He has concerns that he and his fighter Praxis are not getting along. This is one of those titles where issues with the plot and the overall pacing of the game,are compounded the more you play and for me it was almost too much to bear. They’re just another weight on this lethargic plot and keeps the mess from straightening itself out. But it was actively avoided every opportunity to stand on its own in order to spin a Sci-Fi story we’ve seen a million times before drained of any of the humor or tension that kept those others afloat. I’m going to kick off a review of a dating sim with a pronouncement: I am not much of a romantic.

They are written as if this isn’t the only article you are going to read about this game, or as if you (the reader) are going to run off and do more research. Helios is the newest fighter aboard the starship Kepler. Abel’s particular brainwashing makes him just as emotional unpredictable as Cain is and the old boy tries to handle a situation he simply doesn’t have the maturity or mindset to. Cain is a fighter for the Federated Alliance. This one I don’t know whether or not to blame on them or the Internet I was using as there were several instances of the loading screen freezing and I had to refresh the game. AndroidBrowserdate nightodating simiOSPCstarfighter eclipseVisual Novel. Join Cain, Abel and the crew from Hamlet Machine's webcomic, Starfighter, on board a brand new, interactive adventure.Your mission: join an Alliance surveillance team with Selene, your newly-assigned navigator, to investigate a derelict alien spacecraft. The game itself isn’t shy about its adult content and each path you take essentially build points towards a sex scene with whoever you’ve spent the most time with: making it more of a reward for playing that path correctly.

It’s the fact that she says it’s better than the majority of visual novels she’s played.

The soundtrack I honestly liked a lot less. The actual force behind the brainwashing is never fully defined or explained. Unfortunately, the game never attempts to develop his character beyond that. Seriously, let’s really look at some of what she has to say in this review; There’s a lot to like here. Her talent, not the story in and of itself, keeps the game as a whole stable and that is as much of a bad thing as it is a good thing. If you do not find a way to constantly shower Selene with praise, Selene throws a tantrum worthy of a five year old.

Play through all the routes to unlock sexy scenes and bonus art! Starfighter Eclipse is a visual novel that was initially announced on March 26, 2014[1]. Believe it or not there’s some incredible writing to be found out there in the wilder parts of the internet when it comes to believable sex scenes, but Starfighter isn’t always it. The rest of the cast doesn’t fare much better and bring little to the table other than their role in the final sex scenes.

It's super hard to get his route so lemme whip up a thing for all ya'll. Not counting anything that could be considered a duplicate graphic, you are still looking at somewhere between 70 and 85 CGs for this project.

The content contained on this page is age-restricted. There’s plenty of hand-holding and blushing, sure, but it has more interest in depicting frankly sexual tension than the fluffier romances in most English-language dating sims. Being more economical in the future would help the game as a whole feel like less of a grind, I think. While the plot probably would have still been predictable, a decent amount of tension would have at least been interesting enough to suspend the eye-rolling that comes with the situation never being outside of our protagonists’ abilities to handle it since he spends most of his on-screen time before the ‘big reveal’ preening or trying to get into Helios’ pants.

I bet that’s not how you act in the comic. I don’t follow her on social media and I haven’t read anything she’s written before this week. I’ll try to do a better job of holding back my crippling sarcasm, but unfortunately the main storyline is where we have to start. It won a Peabody. Completing all five routes gives you an after credits scene of Valentina reuniting with Helios. Everyone not already a fan of this type of thing should definitely give a lot of thought and bide their time before putting any money to a title that just barely avoids total failure. RSS.

I am of two-minds on the dialogue options and choice system in the game. As far as this game is concerned though, by playing an antagonistic role, it changes the focal point of the entire story to saving Abel from whatever force has taken over his mind. It’s perfectly fine for what it accomplishes, but don’t expect A Midsummer Night’s Dream or anything.

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