A few years ago this gorgeous Maine Coon showed up on our doorstep in the middle of winter. Wool plays almost the main role in the appearance of the breed but, besides its visual characteristics, it also has invaluable practical qualities. We have a 9 month old red/white Siberian kitten.

Is it normal for seberian cats to sigh. She will actually come up to us and throw herself on us and ask for tummy rubs. After stumbling upon some photographs of Siberians, Terrell was very interested in breeding those as well. However, because Siberians have a lower occurrence rate of FeD1 in their saliva, people may be less likely to react to it. They are also very loving pets and I’m happy that I finally got them. Torbies and calico got cattitude so they’re sassy and more independent. The average weight is between 14 to 21 pounds with males being larger than females. She can be hilariously funny at times, running around the house like a crazed loon….sometimes even howling a little bit. We supervise her outings in the tent. Specializing in breeding the extremely low allergen Fel d1 Neva Masquerade, each colorpoint siberian kitten has an hypoallergenic fur with an exceptionally low level of Fel d1 and bright blue eyes. NOSE LEATHER AND PAW PADS: any color or combination of colors, not necessarily related to coat color except where so noted. The color at the ends may be plain or have patterns. I just wanted to add that to the list. But he doesn’t like to sit in laps, he cuddles next to you instead. She’s only 7 months old.. A cat in Santorini Greece, sitting on blue stairway relaxing.

Cute white cat sitting on blue and white stairs in santorini, greece. The addition of the word “tabby” simply indicates a striped pattern on the dress (fur). While it is not necessary to regularly bathe your cat since they manage their coats quite successfully, Siberians do not mind baths. If I don’t move he will head butt me. After we had the cat for about 3-4 months, I noticed my allergies were getting worse. She went through a lot before she became ours including being spayed at 3 years of age after multiple self-aborts following breeding. Neva Masquerade cats are a specific color pointed variety of the popular Siberian cat. We got our Siberian from the most reputable breeder in the country. Just don’t want to make her fear me in any way for attempting to get her used to a harnass. Siberian longhair cat with blue eyes. We never have those “free outings” anymore….. wink wink. In selecting a Siberian kitten, consider what characteristics are most important to you and discuss them with the breeder who knows each kitten and can help match you with the right one. This past year we purchased a 5-foot diameter nylon “tent” that she loves to sit in, play and observe wildlife. He meows a LOT! So loyal and affectionate they’re right by your side like a dog.

This is a great resource for understanding how to identify a Siberian Cat. I also have 2 dogs who both want to be her friend, but she hates them. Response quickly when we call. . We get to know each other every single day. I got my Siberian from the shelter a year ago. As mentioned very well above, they might not be the ideal pet to sit in your lap and behave like a domestic cat. Their name comes from He even plays fetch. Some females can be tortie, i.e. He is bold and fearless- he doesn’t hide from guests. Some learn to play fetch, while others are intrigued by the moving cursor on the computer screen or sit and watch, entranced, as you type. Runs around the house at 100 miles per hour and jumps onto anything she can find. The Neva Masquerade Cat is a unique breed of long-haired Siberian cat with color points and bright blue eyes.

Occasional bathing can help reduce the chance of sickness and keep the coat fresh and clean. It’s possible your cat is not a true Siberian, just saying! She has a wonderful personality and is so friendly, she could be sitting with my husband and I and will then notice our son is somewhere else so she goes to find him, she lived to curl up on our chest and sleep when we first got her, now she likes to curl up next to us. Hang in there I think the change is coming.

Yes. Red Tabby Point kittens stay longer white and the marks can grow stronger over the years!

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