Nervous in the sense that I will be facing new classmates , new teachers and new friends . Research Paper But then there’s my boyfriend who’s already out of, The Pros And Cons Of Being A Pediatrician, Comparison Of Five Strategic Alternatives In The Healthcare Industry, Comparing Characters In Sherlock Holmes And A Scandal In Bohemia, Starbucks Organizational Diversity Analysis, What Is My Journey After High School Essay. If you want to achieve your goals for a life after high school, you would have to go over and beyond if you want to get there. My personality hasn’t changed; I’m still a carefree girl, just with a little more wisdom and a lot more strength. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. So I danced, even though I’m shy that time.

Having spent twelve years of my school life in just one small red brick building, the years tend to fade into each other. Because of that, we became more closed to each other with my classmates and teachers. And also we became more knowledgeable and matured enough on everything. My Journey after High School As I begin my senior all the thoughts about what I want to do for the rest of my life really run through my mind. I will keep it as a treasure and the memories that I encountered will never be forgotten and will never fade.   Terms. my name is Trisha Vianney P. Manalo, I am a senior high school at St. Peter Catholic School of, Mulanay.I am a student of St. Peter Catholic School of Mulanay since I was in the 7, High School student, it was a significant preparation before you go to college. Because first of all, I do not dance but my classmates pushed me to do so. Actually, Senior High School is probably the new chapter of my life. When making my future … Hi! Before you start reading this blog. You must do it yourself in order to survive lol. All my hard works and efforts are paid off in a cool way. Because they say that in every competition there is a winner. I’m afraid to interact with other people but as time goes by, I learned that they are all approachable. Thank you for reading! We Performed well in One-act Play, Spoken words, and speech choir.

Hope you enjoy it! My Senior High School Journey ESSAY.docx - My Senior High School Journey Hi my name is Trisha Vianney P Manalo I am a senior high school at St Peter, Hi! And also we need some break from paper works. guia sociales ciclo 3 tercer periodo parte 1.docx, 2. So for me, it’s okay because we just enjoy it and we performed it well. I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico, but my family and I lived at Mexico City.

I also, appreciate during my stay at St. Peter Catholic School of Mulanay because all of those challenge gaves. New Classmates, Schoolmates, Teachers, and friends or I must say My new Second Family! It took me quite longer to adjust because the environment I had to work in is entirely different from what I had before. Each year is special and unique in their own way. Sometimes we need some time to rest, to enjoy and to temporary escaping the school works. This is part of the message that Marlon Wayans has spoken, “Success is not a destination, but the road that you 're on.

I'm here to express my thoughts, experiences, and also sharing my ideas to something that I can contribute of.

  Privacy I also thank God for giving me Hope in every circumstance in life especially in school works. You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. I am Carlo Suganob Luminario, 18 of age and lives in Butuan City, Philippines. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Again we are more like a FAMILY. I will introduce myself first. To be Honest, it was my first time to attend an Acquaintance Party. I'm also have a youtube channel: TBOYS VLOGS. And for me, I study hard so that I can answer every question in the test papers. Edit them in the Widget section of the. My senior high school journey essay Please worship with us starting on Saturday, August 15 at 5:30 pm & Sunday, August 16th at 9:30 am. And if you study hard, you will receive blessings from GOD. While reading the memoir, I encountered some similarities between my journey and Strayed’s adventure along the Pacific Crest Trail. We support each other; we love, we care and we united as one. And of course, in every school, there will be an examination. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 636 Words 3 Pages. Wahoo!

The faculties make me love them more because they are opened to us and ready to listen to our suggestions and reaction to some particular topics or activities.

I'm a Filipino from the Philippines. Like this, I was so busy that time because there will be an exam tomorrow.

