He also maintains a Twitter page which was named the number one Twitter feed in the world by a Time magazine poll in 2011. Well done AJ. Personal Goals for your Students (and self) Should Be Kept Private, Don’t Praise Kids for their “Smarts”, Praise them for their “Effort”, Why Every Educator Should Read Hacker News. Stunt No.

How the Heck Do You Grade Choice-Based Learning? Are we preparing students to be chefs or cooks? The dog-rape study is supposed to have resulted from nearly 1,000 hours of observation at three dog parks in southeast Portland. (Wait, was it a hoax?) I also love that we have programs that we can use to level and differentiate for our students on a much better level. We Don’t Want a Virtual Reality Learning Program. That dreck got published in academic journals, a fact worth noting to be sure. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. As you suggest above in your description of the different logical fallacies, while it is possible for technology to be applied inappropriately in a learning context, that does not mean that technology is inappropriate in a learning context–after all, you could argue the same about pen and paper. First of all, what a pleasure it is to read thoughtful, mindful, and purposeful comments which enrich and stimulate the conversation at hand!

That’s the sign not of a planet keeping an even strain but of one thrashing through the alternating chills and night sweats of a serious illness. Lindsay calls feminist theory “un-care-about-able” and irrelevant; he says it goes unread even by its own tiny cadre of practitioners.

[/color-box], Murdoch’s Amplify wasn’t the only dubious ed-tech cash-grab.

But I think we can all agree that it’s neither telling nor newsworthy when a bogus paper fails to get into an academic journal, however offensive or inane it might have been.

Please try again. The hoaxers’ sting on academia is supposed to have exposed the “sophistry” and “corruption” that exist across a broad array of research fields—those built around the “goal of problematizing aspects of culture in minute detail in order to attempt diagnoses of power imbalances and oppression rooted in identity.” The authors call these “grievance studies” and say their disregard for objective truth has yielded to a widespread “forgery of knowledge.” Yet these grandiose conclusions overstate the project’s scope and the extent of its success.

Dismissing a scientist’s temperature chart is one thing. No, TIME Magazine never published a cover predicting the coming ice age. If there is anyone in the room who feels the future will be absent of technology, please raise your hand. Start celebrating what matters. Are you asking: What’s the Best That Could Happen? It’s never clear: The essay starts by pointing at “certain fields within the humanities” that are motivated by grievance and that examine topics of “gender, race, sexuality, culture.” In the YouTube video released in tandem with the essay, Lindsay says the project has revealed a deeply concerning and pervasive corruption “among many disciplines, including women’s and gender studies, feminist studies, race studies, sexuality studies, fat studies, queer studies, cultural studies and sociology.”. As Mark Twain once said, “figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Technology, as with anything, should be used in moderation.

During his time at Penn, his relatively sunny take on the web, wireless and mobile technology inserted him in the polarizing debate between techno-utopians and techno-skeptics. It’s important to note that this fallacy should not be used to dismiss the claims of experts, or scientific consensus.

Thank you A.J.

Yet, the recent set of articles from NPR and Time Magazine (among others) that paint a picture of technology as a detriment to learning is both limited in scope and altogether a one-sided argument that does not allow for a gray area to appear. I have been wondering…really what is the difference between having your nose in a book 24/7 and reading articles, blogs, newspapers, books, etc on a device 24/7? Hey School Leaders, 92% of teachers believe classroom design has an impact on student learning, Habit Stacking in the Classroom (10 Smart Ways to Boost Learning), The Power of Letting Students Figure it Out, 5 Things to Remember Before You Start #GeniusHour, PLASMA: A Framework for Innovation in Our Schools, Why We Need Intentional Innovation in Education, 5 Ways To Spread Optimism in Times of Change by @aaron_hogan, The Teachers Leading Teachers Conference Kicks-Off #TLT15, Leading Through Choice #edcampldr #semicolonEDU, The Sharks of Education: What Continues to Work in Our Classrooms Year After Year, How a Small Country In Africa Taught Me the Greatest Lesson on Innovation, Technology can transform education, but not without people #ISTE2015, Reimagining Genius Hour as a PBL Mastery Hour, The Unsurprising Need For Differentiated PD (Survey Results), The Art of Failing in School and Succeeding in Life, 5 Reasons Why Teachers Learn Best From Other Teachers, Beyond Makerspaces: Why We Created an xLab at Our School, Summer Giveaway: 10 Free Copies of Learning By Choice, The Teachers Leading Teachers Conference (where teachers learn from each other). Yet many researchers and neuroscientists believe that this ADHD epidemic is a direct result of children being hyper-stimulated.

If we as educators do not teach them these skills, they will struggle being in the “real world.” As teachers, we are there to prepare them for their futures, and if we are not meeting their needs, we are not doing our jobs.

I appreciate the way that you dissected the article’s claims and presented both sides of the argument. One of the first lessons we teach digital natives is that not everything that you read on the Internet is true. Social media users have been sharing an image online that shows a cover of TIME magazine featuring President Donald J. Trump, with the text “TIME … to go”. That being said, our world is flush with technology and it is increasing at an exponential pace. It is amazing how much professional development is available to teachers in regards to digital use in the classroom, yet this author is undermining the positive effects it can have on student learning and engagement.

“On the evidence, our suspicion was justified.”. Everyone, bar sociopaths, is affected by emotion, and so appeals to emotion are a very common and effective argument tactic, but they’re ultimately flawed, dishonest, and tend to make one’s opponents justifiably emotional.[/color-box].

“You can now be made a professor, and get to teach college kids,” Mounk continued, “by spewing absurd, ideological bullshit.” Steven Pinker sent around the essay too. Clusters naturally appear by chance, but don’t necessarily indicate that there is a causal relationship.

How many botched Sokal-style hoaxes have been tucked away in file drawers and forgotten because they fail to “prove” their point? Yet he also posits that its sway is all-encompassing; that it is “leaking into popular culture,” that it has already “leaked into the educational curriculum and university culture,” that it is leaking, leaking everywhere, spreading everywhere, staining us with an occult, menstrual agenda to “remake society in its own image.” If we’re not careful, we’ll all be soaked in feminism.

TIME Magazine Table of Contents -- U.S. How the Heck Do You Manage a Project-Based Classroom? #GDD16, Unleash the Power of Design Thinking During the Global Day of Design #GDD16, Why We Need Creative Classrooms (A Manifesto), Why Innovation Often Starts With “Don’t You Dare…”, Are you ready for The Global Day of Design on 4/26? 7 Things Every Teacher Should Do Before 7 A.M. Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Learning, 10 Risks Every Teacher Should Take With Their Class, How to Empower Students with One Simple Phrase (that can boost student effort by 40%), Forget Guide on the Side…Students Need a Guide on the Ride, Empowered Students vs Engaged Students (What’s the difference?

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