She started having diarrhea and would throw up no matter what we fed her. At the time Eevee was 4.5 pounds and barely made it. After reading all of these negative reviews I’m glad there is at least one person that has had a positive experience. She was 6 months old. But once you pay for your puppy, the “concierge” part goes into the dumpster and you are left feeling like a scammed fool. Anthony called back and I told him that we would like to go ahead and get Collette. I am livid with my experience. Paid $4,300 for a puppy. “This is what this business claims. I am so glad to read these other posts that confirm my crazy horrible experience with Puppyspot. Although it breaks me to not want to help those puppies get away from all that. My one really big question is what the h is the AKC thinking by endorsing such a site? There are plenty of better places to sell, including. Always consider adopting first, If you are breed specific there are rescue groups for every breed of dog. This is a horrible scam. I asked a few more questions about Collette's socialization and his background as a breeder. Ladd Hill Labradoodles - poor customer service, Karine Martirosyan, MD, MPH - fled from criminal prosecution, Premier Cancun Vacations - premier cancun vacations scam - belinda ocampo, Doris A Campagna and Richard D Lauersdorf - Harasser, mocker, theft, forgery, impersonation, took communcation away from me. major rip off of clients! PuppySpot - misrepresentation in advertising, incompetence, PuppySpot - guarantee breach contract three weeks ago I purchased a golden from puppy spot. Not only that, the puppy can’t be registered with any nationally accredited registration such as AKC, etc. Through no fault of breeder, We ended up personally picking up our puppy (4000 mile round trip) because after two weeks from purchase we could Not get a commitment From PuppySpot for when transport would occur. Bottom line you have good puppies good protocols take care of it yourself you have puppies that you don’t know how to get rid of because they aren’t healthy they aren’t good quality and you really don’t care it’s a good site for you. They were there for me every step of the way and helped me whenever I needed it. I received an email on Saturday that Collette was now 7 weeks old. They told you what they would you but nothing in writing and I have found out since that they don’t comply. Puppy spot and/or the breeder chose to put my puppy on a non-direct flight (I am sure it was cheaper), which made a 4 hour journey into an 8 hour journey. AKC does not know anything about the breeders on their pages. He arrived safely and was very healthy and adjusted to our home quickly. I hope mine will be just as good. Do not make the same mistakes we did, a puppy’s life could very well depend on it. a word from the breeder. We did not ask to return her but requested they provide some sort of refund for the purposes of helping with Eevee’s growing medical bills.After longer than a month, numerous follow ups and after Puppy Spot’s own vets reviewed the medical records and agreed with us, we were made the following offer:50% store credit from Eevee’s original purchase price to be applied to the next purchase of a new puppy from their siteORMonetary compensation in the amount of $587.50 representing ¼ of Eevee’s purchase price.We were then told the offer is made as is and to just choose an option.This was a complete slap in the face! I called multiple times asking questions and they were very good at not being direct and avoiding the questions at all costs. They blow me off, don’t get back to me and have not kept their word on any type of refund. You may not agree with my comment, but regardless of where they are raised... Hi, can you message me the name of your agents? I bought her six weeks ago. The breeder did a wonderful job. You don’t know what kind of home they will go into you don’t know anything about what’s going on this is a place where backyard breeders and puppy Millers can lie their heads off sell puppies inappropriately and make money. After numerous visits to the vet, she was diagnosed with an extrahepatic portosystemic shunt (a common genetic defect that arises from irresponsible breeding). I replied that the breeder also told me the same weight and I did not purchase a pocket puppy. Only want your money. Date of birth April 11, 2020. After 2 visits of not seeing an infection, they did a culture! She has worms and they won’t go away she had them at her initial check up but who wants to go get their money back when they’re already in love with their new best friend. He tried to talk me out of cancelling. $266 to pluck the fur and clean out the ears. Will contact my Lawyer. “Please read this before buying a puppy on Puppy Spot formally Purebred Breeders.I purchased a Shih-Tzu puppy on this site. He was covered in vomit, urine and feces. These are about $$$$s and nothing more. Thank you! With that said, we understand as living breathing beings, puppies can get sick and have an experienced and dedicated health team to help resolve any medical issues or concerns our customers may have. He was so weak he could barely stand or walk. She does not appear to be healthy. He actually told me NO breeder info would be given out until there was a commitment to purchase!!! There are plenty of better places to sell, including Craig’s List (free), (free) and PuppyFind ($30 per month) and, of course, AKC Marketplace for purebreds. haven for puppmills. “I started the process of buying a Yorkie puppy through purebred breeders and was told I had to pay an additional $400 for shipping dog from out of state on top of $3600 for the dog itself. We then contacted Puppy Spot with our concerns, namely that Eevee had genetic disorders synonymous with irresponsible breeding. Also, PuppySpot response time is excellent. After 3 months my dog reached max size for a Pomsky and I did a DNA test after talking to the after care team at Puppy Spot (another $130). They told me to send him back before they would give me a refund! Just heard back from PuppySpot that I cannot prove she came with them (Hello- scratching from day 1). The response was that they did not hear back from the breeder and would let me know when they did. You will know you are dealing with a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill when you have access to the mother, father and the living conditions. Puppyspot animals are pet grade puppies, with really noticeable faults, and should not be selling for $2400. He told me that Collette was 2.5 lbs the last time they weighed her and she was on Royal Canin dry food. She was found to have segmental aplasia of the caudal vena cava but the surgeon was able to plan accordingly and move forward.Eevee was taken back to surgery on 8/12/20 and an ameroid constrictor was placed on the portocaval shunt vessel. We had to arrange our own travel for the 2000 mile trip and still had to pay $200 for their 'service'. Then Saturday morning we get a call that the puppy would be there at 3pm! Originally the puppy we selected was advertised as a boy name Cody. At the “ripe old age” of 8 months, this pup is already 12 lbs. Our sweet girl vas not growing! He arrived in a crate from the breeders state of Texas to California. Make sure to ask what steps are specifically being taken by any company making claims such as these to insure said claims are actually true and not just a marketing gimmick used to jack up the sticker price. If you have good puppies well cared for healthy and respect yourself and them you find your own new families so that you know they will be taken care of the way you want. Agreed to door to door service and paid for this service. From day one they were responsive, caring and crackerjack. We love our new puppy and the breeder was great. We received no communication while we were waiting for the puppy to be ready to travel. I thought they would be a good resource to find a reputable breeder, but they are NOT. I asked Aaron to tell me about Collette and her parents. The reply back was that they are also concerned and they had asked the breeder for current weight and current weight.

My husband and I told him that we wanted to cancel our order with a full refund due to her health issue. We were denied service and discriminated against. When the puppy arrived we noticed something strange about his lack of energy and playfulness. We took her to the vet the next day after she arrived and found out she had Giardia and worms. Completely fraudulent company! I got a Labrador retriever from Puppy Spot last year.

My grandma lives alone and is not the best care taker for animals. I was told Toby was 12 weeks old but my vet said he was actually 8-9 weeks old. She is spending her LAST dollar to afford this dog and as previously stated is not stable enough to care for a dog. Really a joke to think people are scammed into believing the dogs are top of the line show quality when the short legged dogs have long legs, pups with wide apart ears that should be half the width apart, etc. PuppySpot — Refusing to return all our money when the puppy we were going to purchase lost half of its weight and we cancelled our order based on health concerns. This health guarantees don’t seem to exist.

A liver biopsy was obtained and Eevee was recovered from anesthesia as the surgeon could not move forward.An Abdominal CT scan subsequently performed the following day (8/11/20) to ensure that a shunt closure could be safely performed.

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