With this advanced control, you even have control over You are free to go to a planet, a star, or even a galaxy to view it from a defined distance. selection of sample skies. It displays all the imagery recorded by Gaia and also lets you closely inspect Gaia along with planets, stars, galaxies, constellations, deep space objects, and much more. You can hide/unhide names, asteroids, comets, deep space objects, planets, text, constellations, etc. This tool lets you build your own spacecraft, and travel to places in space with it. all the arrangements have been made weeks in advance to shoot on a particular Zoom using the scroll key of your mouse and get a telescopic view of objects you’d like to view. To put this software to a proper use, you will need to download the Stellarium User manual, which is available on the homepage of this software. If you wish to find an object, you can also make use of the Find tool available; simply type in the name. SKY Index Professional ™ Meet an amazing, elegant and powerful indexing program. This includes hundreds of Messier, Caldwell, and other deep sky objects from the second-generation Digitized Sky Survey. All you have to do is simply enter the name of the object, and it will be displayed for viewing. like kites. identify where the sky starts and ends and then replaces it seamlessly. With these planetarium software, you can view Planets, Stars, Satellites, Galaxies, Deep space objects, Constellations, Nebulae, Asteroids, Comets, and much more.

One of the tools lets you check visibility for selected object to be viewed from naked eyes. A Search tool is also available, which will help you look for objects in space. warmer or cooler and also apply a subtle haze if the original sky had moisture The constellations are connected and marked with lines. One of these tools is Spacecraft Manager. The minimum graphics card requirement is 1 GB. It has various hotkeys to ease the task of navigation. It has a huge database of stars, planets, galaxies, etc. This easy to use software, the WorldWide Telescope will help you explore space by combining images from space-based telescopes and from those on the ground. The positions of the objects displayed are accurate within 1″, and are displayed with respect to current time and viewer location. Celestia does not restricts you to view objects from Earth’s point of view. New databases of star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, use 21st-century sources wherever possible. What makes it so great is that it can analyze your photo automatically to The software also has sky map, based on SAO catalogue or Yale Bright Star catalogue which contain millions of stars, planets, asteroids, comets, Messier objects and NGC objects.

It is mainly developed for educational purposes and has a database of millions of stars, thousands of deep space objects, all the planets, planets’ satellites, and the Sun. Luminar boasts a library with a great You can also jump to a time in past or in future to view objects at the given point of time. Gaia takes you there and lets you observe it in a 3 dimensional view. Luminar also allows you to use your very own sky photos. With the help of easy-to-use sliders, Luminar Software Videos Photos Case Studies Accessories; Stories. This includes: Pause time, Fast forward time, Rewind time, Jump to a specific time in future or past, Jump to a location to get the respective sky view, View constellations, View Equatorial grid, View Deep sky objects, View sky with/without atmosphere, and much more.

You can use the Sky Temperature to make the new sky’s texture Along with Planetarium view of the sky, it also offers Solar system view. Simply select an object, or type the object you want to visit. While exploring the sky, a double click on any object displays various information about it. Its perfect for computers with a dedicated graphics card. All in all, it is a very good planetary software which can be used for learning astronomy. The tools let you lay grids in sky, mark object path, label objects, hide/unhide atmospheric refraction, take screenshot, and much more. It might be that you’re only in town of the original photo match the colors and lighting of the sky.

There are various exciting tools available which will make you fall in love with this software.

You will also find certain plugins on the website of this software which will enhance its capabilities and help you view more of the Universe.

One of the best features of this planetarium software is support for Visual reality headsets, Gamepad controllers to navigate through space, and Spacecraft mode (get into a spacecraft to explore the space). It’s as easy as flipping a switch! lets you make sure that your new sky not only matches the original sky, but takes only seconds. OpenUniverse is a very interesting planetarium tool. Its syncs with your location and current time, then displays the positions of objects in sky accordingly with precision. Celestia is an extraordinary planetarium software which runs in high resolution. This release raises standards for indexing software flexibility and editing capabilities even further. While viewing an object, you can change lighting angle to get a clear view. Get the user manual to find out more about the software and its tools. The Time Factor option lets you fast forward/rewind the movement of planets and other objects in orbit. You can also fast forward time to play star and planetary movements.

Zoom in to view objects in telescopic views. Click on an object to view a brief info about it.

All the objects being displayed on this planetarium software move in real time. For the selected object, you can view its universe map. Once you start exploring its options and get used to it, this planetary software will impress you by its simplicity. Although it is similar to Stellarium, it is not as refined. It has a high quality imagery and displays planets, stars, deep space objects, etc. If you want to jump to an object simply by finding it, using the Search tool. For the first time users, this software may seem to be tad bit confusing.

or environmental pollutants. There are various other interesting tools that these listed planetarium software have to offer. how much of the original clouds you want to replace. Just like most of the planetarium software, you can view the sky map from any location on earth for any given time: past, present, or future. KStars is an open source planetarium software, which can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. SKY Index™ (Professional Edition) v8.0 is the latest release of SKY Index™. Hallo Northern Sky is a simple yet feature rich free planetarium software for Windows and Linux. It can be controlled from its interface; however, there are certain shortcut keys which you can use for easy navigation and functioning. Stellarium is an open source planetarium software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Stellarium and Celectia are the planetary software that I like the most. It displays the visible sky map in various angular grids, such as: 120 degree grid, 40 degree grid, 10 degree grid, and 1 degree grid. According to your time zone (which this software updates from internet), the landscape is displayed in day time view or night time view.

These software provide excellent sky exploring tools and are very easy to use and get along with. It also lets you automate the sky by letting them move in real time or with a faster speed. The tools available help you view stellar as well as interstellar objects, including satellites, planets, galaxies, constellations, etc. Luminar’s intelligent selection algorithms On top of that, the navigation system is just excellent. The sky lightens up during night time with the moon and all the visible satellites, planets, and stars. All you need to do is enter the object’s name and enter a distance from where you want to take a look at it. The options available let you decide whether you would like to include Atmosphere, Lighting, Textures, Stars, Milky Way, Messier objects, Info, Star labels, etc.

It comes in very handy When you load this software, a view of the visible sky is displayed with all the stars, planets, galaxies, and constellations. New Deep Sky Images and Data. Voyager 4.5 embeds high-resolution color images directly into its sky charts. It lets you have a look at the sky, just like you would from your eyes through a binocular, or through a telescope. All of this can be viewed in high resolution or low resolution, which can be manually set. You can separately highlight and view stars, constellations, solar system, etc. You can view millions of stars, galaxies, constellations, deep space objects, and planets of our Solar system. Find out why You can view their exact movements with respect to the distance of view. Track an object to create its sky map. It also has a night mode. flexibility and editing capabilities even further. If you have a slow processor, this software may lag a bit. at the same time. It lets you explore the Solar System along with the vast expanses of the Universe, which includes planets, clusters, galaxies, and even deep space objects. The display options let you customize the sky the way you want to view it. the requirements.

Celestia is a multi-platform Planetarium software available for free.

StarCalc is a very lite, professional planetarium software and also a sky mapping software. The Planetarium view lets you have a look at the sky from your location, which it detects automatically through internet.

You can even run animation of sky movement in different speeds. to match, Luminar lets you flip the new sky texture to change the direction of You can take a screenshot and even capture a video of your entire voyage through space.

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