Enough to serve 3, as I was just cooking for me and the kids tonight.

Your privacy is important to us. Check out some of these: and if you need more recipe ideas – Head on over to my FULL RECIPE INDEX where you will find over 500+ delicious Slimming World recipes to choose from and all are searchable by syn value, meal type, ingredients etc. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I assume this is to replace flour but wouldn’t this be classed as a tweak and therefore be synned as a flour? If you want some inspiration though, here are few options to consider…, There are plenty of creative ways to enjoy your Slimming World Healthy Extra B. This Naan Bread recipe is low in Syn, quick, easy and cheap to make. I also sprinkle with a little pinch of salt into the scores (this is optional). Try new things, and make it your mission to experiment with recipes that you’ve never made before.

February 2, 2018 By Siobhan (Slimming Eats) 47 Comments. x. Also, double-check syn values of synned ingredients as different brands can vary. Add the yolks, Quark (or cottage cheese), sweetener and salt to a bowl and fold together. Pour in the mixture and place in the oven, bake for 40 mins, skewer entered into the centre should come out clean. Once bread is cool, using a sharp knife, cut slits diagonally (making sure not to go all the way through the bread), carefully pull slits open, season with a little salt and spray with a little spray oil. I would freeze before the second bake when you add the cheese, and then cook for the specified time to ensure it doesn’t over cook.

Serves 4. Would it work if I leave the cheese’s out and just make a garlic bread. Here are some ideas that include your Healthy Extra B….

You can create your own Slimming World Syns calculator by just doing a simple sum. Fruit-filled wheat biscuits (45g) As this would cause it to not rise. « Actifry Sweet and Sour Chicken Bites | Slimming World. Malt wheats cereal plain, e.g. omg amazing ! IF YOU TRY THIS RECIPE, LET US KNOW! Such as ready brek? Your Slimming World Syns Calculator.

So I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. Puffed wheat, plain (40g) Thank you for taking the time to comment. Next came the mix for that amazing Cheesy Garlic Bread flavour.

All support to the blog is appreciated. Tweaks are when you use free foods to make synned foods, like lasagne sheets to make Doritos, smash to make scones, couscous to make cakes etc. To find out more, read our privacy policy and disclaimer. Oats and yoghurt are plain.

3 Tablespoons Quark. But do you know if it works without the cheese please.

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Serve this Syn Free Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread in the middle of the table with your main course and impress the whole family or serve it at a party and amaze all your guests. Come and check us out, we’d love to have you join.

June. I use the cups of my Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ.

Also make sure you are not opening the oven while it bakes or taking it out too soon. Your recipes are amazing by the way x. Another great use of a Weight Watchers wrap is a ham and mushroom pizza calzone. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. The ingredients are stated but not the amount, Slimming Eats assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatement about products, opinions or comments on this site. Did you know Slimming Eats has a friendly Slimming World Facebook Support Group where you can get daily meal ideas and recipe ideas? Why not pin this post so you can come back to it later? Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Hello, great receipe! Is it possible you used baking soda instead of baking powder?

Thanks. I actually used the basic one (less the garlic & cheese part) mashed a banana, added cinnamon and got 6 breakfast muffins out of it…… they really fill you up, thanks to the oats!!!

Looks totally yummy and I miss having garlic bread so desperate to get it right. Then carefully open up each crack and give it a little spray of spray oil. You can also subscribe to Slimming Eats to keep up to date on all new recipes. www.slimmingeats.com/blog/syn-free-pull-apart-cheesy-garlic-bread Crumble up all the mixture with your hands so everything gets combined together, and you will be hit with that amazing wonderful aroma that you just know is going to be amazing. There really shouldn’t be a big sour taste to this with the cheese and garlic added etc.

Yes this information can be found in the post. as of course it just wouldn’t be Garlic bread without it. 1 slice is 4 syns, as you had 2, count 8 syns total. Double check you have all the measurements correct and are not doing any of the above. So far I have given you these amazing recipes: and had the great idea to have a go at a Pull-Apart Garlic Bread. Rye bread (60g) Yes it should work fine – the cheese does make this really yummy, but I have had it without and it’s really good. Hope that helps , Fromage frais should work okay in this recipe. Theyve come out amazing but I have yoghurt to use uo so made 3 loaves! Hi Colin – this recipe is Syn Free when using your Healthy Extra A for the cheese and Healthy Extra B for the oats. 3 Medium Eggs. Do you think I could add honey or artificial sweetener to the mix? A great option is to incorporate your allowance into recipes that you’ll serve up at home. 10 mini naan bread. Hi June – 1 healthy extra equates to 6.5 syns so without using your healthy extra’s it would be pretty high in syns. There are various options out there for making a Slimming World friendly garlic bread, but none really cut it when those cravings get the better of you. High fibre wheat bran cereal, e.g. Make sure your dish is not too big. Can i put the mixture in a lined loaf tin? They are suitable for freezing and the perfect side dish for a delicious Syn free curry. Hey, you could even take this Syn Free Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread along to a Slimming World Taster – don’t forget to mention Slimming Eats if you do. Thank you.

Hi. This is going to help you feel full and satisfied, prevent constipation, and can also play a role in lowering your risk of heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and bowel cancer. They will not believe this is Slimming World friendly. Hi there. Double or triple the mix for this Syn Free Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread to make an extra one or two to freeze.

I give dimensions on the blog post.

I mentioned the HeA factors for the cheeses and she said that the bread would come in with a hefty 18 syns. Enter your email address below to receive notifications of new posts. Your Healthy Extra B allowance is all about ensuring you’ve got enough fibre in your diet. You’re in the right place! Two other people have tried this recipe and had the same results. * Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.

I’m looking forward to trying many more recipes from the Slimming Eats website, (or through YouTube). SlimmingViolet.com uses affiliate links. Wholemeal bread large loaf (1 thick slice)

So 100 calories = 5 syns, 200 calories = 10 syns, and so on. Add self raising flour, yoghurt, salt and pepper into a bowl. Find out more…. You are welcome to make larger or smaller naan but remember to Syn accordingly. Nutritional information is an estimate and is to be used for informational purposes only. Many thanks. No it’s not sweet. You get to call the shots when it comes to how you use your Healthy Extras, so you’re free to enjoy them however and whenever you like. Head on over to my RECIPE INDEX for over 900 Slimming World & Weight Watchers recipes for you to browse through, all fully searchable by meal type, Ingredients, syn value and WW Smart Points etc.

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