Martel notes that in December, there was an unpermitted rave at 285 Ninth St., with about 200 people in attendance and where organizers “were selling tickets and alcohol without permits, which is a state code violation.

Check out upcoming Insomniac events all over the globe including festivals, Insomniac experiences, club series, and concerts. “There will always be another party.”, Still, others remain uncertain of what lies ahead, looking at the changes as the end of an era.

Save Len's Coming Home Party! You just have to have faith that everything is happening for the benefit.”. According to Carol, in September 1999 all applications for rave events were suspended for 30 days to allow the fire and building inspectors to thoroughly inspect the venues. San Francisco Rave Area. Upcoming concerts, raves, and drive-ins in San Francisco, CA! “Stop the drug parties, stop the kids doing drugs, or 'Just say no'” he thinks may be the agenda behind the shutdowns. We used to be able to party here in San Francisco, throw events here. to your collection.

According to MODA — aka Eric Reynolds, an Oakland-based producer, promoter, and DJ who performs across North America — the problems for which raves have become notorious are caused not by the hard-core underground attendees, but by the inexperienced and uneducated partygoers. “I think we were damned lucky to have gotten away with the warehouse parties pretty much unchecked for the last four years,” says O'Brien, adding that he has worked closely with the Oakland Police Department and has only positive things to say about its officers. Tom Hogenmiller of the Special Operations Division of the Oakland Police Department has worked closely with promoters over the years, and maintains that officers are not anti-rave. It's brilliant, a whole different way of looking at life.”, O'Brien has been a central figure in San Francisco's rave scene since its early days, having begun promoting raves shortly after his arrival from Ireland in 1990.

Dennis Martel, who within the scene has been repeatedly cited as the man responsible for the complaints filed that many argue endanger the life-expectancy for SOMA clubs like Ten 15 and the Endup, says he is determined to keep rave-type parties in his district legitimate. O'Brien theorizes that the city itself isn't anti-rave, but that instructions have arrived from a higher level of government.

Other artists, parties and crews active in San Francisco in the 1990’s Come Unity, Single Cell Orchestra, Markie, Friends and Family Collective, Stompy, Funky Tekno Tribe, Full Moon Raves, Dubtribe Sound System, Spacetime Continuum, Asphodel Records, Frequency 8, The Gathering, Sister SF, Toon Town, A Rave Called Sharon, Anarchic Clothes, Sundays in Golden Gate Park, Full Moon Parties, and SFRaves List.

But that isn't what Oakland city officials or police hope for, because an underground rave scene could create a difficult situation for them. Kids are drawn into the rave scene for different reasons, usually by the music, and sometimes for the scene's open-minded nature toward drugs, alternative lifestyles, and community. “People are wondering what's going to happen next,” says Hopkins.

The standard club can offer some of that, but one thing most venues in the Bay Area don't offer is a place to dance until dawn.

“They're not talking about simple compliance issues,” says Feel Good Productions' Cood. But unlike the competitive atmosphere of high school gatherings, the kids here are open and friendly, ready with smiles and hugs. He admits that these restrictions will “basically put us all out of business [in Oakland].”, However, Cood, Spire, and other promoters plan to continue throwing events. He too believes the scene may go back underground. Furthermore, if the situation requires a police response to the point where an inordinate amount of resources are used in closing the party, the city can attempt to recover the costs from those involved.

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