AND SO DO YOU! That’s why Krylon exists anyway…”

Inb4 bootlickers say they are “just doing their job”. If we have to hide them, it’s time to use them. If this braced AR is not a pistol, what about the thousands of other braced AR pistols out there? Donald Trump: more successful at gun control than Obama. Q Honey Badger 300 Blackout Pistol (Specifications) Caliber: 300 Blackout; Type: AR Pistol Required fields are marked *.

So, what are the alternatives? If it puts the maximum extension over 13″, I’m going to block the pin groove in the tube so the brace can’t go past the fifth position hole…epoxy or screw in a small piece of flat bar, maybe. .

Q takes extreme care to remain in compliance with federal law, and we share your frustration with this development.

As pistols, there would be no minimum requirements for barrel or overall length.

No excuses. Please send FFL to [email protected]  If your dealer won’t share their FFL with you, please ask them to send it to us on your behalf. But what’s the objective standard for the shape of the back face of these things?

The democrat controlled Congress, under Barack Hussein Obama, expanded your gun rights to cover millions of acres of federally managed lands. Hunter H “Donald Trump: more successful at gun control than Obama.

So compact. At this time, Q has not received any definitive guidance from the ATF.

No Congress, no public comment they don’t control, just done. Same method, they’ll just declare certain firearms as SBRs or Ss under NFA by a stroke of a pen. The law changes on a whim without legislative action and people are retroactively made into criminals. Each state’s laws dictate what can or cannot be possessed in its own state. HOWEVER, the left controls both houses, the Gov, and the pending Lt. Gov (very likely winner this nov…D vs D election) will be supreme douche bag globo-C licker Denny Heck. Please send FFL to [email protected]  If your dealer won’t share their FFL with you, please ask them to send it to us on your behalf. They now measure from the muzzle to the end of the bufffer tube. However the SBR doesn’t enjoy the same flexibility as do pistols, looks as Q and S&B Tact.

@MDH I’d rather eat glass than show my support for a woman who’s so invested in religion she has been a ‘handmaid’ in the Christian group People of Praise.

If were not careful we wont have AR’s to attach these braces on…. Check out the Credit CARD Act of 2009, passed by a Democrat majority in Congress, and signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama. This appears to indicate that they are going after pistol braces at large. Not in support of any ban but you’re stupid or a liar if you say you are surprised. F-Troop will be encouraged to make more decisions to restrict as much as possible. Maybe you are talking about FUDDS?

America has been over run. Indeed.

You haven’t checked the availability of cans lately, have you?

That’s the power of a WELL made 1/5 barrel. “Oh, but things are going to be awesome with Democrats in control of Congress and Biden in the White House, right?”. When will “the people” learn…. LENGTH:  22.25 IN – 25 IN

You won’t be disappointed. * Your order will be canceled if we do not receive your dealer’s FFL within 48 hours of order placement. And, as collateral damage, will soon have a quarter of a million Americans dead in a pandemic that Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge even has the white house is infested with sick and dying people. Bought the Sugar Weasel off release and I’m impressed.

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to semi-auto rifles, nor does it apply to Bolt Action Rifles, Pistols or Revolvers.

Here’s what we got gun-wise, from Trump : 1 – Scalia’s SCOTUS seat not going to a Leftist like Kagan. Because “Supreme Court”. I have long expected that the ATF would get around to doing this.

DO NOT pay the NFA Tax stamp with a CC.

Open carried one multiple times this year too.

plug that hole in your head, it’s leaking diseases. you might as well be a hard core dem….and a murderer as well. A rare example of bipartisan legislation.

In other words, they’re ruling it a stock instead of a pistol brace. You can lick those boots all day for all I care….. A T F needs to go away… & Additionally, we have provided recommendations on how to address the firearms already in circulation. WASHINGTON — During a ceremony today in Washington, D.C., ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo was appointed by Attorney General William P. Barr to the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice. If your gonna play, play Upright. All rights reserved. The Technology of the Firearm is irrelevant.

Brilliant play to stop forced vaccines by the president. Please send FFL to.

Stupid. Currently running the Sugar Weasel with a LAW Tactical folder and runs great. That has nothing to do with this!

My penis extender is illegal now! But you cannot acknowledge the role that Barack Hussein Obama played in expanding your gun rights because he’s not an old white guy who shares your hatred of minorities.

