SHIMANO PD-EH500; SPD Bike Pedals; Cleat Set Included; Dual Sided Platform 4.7 out of 5 stars 657. Couldn't be happier. I also thought it would be a pain having to constantly flip the pedal round the right way but that doesn't seem to be the case, it seems to be the right way most of the time. Annoying to use with cleats, bad clearance. However, it should be noted it is suitably different from black, so will still look slightly different if you get your eyes up close. Shimano PD-M324 flat/SPD pedal. Good pedals. Love the A530s but they're lethal in the wet. fraai uiterlijk , makkelijk inklikken en stabiel plateau.

I seriously considered another set for my new bike, but I opted for the EH500s instead and I'm glad I … zzgl.

Great gunmetal color. This entry was posted A good way of getting used to pedals with cleats. Brilliant service and prices. I would really recommend Mantel. Tror inte det beror på piggarna i sig utan snarare var de sitter på pedalen.

Mooie pedalen, goede grip, zeker met de bijgeleverde pinnetjes, systeem klikt makkelijk aan en uit. Easy to use and great if this is your first clip in pedal. I would use again without hesitation.

Fantastic product at a great price with truly exemplary service. Note that as I found out there are two different styles of cleats that screw into your cycling shoes to enable riding on clipless pedals. Finally, the price from Mantel and the speed of delivery were first class.

Ein Pedal-Klicksystem sorgt für eine feste Verbindung und dies bringt bekanntlich Vorteile mit sich: Solch ein System bietet einem eine höhere Kraftübertragung und das Bike lässt sich auf harten Trails präziser steuern. In this video, I’ll review the pedal and show you what it looks like on the bike.

The SPD is flawless, and the flat platform is the perfect size, and with the pins it offers excellent grip. First Published May 15, 2009. Weight, awkward servicing, have to remove cage, and mess around with 13mm/10mm socket wrenches, constantly swapping between the two to adjust cone and lock nut - can't snug both at same time. i think it's stupid that this site makes you list what type of rider you are and only has four stupid options. En de andere kant van de pedalen is goed vlak en niet te dicht op de trapperarm.

Ps kan geen foto toevoegen site wil ze niet laden sorry! Thread starter Portableaj; Start date 11 Jan 2013; 1; 2; Next.

The product range is very good, the price is unbeatable and the service and delivery is again exceptional.

And they still look pretty cool. Heb het vermoeden dat deze wel even meegaan. Cette particularité ne représente pas un frein pour la pratique du vélo. less than one year old... clicks terribly unless adjusted. Better than the previous generation Shimano dual sided pedals. Pedals excellent, gives me the versatility i require. Wel even wennen want het pedaal draait met de zware kant naar beneden...dus even oefenen! Met gewone schoenen is het pedaal wellicht wat smal. clip and platform in one, reasonable bearings, fills up with mud , cage rusts ( thin chrome plating ), desing does not allow thick profile on soel of shoe, small platform.

Clipping back in is so annoying, you always have to make sure the pedal is on the right side. Stories from real people who are blending the outdoors with the everyday, the latest information about gear we love, advice to get you into a new activity or take your passion to the next level, and trip reports to help you plan your next adventure. ook zonder met gewone schoenen is het erg goed veel steun, Klikken mooi vast precies wat je ervan verwacht.

Currently using my road bike to commute to school. Därför passar dessa vändbara pedaler mig mycket bra. Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,206. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Portableaj Active Member.

Shimano A520 vs A530 vs A600.

Spd locks in solid and releases easily enough and the flat side has loads of grip. Wattage bazooka to the bakery. Ferner ist es für Tourenfahrer geeignet. Our New Kits for Ski, Snowboard, Winter Hiking, Indoor Training & More.

Great pedal. Anmelden und bis zu 50% sparen, * Alle Preisangaben in Euro inkl.

$26.99 - $37.99. UPDATED Thu, Oct 15, 2015 04:24. I will say, however, that they do the job for me, and it will be a long time before I consider a different pedal. De PD-EH500 zijn iets lichter en hebben meer stijl. Highly recommend if you have MTB shoes and want the option of riding with regular shoes or cycling shoes without changing pedals.

Will definitely use again, These pedals are high quality as with all shimano and make good transition pedals to spd or you can leave your bike open for either clip in or normal shoe riding. Very happy customer guys. Cleats are included and you can adjust as you progress and improve your ride.

SPD for trail riding and platform for leisure riding. these were absolutely a waste of 60 bucks. The T8000 is about 50% more expensive than EH500 (about $50 CAD price difference) , and I can't see why this is the case, as the two pedals are quite similar (on paper) On paper, it seems that T8000 has a wider platform, built-in reflectors, concave platform, and mud-shedding properties over EH500. To be honest I bought these for my new grail bike as already have them on my old mountain bike and road bike. This gives you the freedom to ride either clipped-in or on flats, without needing to change your pedals back and forth.

