Fruits from ‘Tsugaru’ were harvested at 93 and 122 DAFB in 2004 and at 16, 37, 60, 79, 102 and 116 DAFB in 2005. is a perennial woody plant that undergoes a period of dormancy (in cv. the contribution of UDP-galactose pathway to cy3-gal accumulation in... Aluminum (Al) stress is a major cause of poor crop yields, particularly in those countries where acid soil predominate. Forward (5′-CTGGACTGAACAGATGCAGAAARWSHTGCMG-3′) and reverse (5′-CCAGCGATCAGGGACCANCKRTTDCC-3′) degenerate primers were designed from highly conserved regions of plant MYB transcription factors [Petunia hybrida MYBAN2 (AF146702), Lycopersicon esculentum ANT1 (AAQ55181), A. thaliana PAP1 (AF325123] and V. labruscana MYBA1-1 (AB073010)] using the CODEHOP program (Rose et al. (2005) identified light regulatory units that consisted of a MYB recognition element and an ACGT-containing element in Arabidopsis, and they suggested that a bZIP transcription factor or bHLH might bind to the ACGT-containing element.

© 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Many reports have been published to elucidate the biosynthetic ge... Genetic transformation was successfully established producing both transformed adventitious shoots and calli in Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) by using cotyledons as explants. We also showed direct evidence for interactions between MdMYBA and the F2 fragment in the promoter region of MdANS by gel-shift assay (Fig.

This activation of MdMYBA expression might sequentially cause the induction of the genes involved in the anthocyanin pathway. 3B had previously been measured by Honda et al. To estimate the copy number of MdMYBA in the apple genome, the genomic DNA from ‘Tsugaru’ leaves was digested with BamHI, EcoRV or KpnI, and Southern blot analysis was carried out under high-stringency conditions using a non-conserved region (outside of the R2 and R3 DNA-binding sites) that included the 3′-untranslated region (UTR) of MdMYBA (positions 421–859 in the nucleotide sequence) as a probe to avoid cross-hybridization with other members of the MYB gene family. 8). 4C, E, G, I and K). We classified 23 peach cultivars based on the degree/intensity of red pigmentation in the peach skin; we defined color index 0, 1 and 2 as white skin color, pale red skin color and red skin color, respectively (see Additional file 5: … To unravel the interrelationship between polyamine and ethylene, their metabolism and expression of relevant genes were investigated in apple fruit (Malus domestica Borkh.) Flowers of transgenic plants (D, F, H, J and L) showed a phenotypic change in flower organ pigmentation compared with the wild-type plants (C, E, G, I and K).

): Molecular Analysis of Carotenogenic Gene Expression and Ethylene Regulation, Suppression subtractive hybridization identifies genes induced in response to UV-B irradiation in apple skin: Isolation of a putative UDP-glucose 4-epimerase, Promoter analysis of a type 3 metallothionein-like gene abundant in Satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) The PCR product was cloned into the pCR2.1 vector using a TA cloning kit (Invitrogen, San Diego, CA, USA) and sequenced. Lanes 3 and 4 contained 225 and 375 ng of poly[d(A–T)], respectively. Salt stress led to severe growth retardation, based on electrolyte leakage (EL... モモの溶液受粉における花粉懸濁液の開発を目指して,花粉懸濁液へのペクチンメチルエステラーゼ(PME)またはポリガラクツロナーゼ(PG)の添加について好適な濃度の探索ならびに増粘剤を組み合わせた花粉懸濁液が結実および果実品質に及ぼす影響の調査を行った.その結果,0.1 mg・L−1のPMEまたはPGを添加した花粉懸濁液で花粉管伸長量が最も増大することが認められた.これらの結果を踏まえて,‘川中島白桃’を用いて溶液受粉を実施した結果,溶液受粉区は慣行受粉区に比べて結実率は低いものの,花粉懸濁液にPMEまたはPGを添加することで懸濁された花粉の花粉管伸長能が高く維持され,結実率が向上した.さらに,増粘剤としてキサンタンガム(XG)の添加効果も確かめられた.また,溶液受粉や溶液の組成は果実品質に影響... Red coloration of apple (Malus × domestica) skin is an important determinant of consumer preference and marketability. f.) Nakai), we treated 1-year-old trees with the following: (i) 8 h sunlight + 16 h dark (SD); (ii) 8 h sunlight + 16 h red light (LD(SD + R)); or (III) 8 h sunlight + 16 h far-red (FR) light (LD(SD + FR)) d... We developed 708 gene-based markers for citrus genome analysis. The values are means ± SE (n = 5). [6][7] In 2012 and 2013 he also appeared in the companys' critically acclaimed production of Hamlet.

The transcript of MdMYBA was detected only in red-colored skin at 116 d after full bloom (DAFB) (Fig. MdMYBA under the control of the cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) 35S promoter was introduced into ‘Tsugaru’ apple cotyledons by means of particle bombardment.

Biochemical studies have demonstrated that these anthocyanins are predominantly glycosylated cyanidins, among which cyanidin 3-galactoside accounts for >80% of the total cyanidin 3-glycosides in red skin (Lancaster 1992). Honda was born in Canberra, but moved to Sydney when he was young. 1993, Solano et al. A better understanding of the mechanism underlying the endodormancy phase transition is necessary for developing countermeasures against the effects of global warming. 6A). 6B). VvMYB5a is involved in controlling the flavonoid pathway for the synthesis of tannins and flavonols in grape, but anthocyanin accumulation occurs in the whole plant when VvMYB5a is constitutively expressed in tobacco (Deluc et al.

The β-glucuronidase (GUS) gene was used as a negative control (B).

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