Like many others, I can see no rationale for the determination that it is designed to be fired from the shoulder. And what was gained in return? BATFE saying it is no different from the Italian Mob saying it, and their soldiers enforcing it should be treated in exactly the same way. (verified owner) on July 18, 2019. AR pistol upper with a SBA-3 and a Law Tactical folder, the pistol is concealable but cannot be fired with the stock folded. an adjustable pistol brace to me just always seemed *a bit too good to be true* Requirements included the ability to shoot a rifle caliber round while maintaining low visibility and excellent signature suppression. it doesn’t matter who is POTUS, watch Ruby Ridge and Waco. And first bump stocks and now pistol braces, and this has nothing to do with Biden or Harris, all trumps administration. The executive in question is Trump. Yep, Donald Trump is going to rock you like a Herman Cain…. Wow, you must be loving that kool aid! Zero legislation. AND NOW, A WORD FROM RECOIL MAGAZINE ABOUT CLEAR ANODIZED FORGED RECEIVERS… Vote Democrat, with all the crazy democrats promising us that they are coming for our guns?

There’s no explanation of why they consider it designed to be fired from the shoulder. As if the Democrats will be any better.

These changes in laws just reinforce the idea that lawbreaking is right, because the laws are all arbitrary. The Sugar Weasel is awesome. From the gas system to the trigger, and telescoping pistol brace – HB 2.0 does not disappoint. I can assure you’re no friends to him, or any other TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT….. You can try the government SHILL BS if you want, but True American Patriots aren’t swayed by your shilling or the government’s illegal overreach…. The upcoming ban on this short-barreled rifle it’s just another feature of expanding your rights, brought to you by Donald Trump and the Republican party.

The ATF considers it “concealable” if it’s under 26″, that makes the brace verboten. And I’d do it twice if I could. Yet people flocked to hitch their wagons to it and are now suddenly SHOCKED that the jolopy is breaking down and leaving them stranded. I’ll use a coat hanger as a brace and shoulder a glock with a drum mag… in california, just to spite these tyrants. Given the dimensions, that’s not conceivably a rifle for anyone over about three foot six inches tall. BTW, Odumbass banned the import of 5.56×39 ammo, banned the import of Philippine M1s, and the list goes on.

Effectively, it’s either Trump or Biden. It is light, compact, and balanced. so… the atf just never took away rights before trump? But one of the factors that makes a pistol brace a brace is that it’s deemed too short, even extended, to be “comfortably fired from the shoulder”. Some county’s within each state are different as well. I don’t know what type of stops the Honey Badger employs in its setup, but if it lets the back of the brace adjust farther than 13″ from the trigger face, that could be the issue.

Anyone with half a brain could see that the legality of pistol braces was the equivalent of a jolopy held together with duct tape and string. I had some come back from DOJ, They are being flagged by CC companies as Fraudulent charges. “”” FREE KYLE”””. We apologize for this situation and want to assure you that we, in conjunction with SB Tactical® and the National Rifle Association (NRA®), are doing everything in our power to resolve this matter amicably for all parties involved. 2 – Kennedy’s vacant seat not going to a Leftist like Sotomayor. They didn’t have “control” of both houses – they had way too many freaking RINOs (aka Dems) to get anything meaningful passed on these fronts.

They know it’s not an SBR. All rights reserved. There is no “Not Trump” box to check on your ballot. absolutely amazing that Q would be as generous and customer conscious to not over price such a quality awesome produced firearm, which they easily could, and it shows they really care about the customer having a truly revolutionary end product. So the requirement to be a pistol is a LOP of 13.5 in. This is one of the advantages of the Sugar Weasel over the Honey Badger.

OK, you “told us”. (just my thoughts). NOTE: All third party accessories or components may be subject to change without notice. And what was gained in return?

©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As with a lot of things the ATF has waffled on the shoulder thing – At one time you Couldn’t, then it was ok if it was “Occasional” or “Incidental” then the talk was they were going back to “Couldn’t”. Lets play: How to spot the poor jealous PSA budget builder. He won’t be constrained once the midterms are over. Brace supporters are also stupid for hitching their wagons to a jolopy. Wait until Trump gets another 4 years to make things a little more impossible to win. Both parties are using gun control to leverage votes. The “Honey Badger” has a “custom made pistol brace” different than other SB Tactical braces. Trump and his Supreme Court nominees are the best thing going for gun owners today. The sugar weasel is so light my 13 year old could reliable defend our family with it if he needed too. We shouldn’t vote Trump because he is the one that did what 8 years of Obama couldn’t? “The Right of the People to keep and bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

Q LLC reserves the right to use discretion when selling to each individual state. We’ll be so much better off with the left in charge. CLEAR ANODIZED CHARGING HANDLE Y’all has been snookered by a New York City ConMan. Will the ATF now go after the TAC14, the Shockwave and any pistol with the brace? It seems that the bats are using this insignificant difference to re-con-screw “the intent” of its use to become a “shoulder stock” rather than an “arm brace”.

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