Use this showroom tool to assess customers needs, provide vehicle comparisons and help them decide on exactly the right ride. Our Express Storefront® product comes fully loaded with powerful deal management tools. Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions 2.0 Program Roadster is pleased to help Toyota dealers provide consumers with a better car-buying experience online and in store — one that is modern, seamless and streamlined. Responsive design ensures your inventory will look amazing on any size screen. Roadster Academy supports multiple learning formats, with a mix of video and written tutorials. We don’t joke about helping you perform at your best. Your Express Storefront® is designed with modern shopping habits in mind. We’ll supply you with free marketing assets that are customized to your brand — like homepage heroes, banners, buttons and video assets — to help drive traffic to your shoppable inventory.

Once your Express Storefront® is live, we’ll help make sure customers know all about it. We perfected what we learned during training, and in just 19 days, we had 231 in-store shares and 17 orders. Customers can use your Express Storefront® to build their deal, taking into account different payment options. Communicate with customers, receive their credit application and trade-in information, and manage the entire deal jacket with ease and efficiency. 033 246 3131 - Fax 033 246 3563 Roadster is pleased to help Toyota dealers provide consumers with a better car-buying experience online and in store — one that is modern, seamless and streamlined. Welkom op onze nieuwe platform. Drive shoppers to your Express Storefront using marketing assets we provide that are completely customized to your brand. Empower customers to build their own deal seamlessly, whether at home or in your showroom, with guidance from your agents. It’s easy for customers to schedule either a pickup or delivery that takes less than 30 minutes. It gives you complete control over the value of the vehicle, and streamlines the process so you can make your customer a firm offer in minutes. Whether interacting with customers in-store or online, there are several opportunities for you to educate customers about the value of your service and protection plans, and entice them with accessories. It’s interactive learning on your terms. [email protected] Our full reporting suite helps everyone perform at their peak.

Optimize your Express Store where you need it most.

SunBasic. Roadster’s proprietary trade tool enables customers to use mobile-friendly technology to easily capture and submit their trade-in information to you.

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