So, write the below code in actvity_pdf_view.xml: We can use the AndroidPdfViewer to open the PDF from: So, we need to write the code to connect the button click of MainActivity with the above events. Create an assets folder by right-clicking on main > New Folder > Assets Folder and paste the PDF document into it. when to fetch additional results. Now, we will look upon how to open PDF files from the Phone’s storage. 7. Get the full source code android PDF Reader app with firebase application. This tutorial is about:✓Create PDF app.✓Display Specific or all pages from PDF✓Display PDF from Mobile Phone.✓Add padding between pages.✓Firebase Integration real time data storage✓Scroll PDF pages vertically or Swipe horizontally. Upgrade your Security Rules if you see this Firebase Setup: ( dependency : ( Now, for the above four actions, create four buttons and assign the task to open activity by those four buttons. after the pageToken are shown. If you have an existing Firebase Project, please follow the steps in the

In a subsequent request using the pageToken, items that come after the pageToken are shown. Try to replace the PDF link used in the above example with your own PDF URL. Do share this tutorial with your fellow developers to spread the knowledge. For example, in the Paytm application, you get your monthly expenses in the form of PDF document. The list() API places a limit on the number of results it returns.list() provides a consistent pageview and exposes a pageToken that allows control over when to fetch additional results.

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So, add a WebView in the activity_web_view.xml file: Now, open the FileUtils class of the utils package that we created at the starting of this blog and add a function named getPdfUrl that will return the URL of the PDF which we are going to view in the WebView. The code for the activity_main.xml file is: In the MainActivity.kt file, we call the desired activity with the corresponding buttons: We are done with the UI part.

The pageToken encodes the path and version of the last item returned in the List() uses Google Cloud Storage’s List API. The List API is only allowed for Rules version 2. We have successfully created a PDF Reader with Firebase in Android Studio Android application . Let’s make the UI of the project.

I like to gain every type of knowledge that's why i have done many courses in different fields like engineering and technology. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I just created a project named FirebaseStorage.After creating the project add Firebase Storage and Firebase Database to your project (Go to tools->firebase).Creating UI, Uploading PDF in Firebase Storage PDF Reader with Firebase in Android Studio. (right-click on root directory > new > Activity> Empty Activity). 9.

In our tutorial, we will learn how to open a PDF file from Assets, Phone Storage, and from the Internet by using the AndroidPdfViewer library.

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