Parvati reveals to Maithili about her promise to Lord Shiva and tells her that she wants to go away from Rudra's life. maybe I face difficulties with acquiring them.

Tejawat tells Laila that Rudra Pratap is Thakurain's son.

Later, Rudra tries to get his job back.

Amandeep informs Rudra that Parvati's life is in danger because of Tejawat, but Rudra assures him of Paravti's safety. Rudra gets a call from V.K Singh, who says that he is getting back his job only because of Paro.

Rudra requests Parvati to stay with him.

Later, Rudra gifts Paro some bangles.

Rudra then covers her with Parvati's shawl to which Druv comments that his mother has sent Myrah in their life. Later, Maitalee confesses to Rudra about the fire that occurred, knowing that he does not believe that Paravti attempted to burn Dilsher alive. Know what this is about?

Thakur Saheb announces that Parvati was selected to be a bride within a week by the snake God.

Rudra takes Parvati to a BSD camp fearing about her life in Mohini's haveli.

I may be able to list some but it may take a while. Later, Sumer, Mohini's son searches for the original documents of the haveli with an intention to sell it.

She hides and overhears their conversation. Koel and Dhruv plan costumes for Rudra and Myrah on the celebration of Janmashtami. Sign Up Now!

They shall not be liable for loss and/or damage arising from the video description.

Danveer and Thakurain Mala meet in secret, where Mala tells Danveer to introduce her to Rudra.

Meanwhile, Parvati asks Rudra to console Mala, as she is upset.

Myrah promises to stay till Dhruv fully recovers.

Mohini tries to inject a needle in Rudra's body, but fails as Parvati walks in. Rudra and Parvati welcome a baby boy whereas Sumer and Shatabdi have a baby girl. Later, Rudra tears Parvati's sleeve accidentally.

Rudra meets Myrah and takes her home. Later, Parvati plans a surprise for Rudra's birthday. As the passengers alight, gunshots break the silence of the night and all are shot dead. (

Rudra goes in search of the kidnappers that have held Myrah captive. No clue about the subtitles though.

Later, Myrah surprises everyone with her new dress and also sings a classical song for Krishna.

Mohini calls Parvati into the kitchen, and asks her to help her with her errands. @#$%^&*()_-+=., characters.

The kidnappers move her to a new hideout but Rudra finds their whereabouts and saves Myrah. Danveer casts Sumer away to an isolated place, and Mohini goes to meet Sumer and pledges to avenge his punishment.

TeleBuzz. Myrah makes paratha for breakfast, which Rudra appreciates and a friendship blossoms between them. Later, Parvati finds her childhood doll in Rudra's cupboard, which reveals Rudra to be the same boy at whom she threw it when she was a child. Rudra's condition begins to deteriorate.

Parvati courageously rescues Maithili from the clutches of the thugs. Instead, Rudra serves himself and takes the plate to his room to eat along with Parvati. Thakurain Mala gives food for Rudra and Parvati, and informs Rudra about Parvati's fast, and asks them both to eat. Rudra is suspended from BSD for leaking the information to media about his secret mission in Birpur. Mohini and Sumer conspire about Rudra's death.

Later, with Maithili's help, Parvati tries to find out who poisoned Rudra.

Later, Rudra learns about the incident and yells at Maithili. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Later Rudra warns Parvati not to reveal the truth to anyone and also not to go out. When Parvati questions Mohini for her ill treatment towards Maithili, Mohini tries to slap Parvati; but Rudra saves her against Mohini.

Meanwhile, Rohit watches a video message sent by Myrah and finds out that she loves Rudra. He goes and confronts his father asking for an explanation. Eventually, Rudra takes Parvati to Jaipur, and she is in awe of the big city as she absorbs the new experience.

Rudra stresses over Parvati's injury, and later, cautions Mohini to avoid Parvati.

Rudra congratulates them though he is pained. Rudra shouts at Parvati for bringing his mother, Mala back to the Haveli. Later, Laila feels insecure as Rudra asks for clothes from her for another woman. Paro yells at Mala and tells her that as she is a guest in the house, she should be like a guest only. Later, Mohini trains Laila to do pooja in order for her to stay in the house. Meanwhile, Rudra prints a fake search warrant to catch Thakur.

Meanwhile, Tejawat is shocked to know that Thakurain had gone to the BSD office and asks his men to move out.

Later, Rudra catches Parvati under her veil with the tattoo on her hand and rushes to check on Dilsher. Later, Sumer informs Mohini about his conversation with Bheema, but Parvati overhears them and decides to go with Sumer. Tejawat gets news of this and becomes very happy. Maithili urges Myrah to reconsider her decision to marry Rohit. Next day, Paro sees the dead bodies of her parents in her village.

Myrah yells at Rudra for scolding Dhruv. Later, Rudra is instructed by the BSD officer to behave properly in front of Damyanti.

He tries to catch the doctor, but he escapes. Rangrasiya (2013–2014) Episode List.

Amandeep and Rudra enter the Haveli in disguise. Myrah tells Maithili about Rudra's letter. Later, Varun and Parvati exchange rings. He confesses that Laila had paid him to incorporate 'Pari' in the story. Parvati knows that Rudra has saved her life. Rudra gets a surprise on his birthday from his family. Rudra gets close to Paro, but on seing the Sindoor on Paro's forehead, he gets angry and walks away.

Parvati is shocked to learn that Rudra and his officer are following her. Rangrasiya 25th February 2014 Full Episode - YouTube: pin. Rudra later takes the siutcases of Myrah back to her room and again tries to speak to her, but she leaves from there. Later, Parvati helps him and covers his wound.

Later, Myrah persuades Maithili and Samrat to adopt a child. After attacking Rudra, Thakur Tejawat's goons dishonour the Indian flag.

Mala leaves a letter for Parvati and leaves Haveli, as she is hurt by Mohini's words. Sadly I couldn’t find this.

Some really good ones is Beyhadh [sony tv] and Jodha Akbar[Zeetv].Please consider uploading them because there are few Indian series on this website compared to the other countries.Thank you for your dedication to this website. But he refuses to listen and performs Ganpati Sthapna as the first ritual for marriage with Parvati. She then shocks everyone by telling that she will leave the Haveli and go away. Meanwhile, Tejawat plans a plot with Laila assuring her to get Rudra back in her life.

Mohini and Laila conspire to separate Rudra and Parvati.

Later, Parvati burns her hands to avoid putting mehendi or sign the papers. Meanwhile, Tejawat is angry as Rudra interrupts his smuggling business. Later, Parvati casts doubts on Shantanu as two villagers tell her about seeing Shantanu in Birpur earlier. And it’s on YouTube. This infuriates Rudra and he gets up and beats all of them and kills their leader.

Rudra is paranoid about Shantanu, but Parvati consoles him. Later, Rudra calls a vendor home for Myrah's shopping needs. However when Rudra wants to take her to a safer place she tries to escape.

Everyone in the house is preparing for Rudra and Parvati's mehendi ritual, when Rudra notices Parvati in deep thought, and asks her about what she is thinking. The society welfare officers stay back as they still doubt Rudra and Parvati's intentions. Parvati hits Rudra on the head with a rod and makes him unconscious after Rudra threatens to kill Tejawat.

Later, Rudra rescues Parvati from some goons who are manhandling her.

Later, the woman turns out to be Laila. Meanwhile, Thakur Saheb finds the person who is cheating them.

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