Professional technology evangelists are often employed by firms seeking to establish their technologies as de facto standards. This matters. [1] The word evangelism is borrowed from the context of religious evangelism due to the similarity of sharing information about a particular concept with the intention of having others adopt that concept. :-). Yes, it’s a form of sales. More importantly, in my opinion, is the word developer. Make sure the team views it as their product, not just your product.

Daraus resultiert die Notwendigkeit, diese … The fact that evangelists are not paid or associated with any company make their beliefs perceived by others as credible and trustworthy. You think about being an advocate of the developer. A Product Owner’s job is to optimize value created by the development team, and to ensure the features of the product meet the customer’s need.

Be the undisputed expert on your market – your competitors and the relevant trends. In my last article I wrote about the importance of product passion, and I said that one of the reasons this passion is necessary is for product evangelism. The Product Owner may also perform many more responsibilities than listed above, but at a minimum the Product Owner MUST perform those five. ; Dare can’t see straight, Dealing with W3C Events; A story of running around in circles, Developer Advocate versus Technical Evangelist; When names change the tone, we are hiring for this position in the US and elsewhere in the world, Two Tech Jobs: Technology Evangelist and Network Operations. It also feels like an evangelist is going to run around with his particular religion, and will be trying to persuade you to join, without really listening. The responsibilities of Product Managers and Product Owners vary widely by title and are often historic artifacts of a company’s heritage. The question is what works if you’re not working for a Google. That is the power of the developer advocate role, and why it can be such a fun one at companies. [10], Technology evangelists usually take a leadership role in organizations. On the other hand, when things don’t go well, step forward and take responsibility for the miss, and show the team you’re learning from the mistakes as well. know everything there is to know about Android). 12 Responses to “Developer Advocate versus Technical Evangelist; When names change the tone” Niall Kennedy Says: July 3rd, 2008 at 4:45 pm. Of course, I don’t even need to tell you that we are hiring for this position in the US and elsewhere in the world :), NOTE: Right after I posted this I saw that Jeremy Z had a post titled Two Tech Jobs: Technology Evangelist and Network Operations.

I’d rather have this than a sales person that has a bit of experience with technology. In his books The Art of the Start and How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Kawasaki states that the driving force behind evangelism marketing is the fact that individuals simply want to make the world a better place. You still may be called on to help out on the big deals and big partnerships, but you’ll need to focus your evangelism on your team because the best thing you can do for your customers is to provide them a great product. Kawasaki, on the other hand, was credited for the remarkable growth of the software developed for the Macintosh, jumping from a few dozen products to more than 600 in less than a year of spreading the so-called Macintosh gospel. Methods of evangelism available include a modified STREET process (Scope, Track, Rank, Evaluate, Evangelize, Transfer) and the process that takes advantage of the hype cycle. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Well I would say depending on the company structure this type of team can be in either side of the Marketing/Development line. [1] During the first year of the program, My Starbucks Idea generated 70,000 ideas through the site and approximately 50 changes based on customer suggestions were implemented. [5] It was part of Apple's drive to compete with IBM and it specifically described the initiative to win over third-party developers rhetorically to persuade them to develop software and applications for the Macintosh platform.

Now that I have people outside the US we continually get push back on the term and people will not use it.

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