In my experience the domey max weight X3 is a lot more OS than the roc3. Roc3 – The Roc3 is a variation of the flagship Roc mold.

I also wonder about this. KC is stiff but not as slick as mcpro. This was actually exchanged out for a different disc per request!

I carry both and they are great compliments. Rocx3 on its way.

Im just hoping Discmania comes out with a D Line MD3 !. Then I picked up a dynamic discs Truth and all of the Buzzzes were kicked out of the bag. I feel it is the most versatile disc in my bag. If you practice with the Mako3 it will teach you how to throw different types of shots. I like a flat disc, and have bigger hands, so I prefer a bead. Or both! It’s a ROC can’t Asor for much more. So this could be one of the most disputed things in disc golf, which mid is the best? I'm pretty decent with approaches using the teebird, but the speed and fade of it causes rough landings plus I struggle throwing it 65-80%. Compared with other Roc versions, the X3 is a low profile and hefty rim that provide it with extra stability. Thirty years after we first launched the Roc, we introduce our most torque-resistant version yet, the RocX3. I'd say more toward 5|4|0|1. I also find them to be slightly better roller discs and slightly better upside down tomahawk discs (landing on the back to slide up to the basket) and same goes with forehands - again on each it is a very slight preference but put altogether it just wins out and would definitely be my one disc only if I had to choose. For me, it's about how it feels in my hand. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Buzzzes are not as great for that kind of cycling, so those who throw them tend to have their midrange duties split up over more than one mold. Roc3 is a lot more OS. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Anthony | Dynamic Discs | Also can replace easier if lost because Discraft is more consistent in my experience. They fly just like slow drivers. That said, I don't think he'd want to play an entire course with just one roc. I just made the switch from the Roc3 to the MD3 because its beadless. If it's spinning faster before it hits the ground it won't fade as hard. They will season slower and IMO it is the best roc for cycling. Current mid lineup for me - which I feel really good about now - from most US to most OS:Worn DX RocFairly new Flat top KCP RocFresh KCP RocMFC Roc3. If I threw premium mids I'd join the buzzz family. They are just so freaking straight on the LSS portion of the flight, with a little bit of HSS turn.

The Roc3 will fade out much more than the Mako3 would especially when thrown less the 270' of power. The one disc took over pretty much all of my midrange duties. Or Are the Roc3 and RocX3 the same exact disc or are they different? However, I got a hold of a crystal z buzz and fell in love. In my experience Roc3s are flatter, faster, and straighter than a Roc in similar plastic. Not too scientific, but FWIW Team Roc has won both years. Just to add on, how similar is the Z Buzzz to the Mako3? Dx Roc has a mild dome with great glide. It should be the case. The roc wants to fly like a putter - slower but not necessarily less far, with more height when available. The 3 at the end of the Roc signifies that it is a bit faster than the traditional Roc, also indicated by the 5 speed versus the 4. I can really torque down on this disc and it does not turn over. It'll hit almost every line you put it on. They are both flat and straight, similar stability.

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