Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut, for example, is a fantastic game built with PC gamers in mind, and one I likely wouldn’t have experienced had I not played it on the Nintendo Switch. ASSAULT RIFLES: With range, power, penetration, burst fire, and precision hits this is a top-tier weapon skill. I also recommend that everyone wears light armor for three reasons: 1) heavy armor carries a speed penalty, 2) you take more damage from energy weapons while wearing heavy armor, which become much more common from the midpoint of the game on, 3) the most important reason: the tinkerer perk grants +1 to AP while wearing light armor and is very easy to get. Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Character Build FAQ, Section 2.3: Starting Attribute Example Builds. .newer players I'll label this for the moment *interesting but non-essential* and *pick up only if you have room*.

First off I would like to note that if you are roleplaying, more power to you. Get an idea of your base Leadership Range, and decide how important it is to you to get more (Me?

Considering this can benefit up to 6 other Ranger's Chance to hit and keep your stupid NPC allies from making *very* stupid NPC decisions, I would say this+Leadership is essential on at least one character; unless you're in the unlikely position of not planning on picking up any NPC companions, in which case I'd consider this+Leadership to be merely very good rather than essential. When considering precision attacks and unfavorable elevation, more Chance to Hit is always welcome. Later gave her Animal Whisperer when I dropped Ralphy.

PERCEPTION: Another essential skill. Despite its name you do not need to have an extreme-AP build to have a good sniper Ranger (any ranged combatant build listed here should be a good potential sniper), and on the flip side this Ranger can be an effective character even if it specializes in a different weapon type than Sniper Rifles as lots of APs are nice for anyone (though as I've mentioned I do favor Initiative over AP). That's a lot of investment for something that is really only going to affect the end game, but there it is. Asshole: All Hard Ass checks succeed, but all Smart Ass and Kiss Ass checks will fail. It is not that they are useless, it's that they're not as effective.

SAFECRACKING: Safes are full of useful stuff, and are common.

Also used in a decent number of skill checks. That being said, the experience isn’t perfect, and navigating through menus and walls of information — of which there are many — can get annoying.

Head north and pick up the hidden item in the bush.

1 is likely a fine value for Luck for your entire main team. Some Perks start as available to any Ranger. Gunner should be taken as soon as it's unlocked. Scout / Front-Liner, Psychopath - 2, 2, 2 (6), 10, 6, 4, 2 AP 9 (10) CI 10 (14) Blade 10. Rose OR Vulture's Cry: Note that while you can only acquire one or the other, it is possible to miss out on both.

Full of good Skills, remember that you can (up to a point) get NPC Companions to cover anything your main team does not cover but that you still want. Generally speaking, you can level knowledge skills up to 8, and then use trinkets to provide a skill boost on an as-needed basis. There is a door that I think leads to the remaining switch’s but it is inaccessible.

Do try to fit Toaster Repair on one character or NPC. I'm sure you can manage with 1 INT but there's really no reason to have less than 4 as it just makes everything, combat and non combat, harder. As well, you need sufficient speed to utilize cover effectively. Pistols and SMGs have extremely short ranges, and the edge of those short ranges carry a chance-to-hit penalty.

So make your way to Highpool (or Ag Center but I recommend Highpool).

save. Your squad does not actually need to have the shrine in sight to receive the experience bonus. Brittle Bones: +2 AP, -50% base combat speed. At character creation you have 21 points to distribute across 7 stats: Coordination, Luck, Awareness, Strength, Speed, Intelligence, and Charisma.

BLUNT WEAPONS: Bash, Bash! You want some health.

His drawbacks are that he'll be slower than the rest of your group (if you're following my recommended builds above) and his combat initiative isn't great.

Charisma gets maxed in 3 so even with full Charisma this Ranger should end with at the very least a respectable 15 Initiative by level 40, and can go as high as 18. This guide will contain few-to-no spoilers. This will put you at 12 AP, which combined with Deadeye is just enough for the 7 AP sniper rifle.

There may be advantageous point distributions where these will not combine to a factor of 4, but keep in mind that if you do so you may be losing some efficiency.

Alarm disarming can be skipped if absolutely need be because many times you can simply kill everyone who would react to the alarm before trying to open whatever has an alarm on it. If you are using ranged weapons then ignore this quirk completely.

Perks that are in the same Skill line as other Perks and affect the same thing are generally NOT going to stack, rather the newest Perk supersedes the older Perk.

Unfortunately end-game enemies aren't as susceptible but that's okay, Computer Science sees a lot of use overall. Playing out your build, an assault rifle user would need 18 extra skill points for whack-a-mole, 14 extra skill points for watchman and focused shooter (more if you want to continue that line), 14 more for roboticist, and 10 for charge.

But she is worth getting. Sloty1984. Once you’re in game, that frustration melts away.

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