( Log Out /  Sadly, we didn’t win in Jingle but we won in the Pop Dance competition! I am now a Graduating student this coming April. We, the whole students of Senior High School Department shuffled our names and mixed the three strand of every room. Ang MAHAL KO O MAHAL AKO,TAMA BA ANG DESISYON KO. ( Log Out /  Essay on My Senior Year of High School. Excited in such a way that I will be able to experience another journey of my life. I am a Senior High School Student and currently studying in Agusan National High School – Senior High School Department here in my Hometown. And this is my Senior High School Journey! It was an unforgettable moment in my section and can never be forgotten. I vlog places, comments and many more. I was in a Speech choir Group. I had met many friends and teachers in this school. In high school you are able to discover yourself and find out who you are as a person.

Like most people, OK, I do not know most people, but go along with me; I was unsure what to do when I left high school. This is the day where we are having an Acquaintance Party.

and do you want to know about our examination? Like most people, my literacy journey started at a very young age, but at the age of twelve I had to start all over again. That day, we performed A Speech Choir and a yell competition in every section. I felt excited and nervous. Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all experiences to enjoy. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Being successful means…, Literacy Journey Entering Senior High life is not easy thing you can encounter like, what others think. ... y high school life essay. I was so happy that I am one of the “with honors” in our school. Strayed’s journey through the Pacific Crest Trail is much like my personal journey transitioning from high school, to pursue a higher education in college. I never thought that I am surrounded by good people and accepts you for who you really are. This display picture above is the day that we won in our performance from our subject Creative Writing. That time we performed a Jingle and a Pop Dance competition in every section. Similar to Strayed’s journey, I was called to an unknown adventure, college. That was the case before I actually started to do research on my career and college choices. You are lucky enough if you and your best friends have the same room number and became classmate during Examination. I was so honored and lucky that I enrolled here in Agusan National High School – Senior High School Department. ( Log Out /  And also to the teachers who gave me encouragement and inspirations to study hard in school. my name is Trisha Vianney P. Manalo, I am a senior high school at St. Peter Catholic School of Mulanay.I am a student of St. Peter Catholic School of Mulanay since I was in the 7 th Grade.As a Senior High School student, it was a significant preparation before you go to college. View all posts by carloluminario. I am now a Graduating student this coming April.

thank you and MABUHAY! Course Hero, Inc. As a Senior High School student, it was a great privilege and the best journey that I had experienced in my entire life so far. That’s how our school makes us more competitive and more responsible student.

Journey, is we have the power to change our life to build our goals in life .As a new Senior High Student I am, ready for anything that comes my way. In other words, you are surrounded by people who are not the same strand. We also experienced some leisure activities in our school like Acquaintance Party, Christmas Party and Camping.

My Senior High School Journey Hi! I hope you like it! You became an Independent person that you do not always approach people to help you. Four years of growing up and probably a time in your life where you go through the most changes.

At a very young age, when I was around three years old, my big brother was already attending pre-k and I remember accompanying my mom every school day to drop my brother…, undergoes a journey in which she encounters a completely new learning experience. I feel the love of my teachers and classmates, they are my second family now.

Being a senior high school, student is challenging, because you need to focus on your studies and you need to be productive. We are in a third place and it is not bad at all. BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES, BEAUTIFUL CLAVERIA! I am a Senior High School Student and currently studying in Agusan National High School – Senior High School Department here in my Hometown. MODULO CLEI IV HISTORIA Y GEOGRAFIA.docx, INFERENCIAS DE UN TEXTO EXPOSITIVO A TRAVEZ DE UN CUADRO DE DOBLE ENTRADA.docx, my favorite chaperone questions and answers.pdf, Revised_334_Small and medium-sized enterprises_FINAL.pdf, Argumentation_among_family_members_in_It.pdf, The_Democracy_Development_Machine_Neolib.pdf, UNMASKED_The_Realities_Native_English_Sp.pdf, Ken_Gnanakan_India_Responsible_Stewardsh.pdf, Europe_Through_Arab_Eyes_1578_1727_by_Na.pdf, The_Recurring_Progress_of_English_Politi.pdf, Copyright © 2020.

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