However, the coloring of the front face of the home, which is also known as the façade, is most crucial. Avoid placing a garden in the South west corner. Many of them believe every South facing house vastu to be inauspicious, but it is nothing but a huge misconception. --> BUILDING DETAILS TOTAL AREA 1547 Sqft NO.OF BED ROOMS 3 GROUND FLOOR 1574 Sqft NO.OF TOILETS 4…. Particularly a plot that slopes from North to South. It goes the same for the other directions as well. South facing house vastu - is it good or bad for its occupants, Your ultimate guide to know all about Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom, Kitchen vastu- its significance, guidelines and vastu remedies, Understanding Significance Vastu Purusha Mandala. Their advice on the placement of the main entrance can help you, the occupants of the house, get wealth and prosperity. After all precautions, your child is not keeping well, why? If this is not possible, then three Vastu Pyramids should be placed on the door.

However, these are only general rules, you cannot get one south facing property solely based on such factors. Go for red and orange for it. Para quem está procurando por plantas de casas, nós viemos trazer logo abaixo […], Let us see one best featured home with all kind of amenities. Avoid bore-well or ponds in the south direction as it can be a reason behind losses and accidents in the family. One can construct a brick wall at a distance before fixing the door. People associated with administrative services are suitable for such properties. Depending on the direction it requires further analysis by vastu expert.

Since the past couple of decades, South facing houses has got very bad reputation and negative popularity among most people. Though this direction is not so inauspicious, yet it is advisable to follow vastu tips for house facing southeast. in South-West corner. So, before making any purchase deal, it is important to evaluate the competence of the occupants with respect to the vastu. Vastu Shastra says that next to east-facing properties, south-facing ones are considered the best. In vastu, each direction is associated with some deity and element and its correct alignment can help bring positive influence in our lives and failing to do so can bring severe consequences. The answer to all these questions lies in the vastu shastra. This may lead to legal disputes and fire accidents.

Avoid keeping more open space in South than North side.

The ideal placement for bedrooms are in the North and East for a south facing house vastu. And having 3 Bedroom + Attach, 1 Master Bedroom+ Attach, Modern / Traditional Kitchen, Living Room, Dining room, No Common Toilet,  Work Area, Store Room, Staircase, Sit out, Car Porch, Balcony, Open Terrace , Dressing Area …etc. Take a dive in the ocean of vastu for southeast facing houses, and you will get solutions to all these problems. The direction in which you face while stepping out of your house through the main door is the direction of your house. So, in brief, we have covered the placement of all the important rooms in accordance to a south facing plot. Construct a bore well in the north-east area of the house… That is the reason why, many a time, such individuals are advised for a south facing house vastu, instead the other directional facing. Do not construct toilets in the southeast of the house. Take a dive in the ocean of, and you will get solutions to all these problems, If one ignores the vastu dosh of the southeast, it may result in accidents due to fire, bad health, discord, and financial crisis. Leave at least 6 inches from SE wall.

As per traditional Vastu scriptures there are certain energy fields in the south in which the entrance can be placed for better effects. The opposite scenario might bring many unwanted complications, such as poor health and financial struggles. But it changes as per orientation of the house.

South Facing Plot East Facing House Plan – Double storied cute 4 bedroom house plan in an Area of 2664 Square Feet ( 247 Square Meter – South Facing Plot East Facing House Plan – 296 Square Yards). Designed by Maxwin designers Stylish and compact house with native design of kerala in around 1574 sq ft. As we can experience more comfort with 3BHK in 1574 sq ft. For lead to our good and wealthy life we planed this house design with Vasthu. Avoid a plot that slopes from North to South. But to suppress the negative, one should follow vastu shastra religiously.

But, now they have realized that the direction of the house is also very important, as it can ensure success and wellbeing for the occupants of the house.

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