Once they grow a little bit more, they will be a top brand. Love their products and doing business with them! This place is a joke. I received my order however was not satisfied with the quality of the items I received however they had great customer service and responded to my complaint quickly by issuing an immediate refund. But understandable under the circumstances. As a customer, it is your right to know, to whom you are paying your hard-earned money. Share your incidents with us, so that more people will be aware of different ways of scam.

Leather jacket very thin material and quality of faux leather is poor, looks cheap, some bad finishing on stitching etc... Hoodies look good and fit well, feel a little thin and not soft as you would expect from a hoodie.I would have asked to return the jacket but the website has a no return policy unless goods are damaged. You probably will too. also, the jacket didn’t even have a label with the brand. Read our article, Why We Fall in Scam? Im never recommending Serremo to anyone, i feel utterly conned by them. however they were quick to respond and take care of the issue. When I contacted Serremo Support, Jamie (one of their support staff) contacted me immediately and let me know that there were no concerns. The reply message from the staff is very clear and humble. Now it has been over a month since my order and have sent 2 additional emails. Would order again - I was sceptical but was pleasantly surprised all the stitching and quality was great. They then immediately sent me a larger size which fits perfectly. If an eCommerce site hides its identity then it simply means they are not working authentically. I sent them an email to find out where it is and told them to motivate the carrier to get it here sooner and was told to be patient. For those not familiar with dropshipping, it is a popular online business model. I reached out to Customer Service just after Christmas and received a quick email stating that it was on its way with an apology. Our work is to aware people not only about the scam sites but also about the site which has the potential to turn into a scam. Serremo Review welcome, you all. Within one day my issue was resolved. I'll have no hesitation in using serremo again really good customer service. I will update again if/when I receive the refund. What is Serremo Tactical And Is It Legit? Bought the hoodie on sale and this thing is honestly no where near the asking price.

They just need the receiving receipt, by showing it they get their money. I paid $20 dollars for that one. Still waiting on the last item. Serremo Site doesn’t have any ‘About Us’ Page. 10/10And I talked to their customer service, and it was superb.

BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. Any experience with this site or any other scam site is also welcome.

Liked the hoodie from the ads so I checked out the site, wound up getting 2 colors of the hoodie and 2 jackets. And I’ve told a few of my buddies and they have also ordered multiple items and was very satisfied with their purchases. With this 2nd order, I thought there might be a problem, in that I only received 2 of the 3 items I ordered. Missing Item from Serremo - Great Customer Service, Decent product & price, Bad supply chain, Good Customer Service. I wish more places offer the customer service that I recieved here :). I am very happy with the material quality and how functional the shirt is when I hike. Poor Quality OverallI am unpressed with the quality of everything I ordered. The replacement took 3 weeks to get here which is a reasonable time window given the origination point, only issue is I ordered 4 items, the package was only big enough to hold 3, and I only received one package. They once again never responded. We know by just looking into a site, is it scam or not? In the case of Serremo, we can give you a direct answer. Excellent service, i place my first orders and the team was responsive, notified me covid may slow the delivery however im in Australia and they came quickly and the quality is epic. I would like to thank Serremo for their awesome service and clothing line. We’re not sure. The model comes in Light Grey or Black, and both go well with just about any kind of clothing or style.

Ordered a jacket 24 days ago and its still not here. I ordered a hoodie which was delivered within the time scale indicated .unfortunately if came up small .My email requesting return details was answered extremely quickly with all the information I'd asked for.As it turns out my son decided that the hoodie fitted him perfectly so that was that no return required!.Again my email to confirm I was keeping the item was answered straight away. Customers flock-in when they see the initial images but soon whittle down as they receive the products. Highly recommend. Serremo Tactical is a dropshipping store that usually sells military gear.

Thank you. They helped me all the way until my package went to my door! It is also obvious also because, when you call the number given on the scam website, they are not going to say that ‘we are scammers and don’t buy from us’.

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