94 ZE:A Hwang Kwang Hee 黄光熙  406,104 Together with actresses  Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun and Xu Jinglei, she belongs to China’s ‘Four Dan Actresses’ (四大花旦): the four greatest actresses of mainland China. Many Chinese netizens feel that the man is spared by Chinese news media outlets, which only report about a “drunken man” who was “causing trouble.” They insist that the real story should be properly reported. “Boys’ Love (Danmei) Fiction On The Chinese Internet: Wasabi Kun, The Bl Forum Young Nobleman Changpei, And The Development Of An Online Literary Phenomenon.” MA Thesis, University of British Colombia https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Boys%27-Love-(Danmei)-fiction-on-the-Chinese-internet-Chen/63e7b494653bc1d849461b7a8f3d57aad05be452 [Aug 30, 2020]. 89 JYJ Kim Jun Su 金俊秀  463,040 China’s ever-buzzing social media sphere sees trends, topics, and movements pop up every single day and then fade away quickly when their novelty is gone. Because of its focus on homosexuality and eroticism, danmei fandom is subject to online censorship. This site uses cookies.

The case received even more attention on social media when it turned out that the 33-year old troublemaker is the son of the head of a neighboring village. 84 JYJ Jaejoong 金在中  546,808 Boy group TAKE is more popular in China than in Korea indeed, indicating Lee Seung Hyun’s account got about 3 million fans there, as well as actor Kim Jung Hoon is floating in love from about 2 million of Chinese fans. Chen, Xin. He Jiong has been the host of China’s popular Happy Camp TV show for over ten years.

Can't help but think the audience still got a spectacular show. Chinese actor and singer Chen Kun (1979, Chongqing) is known for his roles in, amongst others, Painted Skin and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. 23 CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa 郑容和  4,774,034 The scene escalates into a big fight when others try to intervene.

In Japanese fiction and manga, the theme of male-male romance intended for a female audience emerged as early as the 1970s but did not really rise to popularity until the early 1990s, when Japanese mainstream media saw a ‘gay boom’ and representations of male homosexuality became in vogue. “Male-male marriage in Sinophone and Anglophone Harry Potter Danmei and Slash.” Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, 9 (5): 418-434.

6 Super Junior Choi Siwon 崔始源  16,439,989 “Fujoshi: Fantasy Play and Transgressive Intimacy among “Rotten Girls” in Contemporary Japan.” Signs 37 (1): 211-232.

The   Sina Weibo social media platform is often called the “Chinese Twitter”. 92 Jang Woo Hyuk 张佑赫  447,905 A video showing the Chinese opera performance being disturbed by the drunkard, turning it into a chaotic stage scene, is gaining major attention on Chinese social media.

73 Sung Yu Ri 成宥利  763,300

The two have to make some taunting decisions, including possibly being forced into sexual activity with each other, in order to make it out alive. 55 Lee Dong Wook 李栋旭  1,261,118

10 EXO LAY  11,105,110, 11 Kim Soo Hyun 金秀贤  11,026,986 They are China’s super stars and have the largest online fan base in the world.

This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. ‘Happy Camp’ (快乐大本馆) is a prime time variety show aired by Hunan TV.

All Rights Reserved. Nabbing the top spot is TV host and presenter Xie Na who is famous for co-hosting the popular variety show Happy Camp. 87 SNSD Yuri 少女时代 俞利  497,742 This is a list of celebrities from mainland China with the biggest fan base.

4 Jang Geun Suk 张根硕   18,270,578 Boy group TAKE is more popular in China than in Korea indeed, indicating Lee Seung Hyun’s account got about 3 million fans there, as well as actor Kim Jung Hoon is floating in love from about 2 million of Chinese fans.

“Chinese Danmei Fandom and Cultural Globalization from Below.” In: Lavin, Maud, Ling Yang, and Jing Jamie Zhao (eds). 36 Super Junior Heechul 希天才  2,296,716

In Chinese, the gay erotica known as yaoi is also called ‘danmei’ (耽美) or ‘BL’ (for ‘Boys’ Love’) – all umbrella terms for contents of male-male homoerotic fiction. According to China’s cyberspace regulations, online content should adhere to the “correct political direction” and “strive to disseminate contemporary Chinese values.” Over the past few years, there have been various moments when displays of homosexuality were targeted by censors. 66 Kim So Hyun 金所炫  864,877 “He is not just a ‘drunkard’, he’s the son of the village secretary.”.

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