Secunderabad Anganwadi Centers S.No AWC ID Name of the Mandal AWC Name AWC Type Sector AWW Name AWH Name AWW Mobile 1 1602011 Maredpally A.C.S Nagar-I Main ADDAGUTTA VATHALA SWAROOPA KAKARLA YELLAMMA 7095560739 2 1602012 Maredpally Shasthri Nager Main ADDAGUTTA MACHERLA ANITHA KADARI RADHA 7095560758 3 1602013 Maredpally Venkat Nagar … He was always approachable and would make an effort to be involved in their lives, they said. There were certain movements against the orthodox practices in Hinduism. 363 (DB) case, the Court held that in case of an illegitimate child Hindu Law would apply if either both the parent and Hindus or at least the mother is a Hindu and the child is brought up as Hindu. Kerala Women Topless Costume in 19th Malabar None of the Hindu ladies except Brahmins thought that the breast has to be covered; and to them to cover the breast was an act of immodesty. The firm has its roots in Orissa Associates, a business and trade-advisory firm which he founded and served as its managing director until 2008. The Satsangi cult founded by Ramanuja believe that an individual is enjoined to follow the basic Vedic injunction of good, pious and religious life and that the path of salvation lies in the devotion to Lord Krishna. [CDATA[// >