Videogames have been around for a while and in the last 10 years, it's also been an industry with an exponential rise on a global scale. Socials : But, is it really that positive?! Smile? Mapa de Feminicidios en México. Day 23 - Michael Travesser, Ignorant Reincarnate. What a title huh? I pretty much just came up with the idea as I rendered the file.

Oh well, at least I can still record and upload these episodes.

There's been people out there claiming to be prophets and i'd just like to have some face-to-face interaction with them. Reach out to me for either suggestions, complaints or overall scheduling a conversation. Education and ambition have gone a long way. See you tomorrow! Many time i'd watch those iconic TV shows and then play out what I saw and try to replicate the moves and whatnot in my entrance hall. Curious? Popular social media platforms are promoting sexual content in an unhealthy manner, due to its popularity amongst multiple demographics. daily podcast that I am going to be publishing with random thoughts and such that could possibly be interesting to someone out there in this vast world of the internet! It has come to light in recent days that Ron Swanson, aka Surviving Life, may have been using his platform on Youtube to prey on survivors of sexual … Press J to jump to the feed. How would that make you feel? Video games have had an interesting growth over the years and here's my experience with them and what I think needs to be done to prevent addiction amongst the younger generations. S2E05 - The McKamey Manor with Russ McKamey, For the fifth episode of the second season, we go into conversation with Russ McKamey, the mastermind behind the most extreme haunted house in America and perhaps in the world! Thank you. Result of me watching a livestream with someone playing Overwatch, which made me want to rant about how much people complain. You are the ones I keep podcasting for, despite my absolute lack of social skills. An episode for some conversation about my current state and some updates on what's going on.

Apex is not perfect! #stayhome #staysafe. - Ron Swanson.         @deadmeatgrind6 on Twitter. See you tomorrow! Definitivamente hoy no hay nada que celebrar, pero si hay mucho que reflexionar. Twitter -

Listen to the episode! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Apex Legends is nowadays a greatly acclaimed game that I bet some people would actually threaten me with death upon hearing this episode, but the truth has to be said and put out there! As someone involved with audio, music and whatnot for pretty much my whole life, this was massively interesting to me. On this episode you will hear me discuss opinons on the matter, how I cope with some of them and A LOT of experiences that I went through and still go through. Hopefully it is for you as well! I literally get mad at these people. Gamers who play something nowadays think they can tell other people how to play games... Gatekeeping and entitlement is literally everywhere and it is causing toxicity in every single community that involves entertainment. Horror movies are becoming exhausting to watch, it's just redundant. Esta es una triste realidad que está sucediendo en nuestro país. Thank you. Some news specific to the podcast! See you tomorrow! Some are legitimized by requiring effort and skill to reach monetization, others are not so needy for such succession. Ron from Surviving Life covers the horrors of the deep web in documentary videos for YouTube, among other platforms, in an attempt to help raise awareness to the dangers of internet usage. Pretty much. What you can listen to here is a (hopefully!)

So you better watch out, before you become a victim. People complain for everything and nothing. Oh has it been quite a break without episodes. All the involved should be prosecuted for being involved in this amateur, easily avoidable incident by someone who has swore to protect and serve. As someone who grew up in a small town in a rural region of Portugal, technology didn't evolve as quickly so I rapidly develop ways of entertaining myself. Or to just listen : life For context, The Drunken Hour used to be a show I did back in the radio I used to run where I'd get drunk and talk with a co-host and / or interview musicians. The proof on that Discord server is undeniable. The KYS on the internet, that's right... A very sad and humiliating reality about mankind. A lot (or most) of the times I see depressed people surround themselves with depressive stuff instead of finding upbringing and joyful material, activities, art that would perhaps get them out of that state of mind. Discord : || Twitter : @deadmeatgrind6. S2E03 - Parents Are Not Saints (The Disappearance of Maddie McCann). However, one of them did it right once again! Take a listen, relax, enjoy. Clones are not remembered and as a matter fact are easily forgotten! Hope it's of any use. Are we doomed?! So here's me talking a little bit about it and hopefully it helps someone maybe change their way of acting upon other things they see. Find out my thoughts on it in the 20th episode of the Grinder's Verdict podcast! Also, October begins! Penguinz0 - ; Also join my discord server so that i'm easier to reach whenever! See how hard they'd try to wash my brain with bleach. Kap and Twinkie, who have been part of his team for quite a while and have had a lot of interaction with him and his community, joined me for some talk on what's been going on with his shenanigans. u/McKameyManor u/scammers u/rYoutubersExposed. Do you agree? If you listen to this on Apple Podcast, please leave a rating and a review. This was meant to be an informational voice over for a video that ended up not being used so I decided to ask the person who wrote it for permission to post it as an episode because it is a really good writing and very fitting to the podcast. That think people legitimately do good things all the time. Anyway, tweet me your thoughts after giving this a listen @grindersverdict.

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