back and stuff. She cares for her daughter and has her reasons. , I don’t know who should litryly go with gavin Get ur life together, both OF YOU! She is very young to have a mature body with perfect height.

And this is what her parents think would be the best for her, which I do too because I really don’t want Sophie to be unsafe.”. I love you’re boyfriends because they look so hansom, I Love you so much buyout I Love you’re boyfriends, Hi its me again but at lists you have frank to play with, i live in England,brentford love you , love you piper hope to meet u but i am not aloud to go on your tour i real want to meet you sorry but maybe one day i will meet u and sophie, piper i wish i was in you squad i am your biggest fan you are two years older then me i am ten. loser piper sophie walker jenna sawyer lev aiden jentzen hahahaha Im BETTER OMG love you gavin, Can everyone please stop pretending you are someone from piper rockelle’s squad Because your not. Piper you are the best youtuber don’t be worried and you have such a good life keep it up Thats my opinion if you have any other opinions well its your guy Fit: Adjustable with Lobster claw closure. Leo #2. Fit: Standard unisex fit. Fabrication: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. Piper Rockelle Fans Also Viewed . Satin scrunchy with Piper graphic I swear I’m not doing anything at 1-3o’clock in the morning, I may live far away from Piper but I’ve got her back.

PIPER IS SO BEAFITUL AND TALENT SO FOLLOW HER ON YOUTUBE. You and Walker are cute together. keep it up love you Care: Machine wash cold with... Piper Rockelle Sidewalk video youth tee Fit: Slim fit, crewneck, short sleeves  Fabrication: 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton Care: Machine wash cold with like colors. Even though there are some people out there who don’t appreciate you…we are here for u gurl.

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