Always together, usually on their dirt bikes, Josh Cain and half-brother Trevor Walraven were known around town as good kids, who were mostly home-schooled, helped in the family business and did odd jobs for neighbors. Trevor Walraven killed Black Bar Lodge owner Bill Hull in 1998 when Walraven was just 14.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve entirely moved on,” he said, referring to his time in detention. When the parents returned from swap meets in Idaho and Portland last July, the boys told them that intruders had come into their home and stolen the .357 Magnum that Josh kept in his underwear drawer in the cabin, as well as Trevor’s .22-caliber revolver. Blake Casper, number 74, shown on his eighth grade football team in Lexington, Nebraska, spent more than half a year at Nebraska's Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center before returning to middle school. Many former offenders attempt to find a job or return to school, or both. “I think it goes back to those teachers in middle school that told me I wasn’t going to be anything,” Casper said of his motivation. What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. James Wooldridge is a Buffett Foundation fellow. Endorsements. His decomposing body was found nearly a week later covered with brush in a remote clear-cut. After his release and return to middle school, he feared he might get arrested again. The lack of consistent and uniform policies, along with a dearth of available data, conceal how – or if – young people learn in juvenile detention facilities. Under a …, Grants Pass, Ore. —  A Josephine County man who pleaded guilty to a murder he was already convicted of was back in court today. Listen to our seven-part podcast series, which follows the path that America's kids take through the juvenile justice system, from childhood to freedom. His only brush with the law was for riding his motorcycle on the freeway without a driver’s license. Some, but not all, leave prison with access to supportive networks and role models. It reveals elements of teenage life in 1999 that are frighteningly familiar: drugs, guns and the violent lyrics of Marilyn Manson. But in high school, Casper joined the football and speech teams, which he credits for adding stability and purpose to his life. “Being able to come back and contribute is really meaningful,” Walraven said of his work with criminal defense attorneys. For-profit companies make millions every year with the promise of safely rehabilitating kids in the juvenile justice system, but many kids say they leave worse than when they came in. Burdened by generations of historical trauma, Native youth navigate a convoluted justice system that few other children face. Youth can face very different outcomes throughout the juvenile justice system depending on the state or the county where they live. Data shows a decline in juvenile facility sexual assaults since 2012, but the number of incidents that go unreported make experts wonder whether enough is being done. If a former prisoner fails to meet any of the terms of. Some rifles and a shotgun in the gun safe in the main house were untouched. In the cabin the boys shared outside their parents’ main home, detectives say they found bongs for smoking marijuana and letters from Josh asking Trevor about getting him some pot, LSD and methamphetamine. The unemployment rate for the formerly incarcerated is about five times that of the general population, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. A 2016 survey from Council of State Governments Justice Center showed that more than half of incarcerated kids have reading and math skills significantly below their grade levels. Most detention centers require juveniles to attend school during their sentence, which Casper did, but the program was so lackluster that he was behind in academics when he returned to school. “I still had a lot of issues to work out.”. “It was more of a growing moment for me.”. When Casper got in fights in middle school, he felt school officials punished him differently because of his background. Walraven was convicted of aggravated murder in 1998 after shooting a lodge owner at age 14. “When someone is released and looking for a place to stay, usually they are asked for the first month and next month’s rent, plus a security deposit,” he said. Casper started seeing a counselor for a few years after his release, but the counselor deemed his visits unnecessary by the time he reached high school, he said. “It’s happening. “Something pulls me there, I have this yearning to go back and speak to guys … tell them my story and give them of some type of hope.”. (Video produced by James Wooldridge / News21). Tens of thousands of kids are prosecuted as adults each year, and some serve out their sentences in prisons where most of the inmates are adults. “How do you pay that when you’re coming out of prison and didn’t have an income?”.

When the boys were young, they came along. Left: Trevor Walraven, left, 8, and his brother Josh Cain, 12, in Grants Pass, Oregon, in 1992. , and it never has hampered his ability to get into college or get a job, he said. Karen Cain testified that she didn’t mind her boys smoking pot, but didn’t believe her sons were using other drugs or were interested in violence.

Debrow said the only thing he misses about prison are the friends he made. The boys’ parents, Karen Cain and Doug Walraven, began building their home in 1983, going no further than their cash on hand, living first in a trailer and then a small cabin. Edwin Debrow poses with his family on the day in August 2019 when he was released from a Texas prison after serving almost 28 years for murder. “I had issues with understanding how a credit card worked,” Debrow recalled. Debrow said people who get out of prison are “driven and they want to do the right thing.”. He says he was treated differently because of his time in custody, but football was a release. During his job search, Debrow applied to several companies that market themselves as.

“Here these boys are known as good kids,” she said. Starting when he was 10, Blake Casper spent 18 months removed from his home, jumping between foster care, group homes and eventually detention centers in Nebraska.

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