You’ll need at least one Smelter and one Constructor in order to make this copper wire, but you’ll probably want more than one of each to make as much Wire as you can. This requires 4 base Constructors, or 2 that are overclocked to 159%. The game is in early access and the recommended requirements will be added soon.

Limiters are easy to make as compared to the other final ingredients. You will need 190 Quickwire. We will now place the manufacturer in the top right-hand corner of the grid. Connect the splitter to the bottom manufacturer, then run a conveyor elevator from the middle splitter and run it up to the top manufacturers', third input. You can drag the network graph with the mouse, zoom in/out with the mouse wheel. The merging line should be using a Mk5 conveyor. A.I.

You can add overclockers across the board to make it more efficient (but To mine the ore, just 1 Miner will do.

It’s the only item that requires only two ingredients, so just needs an Assembler. A place to discuss the game by Coffee Stain Studios currently in Early Access. You’ll also just need one Smelter, which will produce the 30 total Ingots you need to turn into Wire. Ensure for the manifold line you are using a Mk4 conveyor belt. That might be space innefficient and materials innefficient, but at least you wouldn’t ever have backups! You need 112.5 Screws per minute, which comes out to 2 Constructors, or just 1 that is overclocked to 125%. At this point, we shall run a conveyor from the plastic splitter across the bottom of the build and then run it up to the top splitter on the bottom input using a conveyor elevator.

Use the top output to bring the plastic up to the assembler.

In-front of this place a splitter flowing into the constructor, then place four more splitters parallel to this splitter in the middle of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth column flowing to the right of the grid. We are just members of the community sharing our love and passion for the game.

Stack the top and bottom splitter three high and delete the two splitters underneath. I don't know any factory building goat that wouldn't. 864 Flowing to the right of the grid.

Press J to jump to the feed. Next bring a line down from the top manufacturer creating high-speed connectors down to the next splitter, merging with the second high-speed connector along the way.

And that’s why we’re making it first. It can be tweaked to be 100% efficient. This guide is not taking into account alternate recipes. TotalXclipse These inputs and output lines should be Mk3 conveyors and all the smelters should be set to copper, with one of these smelters set to 17% clock speed.

Above this place six more smelters so they are adjacent to one another. Computer is a mid-game crafting component commonly used for high-end products and some advanced vehicles. Limiter assembler place a conveyor elevator and run this all the way to the top splitter. The side against the top of the grid should be against the top side and there should be enough room for a merger to be placed in front of the manufacturer. Crude Oil and Caterium aren’t exactly early-game materials, but they’re not too hard to get as compared to Iron and Copper. At this point, we shall run the cable into the manufacturers. With the manufacturer placed we shall now set up the A.I. First, you’ll need to create Plastic. These will be placed opposite the Caterium smelters starting from the first row up to the fifth row. Place a splitter in-front of the middle constructor and split between the three constructors, they should all be set to cable with one running at 50% clock speed. We now need to feed the manufacturers for the high-speed connectors, we’ll start by placing a splitter flowing to the right of the grid in front of the top manufacturers bottom input. I am standing on the shoulders of gods, but I whipped up this supercomputer factory in Satisgraphtory, might be useful! We will now need to place the three cable constructors. For maximum efficiency, you will need 5.25 Oil Refineries (assuming you’re giving them enough oil). You need 3.75 A.I. It is not the only item that uses Cables and Circuit Boards, though, so make sure you have enough of those under construction. Of course, you can spread this out a bit. This should be placed one step away from the left edge of the thirteenth column, now run the cable merger to the splitter. First place a splitter in front of the highspeed connector assembler flowing to the right In front of the right input.

You’ll need to be making 90 Wire per minute, which will require two Constructors, or one Constructor overclocked to 200%. Helping you learn tips and skills to better your own factories.

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