When offshore, you would work long shifts (normally 12 hours). Many of the large companies in the oil and gas industry operate throughout the world, so you may be able to work overseas. Considering that the working week in the UK has usually 40 hours, and the average number of working days per month is 22, the minimum salary in the UK is usually around £ 1355 pounds. Can You Be a Friend and Still Be the Boss? You may take SVQs in management, possibly up to SCQF Level 9. Facebook:

A toolpusher’s starting yearly salary can be anywhere from £46,000 to £56,000. Toolpusher's salary stay around 80K a year. You would usually share a cabin with a colleague.

I stand by what I say, avoid the public sector, pay, reward, recognition etc is not great for professional grades. You would also need strong computer-orientated skills, due to having to carry out a number of administrative tasks. Some people do the course at their own expense before looking for work. The world's premier employer for offshore drilling jobs. My yearly take-home (before tax) is well over three times that you’re suggesting. You will see not always so easy, especially with commitments. [email protected]

The UK oil and gas industry is located mainly off the east coast of Scotland and England. Avoid the public sector, and forestry, after 30 yrs, degree qualified, my basic is still only £25k/yr, and the Tory chancellor philip Hammond reckons I’m overpaid! According to ASHE, 16-to-17-year-olds entering the job market (male and female) can expect to earn just around £200 a week. Meanwhile, estimates a slightly higher average of £27,000 for graduate jobs. The average annual salary is $43,251. But there are also fields west of Shetland and in the Irish and North Seas. Ultimately, it’s all about striking a balance and offering flexibility. According to reputable graduate job boards like, the average starting salary for UK graduates is estimated at £21,000 – £25,000. Tel: 020 7467 7100 These encompass a very small minority of the working population (in case you hadn’t noticed….) The toolpusher is to arrange for the different tools and equipment needed for a specific job. Your email address will not be published. If you see this, leave this form field blank. You might move into a management post in an onshore industrial or manufacturing company.


Actual salaries may vary, depending on: The starting salary for toolpushers can range from about £45,000 to £55,000 a year. Website (2): Please complete the form to enquire about office space. As with age, individual years become less important than the bigger picture of what you have done with those years. Often you start as an oil rig roustabout and thus gain experience. “It’s entirely your fault for not moving” …. Lmao at these highest paid jobs. I’m now in a position to move geographically, probably will. With sufficient experience you may gain promotion to a more senior management post in the oil and gas industry, such as production supervisor. Otherwise, you may begin with induction training ashore, covering information on the industry and the company, health and safety and skills training. You might gain SVQs while you are working on the rig. Your experience, wisdom, and carefully curated set of skills will start to pay off. Given that you work hard you could achieve this in roughly 5 years. in a very unstable environment that is often not particularly stimulating or interesting once people realise what’s involved – office based, long hours, and a dull-ish spread-sheet driven work pattern.

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