Good tips you have here.

that they would speak to me only in English and bear with the mistakes I make and help me improve. You can get the details here-,, This initiative positively served to be very inspiring and I will surely start working upon areas where I find myself lacking. Thanks for share with us. The defining moment came in the 3rd year of my college when I wrote the GRE Test and scored 1530 out of 1600 – the highest in the campus that year. 1st Jan 1970

It took me almost 3 and a half years to learn English. it will help the beginners. My struggle with English language and how I mastered it. Internship, Chemical YR POST REALLY INSPIRE AND GAVE ME CONFIDENCE TO DO GR8 THINGS IN LIFE, Sir, in Bangalore, Internship in Chennai, Internship in Based on my memories, I remember being the quiet/shy kid who didn’t make many friends because I, The Challenges of Learning A New Language 2. couldn’t speak the language.

Give some tips to improve my speaking. Fortunately I do remember my 5th grade teacher Ms. Pamela telling me that I was doing extremely well in all of my subjects. I think most of the students lack the vocab, so in order to improve that they should be forced to learn this thing in the early stage ASAP. #CA_in_Indirapuram. Research Fellowship. Hey Sarvesh ,

PPS – Do tell us in comments what do you think of the initiative and how we can make it more useful for you. Also, a comprehensive reading of books and newspaper can be of help. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - UKEssays is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Even though I never got an A or B in the class, I learned a lot even though the level of difficulty was beyond me. I did okay in all other subjects except English, which I received a below average. Nice Article! Most helpful essay resource ever! This is the opening article for English with Internshala series – an initiative to help students improve their English proficiency and thus communications skills. I strongly agree in what you’ve said about practicing it with a person who knows well the language you’re studying . Good, it’s an effective blog on how to overcome problems in the English language. Really informative blog. Although my struggles with learning English, my professor took a different approach that no other English teacher/professor has done before and it worked. My Reflection: My Struggles With Learning English. they are quite reliable, What a super post and this post motivate us nothing is impossible, Your email address will not be published. I am so glad.

Your post was really helpful and most of my doubts were cleared. The first assignment made me realize and understand what I needed to personally work on. I have also come across students who know their English is weak and want to improve but don’t know where to start or lack the confidence. Chockalingam. Somehow I was able to survive and do well in her class even when she never graded our essays thoroughly and gave explanations of what need to be fixed.

It wasn’t until later on that I gained some confidence in speaking the language, and also being able to write in a basic manner. It explains a lot of how and why I had such a hard time concentrating in school. Pune, Internship in Kolkata, Virtual Thank you so much for sharing. The Importance Of Learning In English 902 Words | 4 Pages. About this essay More essays like this: personal narrative, learning english, immigrant struggles. I studied in a Hindi medium school till 12th standard, and I even wrote my JEE exam in Hindi. This is really great and helpful post. 1.Have some tie ups with NGOs which are working in the same field. Thanks for share with us. I look back and I see the how this experience shaped my attitude, choices, and overall experience in my academic life. But somehow (courtesy friends and professors), I was not embarrassed by it & took it as an opportunity to learn something new. In the beginning, however, I struggled to speak even the most basic words in English.

My definition of a teacher is someone you can look up to and or someone who inspires you to learn. My communication skills (and the confidence they gave me) helped me secure various leadership positions on the campus, an exciting job (I started my career with Capital One in the UK) when I graduated, and eventually in building Internshala.

Sometimes I still have doubt that I won’t do well in English but I just have to focus and try harder no matter what.

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