KNOWLEDGE AND SELF-EFFICACY Should parents take a more active role in their children’s athletic diets at school? Everything is processed securely: your information will never fall into the wrong hands. Why should children aged 2 – 5 eat healthier in order to promote a long term lifestyle of health? How effective is the “moderation” diet in keeping athletes at competitive health levels? What do patients who have been diagnosed with Gout or other types of arthritis have to deal with nutritionally to stay healthy and reduce the number of painful flare-ups per year? Have your money back any time. This collection of nutrition essay topics is great for short junior high school projects. Accessibility Statement, Food Science and Human Nutrition Theses and Dissertations, Alternative protein and iron sources for infant and young child nutrition, Development and characterization of a novel, edible bigel system with the potential to protect probiotics during in vitro digestion, Sonication assisted protein extraction from some legumes, and improvement of nutritional profile of ingredients through fermentation, Postprandial glycemic response of whole peas and lentils and their flours in adults with type 2 diabetes, 3D printing of cellulose derivatives based-biogel matrices as the drug delivery system and support structure, Physical activity needs, preferences, perceptions, and current practices of community residing older adults, Food security, diet quality, and nutrition knowledge of adult male food pantry users in Story County, Iowa, Novel methods for identification and quantification of iron fortificants in cereal flours, Role of diet and genetics on aging brain and cognition, Empowering the U.S. Virgin Islands' food industry through food safety education, Assessment of aflatoxin presence in the Rwandan feed and milk value chains and mitigation potential using high voltage atmospheric cold plasma, The effects of nicotinamide riboside on postprandial oxidative stress and vascular function, A mixed-methods approach toward promoting and evaluating the Congregate Meal Program in Linn County, The assessment of selenium bioaccessibility and bioavailability from selenium-rich algae, Strategies to enhance anaerobic digestion of biomass waste to produce renewable biofuel, Ensuring food safety modernization act produce safety rule compliance through water testing and sanitation validation programs, The effect of egg consumption on inflammatory markers, psychological measures, dietary intake and quality, and body composition in NCAA division I female collegiate gymnasts, Development of gluten-free pasta using amaranth flour and pea protein flour, Novel approaches to the low-cost, portable and rapid detection of bacterial pathogens in foods and food-processing environments, Food security and dietary acculturation among college students at Iowa State University, Application of thyme oil or cinnamaldehyde for the inactivation of enteric pathogens in marinated raw chicken and apple juice, Biomarkers of insulin resistance, oxidative stress, and nutrition and the brain, The role of cholecystokinin, fasting glucose, and ketone bodies on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, The isolation and concentration of phospholipids from various dairy by-products, Mixed-methods assessment of a local Meals on Wheels program, Impact of whole egg consumption on nutrient homeostasis in metabolic disease, Food/nutrition aptitudes and dietary intake among college students and university employees: Effectiveness of a Culinary Boot Camp nutrition education program on improving current state and providing future solutions, High voltage atmospheric cold plasma treatment on soft cheeses for microbial inactivation and quality assessment, Chronic disease prevention: Nutrition and behavioral neuroscience approaches, FFA generation during dry-grind corn ethanol fermentation, Development of lecithin-based oleogels and oleogel emulsions with stearic acid capable of enhancing probiotic viability and delaying oxidation, Development and assessment of a pilot food safety training for exempt home food operations and home bakeries in Iowa, Association between vitamin D and metabolic syndrome in older adults, Evaluation of a high school nutrition education curriculum for the FCS classroom, Systematic analysis of food visual estimation methods and applications in school lunch, Implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act among fruit and vegetable processors in the North Central Region, Socio-ecological barriers and motivators to dry pulse consumption among low-income women in Iowa, Impact of whole egg consumption and maintenance of vitamin D homeostasis in disease.

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