My experience with SK is good – actually it calms my mind and improves my energy levels . When should you not use Sudarshan Tablet? You heard from someone that Pranayama is good for the treatment of headache, backache, lack of concentration etc, read about it thoroughly in the internet and started doing Pranayama. So what should I as a boozing, beef eating, Pseudo secular, pseudo scientific low caste covert read it as ???? “Su” means proper. Ultimately, it is up to each individual person to believe what they want believe, and no amount of research can force them to believe that something is good for them if their own experience has told them otherwise. It is with how you are doing it when no one is supervising you. This is very rare.

“Why The Scientifically Literate Can Believe Silly Things”.

Please follow your, website users have most commonly reported using Sudarshan Tablet after food. This includes what you have described. If Pranayama is not done correctly, or if wrong type of pranayama is done, some of the side effects may start to occur –.

When you meditate on the “Om” mantra you will become one with the universe. I am really appreciate your efforts.

On the other hand, when you perform SK (hyperventilation), you aren’t actually performing any exercise at all – you are simply overbreathing. All I can report is what I’ve seen as an ex-teacher, and what SSRS told me himself about the effects of the Kriya: I have personally had someone lose consciousness during a course, and turn grey. Secondly, Do physical excercises like jogging and push ups. Wait for a couple of hours, then do Pranayama.

One study compared 30 minutes of SKY breathing, done six days a week, to bilateral electroconvulsive I also know a lot of cases who developed similar problems as mentioned by Nagesh. Thanks for poting by Parthchoksi. there are different paths for different kind of people However, bible thumpers like StupidS use their pseudo-scientific rationalism to debunk anything which is closely or remotely related to Hinduism. I regret stopping once reading your opinions in these blogs. I can feel the damage in the brain. Well said!!!

(EVERY THING IS IN YOUR MIND JUST CONTROL YOUR MIND AND MAKE DECISIONS WHICH WILL GIV YOU BETTER ACTION) have nothing against guruji or anyone in AOL…but many things are not just write I feel….I paid $250 when I was struggling financially…it was a time every penny was important for my living….I don’t understand why this Kriya is top secret and why it’s high priced….if you really think this can help mankind to get better why it’s not FREE if I are AOL teacher I know ur answer so don’t even give me tht…not gonna buy…ramdev baba offers free yoga( not his supporter or marketer)….I think this blog is an eye opener…I wil stop doing Kriya I guess and I don’t think I need it….I am very strong willed, logical and I believe in myself, and practical in life and always do things positively with my best efforts…I am happy with what I am…if lord is my witness I am sure I will end up in good hands. It enhances whatever is that you have in your body. Trust me.

but with so many complaints of sudarshan kriya he should stop propagating it further. ” Almost no independent peer reviewed research on the SKY has been reported apart from some abstracts which list out “potential” health benefits of the SKY and yoga in general”. First 1 month – a. Sudarshan kriya is now scientifically proved that it’s a miraculous breathing process. I had also frequently felt tingling in the feet which is one of the symptoms of hyperventilation/respiratory alkalosis. Gassips and cribs always there. SK is niether Yoga nor it is pranayam.

3 days after headache started I went to doctor and found out that my blood pressure was 150/100.

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