Blood Wolfe. How did Guinness – as ang moh as a name can possibly be – end up with a badass Hokkien moniker in Singapore? We call it beer gao here. toh teng ji ki ang ji kao. Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter, © 2011-2020 A Winsome Life. The distributor here in Singapore, Blood Wolfe, used a wolf’s head emblem to distinguish themselves. China. Just three days ago, we were at the launch of the stunning new packaging on the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout variant at a custom-built pop-up bar at One Raffles Place and it was hosted by Fergal Murray, Guinness’ Global Master Brewer. Here Are 5 Tips to Lower Your Costs, Summer Jobs in Ibiza – Tips for Working in Ibiza Next Summer, Frequently Asked Questions about Pressure Washing in Pensacola, An HVAC Maintenance Checklist for your Home, Home Delivery: 5 Reasons You Need It Now More than Ever, Is Clickfunnels A Scam? An interactive raw ingredient wall and a special showcase of the brew kettle and bottling line. It sieves out those that can’t take a little hardship, Every man wants to be a George Lam back in the 90s. He questions why Hokkien, Mandarin and other Chinese languages have so many swear words and non-swearing slang based on parentage or involving family? 514 Chai Chee Lane 03-16, Singapore 469029. Guinness is a full-flavored beer with way more going on than your usual beer. Example. Can use “yao siu” to describe immoral behavior/person. 4 years ago. You drink too many times, you a dalgoner. Example. Literally “strange D person”. His hobbies include wine-tasting, boating, reading and travelling. Cheers. Used in scolding as 4 words together to curse someone die early from illness.

Originally posted by manjieass: npnt!! Originally posted by pervertboi: toh teng ji ki ang ji kao... sorry. Toh Li Chuin covers. Elsewhere in the world, Guinness is an integral part of a ‘black and tan’. Welcome to /r/singapore the reddit home of the country Singapore. Interest. Stimulate Your Brain: Improving Your Intelligence Through Basic Practices, Sunbird Brewing Company Celebrates Singapore’s 55th Birthday with Its Ondeh-Ondeh Porter Beer. Means difficult person or f*cked up person. It sieves out those that can’t take a little hardship. The writer compiled the list for Singaporeans to understand these everyday utterances and prevent misuse. Not used to scold. Shortened nicely to “hong kan” in army. Because black colour. Except that sibei means one’s dad died. Toh Lay Kiang Allianz Insurance Agent. 3 – Use when angry (e.g you tripped and hurt yourself, someone honk you). Offence Level: 1 or 3, depends on your age relative to the other person and friendliness.

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