The upcoming spring events for Rise of Kingdoms are no different as they follow the usual pattern: The Farewell, Winter!, Willows and Flowers, and Branching Out events are the three main standard seasonal celebrations that are coming with the Spring Update for Rise of Kingdoms. Update 1.0.37 Summary: Multiple sets of Legendary Equipment can be obtained from VIP Shop, Ceroli crisis, and other events. Talent Tree 2.0 Update. 3) Added a lot of new equipment.

This is a fan site and it is not affiliated with Lilithgames in any way. Feel free to comment down below if I missed anything oh and a photo collage to show some of the cool stuff. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. 4) You now need to go through a confirmation box after you choose “Max” while using items. The first is your standard 7-day progression race that rewards players for achieving different progress milestones while the event is active. You have more choices now. Full patch notes of the upcoming Rise of Kingdoms update v1.0.37: Geared Up. 4 new City skin. Now, while only mentioned briefly in the patch notes as a minor adjustment, this (admittedly) small change has the potential of turning all we knew about the Rise of Kingdoms meta completely on its head, specifically due to the fact that the current meta revolves around AoE, to some extent.

Meanwhile, the other two will consist of farming specific items—branches, in this case—and trading them in for different prizes. Now every general has their own ranking. Rise of Kingdoms 2020 Spring Event: All You Need to Know. The much anticipated update which overhauls the Talent Tree in Rise of Civilizations has gone live as a downloadable update to players today. Rise of Kingdoms will be updating to ROK Patch Notes 1.0.33 version on 04/27/2020 The new content update is called “Osiris Invitational”. All the available commanders now talk and Artis’s voice is not cute. Tax skill costs 4k gems and only provides 10m each rss excluding gems. 1) Optimized the teaming up screen in the “Light and Darkness” event to make it more intuitive.

The 1.0.37 patch, dubbed the “Geared Up” update by the team, brings several small yet important changes to the equipment system, as well as a few other adjustments.

... Lyceum of Wisdom is a building in Rise Of Kingdoms where you will answer questions and if you answer correctly you will receive rewards. After listening to user feedback, Lilith Games made some changes and additions to the Ark of Osiris League, including all-new practice matches that alliance leaders can purchase using gems so their alliances can hone their skills in this mode.

Can skip sunset canyon fight scene. Multiple sets of Legendary Equipment can be obtained from VIP Shop. Of course, with the feasibility of AoE damage, which many players rely on, on the line, it’s expected that people react negatively to this change, which is what’s been happening all around social media. Troops training and collecting audio change. 6) Added a new type of chests, Equipment Chests, to your Tavern. Full patch notes of the upcoming Rise of Kingdoms update v1.0.37: Geared Up. However, if Lilith Game’s commentary on the topic is any indication, these changes are probably minor, just as they stated in the patch notes. 5) Reduced the material cost of forging for most Elite and Epic equipment. King skills went live and there are 3 in total.

Update 1.0.34: Golden Kingdom (May 2020) Update 1.0.34: “Golden Kingdom” will be at [UTC 2020/06/01 06:00].

The Expedition mode in Rise of Kingdoms is a great way to challenge yourself in a scenario that is not the usual PvP.

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