The Shimano M324 MTB SPD Pedals Pedals have a design which is serviceable and when well looked-after have a long-life span. the tioga surefoot pedals from lickbike cost like 20 bucks. SPD works well as expected.

i really think shimano owes me 60 bucks. Enige minpunt is dat het flatpedal gedeelte iets groter had mogen zijn ( ik heb schoenmaat 45) . De normale kant heeft een goede grip, zodat je er niet af zal glijden. But for multi terrain long rides they do a good job, and allow the choice between sneekers and real shoes. These are great! Moreover; if you commute over long-distances or happen to be a tourer, then this is the ideal bike-pedal for your bike. met de gewone schoenen stabieler dan verwacht en goede grip. Price best I could find and I did a lot of shopping around. I seriously considered another set for my new bike, but I opted for the EH500s instead and I'm glad I did. Zwart kleurtje is mooi, Très bonnes pédales pour démarrer sur les pédales automatiques. The older M324 weighs about 530g; the A530 shaves about 145g (or 27%) off that figure, coming in at around 385g (pedal weights only, without cleats).

MwSt, ggf. Especially, if you’re required to interchange between flats and cleats. Perfect om met gewone schoenen te rijden en klikschoenen. HEPINGJIANGENBO MTB Pedal Mountain Bike Pedals Cycling Pedals Mountain Cycling Pedals with Cleat Compatible with SPD Structure 4.4 out of 5 stars 286. Platform. En groot voordeel, de trapper is niet groot/lomp. They are so straightforward to use and I love the double sided aspect so I can use them to pop to the shops if needed. Faultless. The M324s were my first venture into the world of clipless pedals and I thought that they were great. Jump on your bike and go, one side grips any shoe you happen to be wearing when you run out the door to nip down the shops to “get yer messages”. The Shimano PD-M324 is constructed for being very durable. Got the Shimanos, and wish I'd gotten them sooner. Top product en service ook erg goed. This set compares the new dual-sided (SPD on one side, street shoe-friendly on the other) Shimano PD-A530 pedal with the previous M324 model.

Pedaal is perfect om de MTB ook voor een ritje naar de stad of een dorp verder te pakken. My new all-road pedals - Unboxing Shimano PD EH500 - YouTube Great pedals but when wearing flat shoes they are a bit too narrow for those with Yeti feet i;e me. X-Tools Torque Wrench Set review →. Zwischenzeitliche Änderung der Preise, Rangfolge, Lieferzeit und -kosten möglich. They are fairly light and are balanced very well so they do not swing round to one side each time you unclip.

£54.99. I like these pedals. Ze voelen en zien er robust uit. Al met al prima pedalen voor een redelijke prijs!!

Omschakelen van vlakke naar click kant is even zoeken soms, maar het went. and the convenience of a platform pedal. Those are a much better pedal for using with regular shoes or cleats.

Te gebruiken met zowel gewone schoenen als spd fietsschoenen.

/, When you create an account, you agree to our.

Sometimes hard to find the cleat side but i can live with that. Speedy delivery to the UK on the third working day. There are times off road when I feel safer un clipped but still want to feel secure on the pedal platform and these pedals with screw in pins are a great improvement. Really easy to clip/unclip. I bought the Shimano PD-EH500 as an upgrade to my Shimano PD-M324 pedals. The Shimano PD-EH500 Pedals are dual-sided pedals that have an SPD clip-in mechanism on one side, and a platform with traction pins on the other. Goede grip aan de vlakke zijde. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - Nabbarn på den platta sidan funkar jätte bra. Not worth it, might as well just cycle in your cleats all the time. Alleen het is beetje lastig in te schakelen omdat er alleen op de ene kant the cleat zit, zo niet voor de echte ervaren rijder. Very pleased with pedal, good choice to ease into spd. Talk to our Gearheads 24/7 about your needs.

Het is duidelijk een doorontwikkeling. Versatile, go riding in any shoes, sneakers or SPuD's, doesn't matter if you can't clip in straight away, as platform will deal with it, or if you're on tech terrain, ride flats for great 'dab-ability'.

I find it annoying to wear my clips for shorter rides or just around the neighborhood. Ik wilde wel graag met spd pedalen fietsen dus dan draai ik ze gewoon om, en mocht mijn dochter aan klik pedalen toe zijn hoeven we geen nieuwe pedalen te kopen. Well made, high performing commuter pedal, but there are cheaper copies available. Ik ben nog vrij nieuw in het mountenbiken en beheers nog niet alle technieken, daarom heb ik voor deze pendalen gekozen omdat je ze met klip en met schoenen kan gebruiken. I can use with cleats for serious rides or crocs for nipping to the shops. The pedals are dark gray, in my opinion they would be better in a black colour. The weaknesses mentioned are inherent to the design, so not really a problem. Aanrader als je de MTB dus ook voor huis-tuin-en keukengebruik wil pakken! In een technische afdaling zit ik liever op de kant met de pinnetjes. We hebben deze expres aangekocht omdat wij nog niet eerder op een racefiets gezeten hadden. Also a great transition to riding clipless. It’s similar to the Shimano M324 but comes in a slightly different design and colour. Lockdown has changed this as doing a lot of rolling road, this has given me a chance to try and practice, but to be honest the settings and ease of this pedal makes me wonder why I never tried before - set up release to ping with little twist and then tweak as you get used to it. A very minor bump into a root or rock will cause your foot to pop out with the multi-release.

edited 1 year ago. coupled with several mates falling off and bruising it was a hard decision. I highly recommend trashing the multi-release cleats they come with and invest in single-release cleats. This suits most cranksets better than the metal look of the M324. Road shoes use the three cleat system and use a different mechanism to engage the shoe and clip into the pedal. The studs on the EH500 solve that problem and make these the perfect all-round pedal if you use your bike for a variety of activites.

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