KINNIE is an excellent thirst-quencher, but when enjoyed with food, the herbally infused scent and bitter-sweet taste of KINNIE tends to enhance the flavour of food and improves the overall dining experience. Gold Supplier Contact 21food THE BITTER SWEET FLAVOUR OF THE MEDITERRANEAN, Made from a secret blend of bitter Mediterranean oranges, herbs and spices since 1951. Stir and garnish with a slice of lemon or orange.

Frank Galea. Welcome to the Mediterranean. :Zhe B2-20090288-2, Buy it now Kinnie -THE ORIGINAL- national drink direct from Malta, You will get one unit/carton with 6 plastic bottles, 0,5l each, of Kinnie, Kinnie -THE ORIGINAL- national drink direct from Malta. Save with! It is as excellent as an apertif and also a versatile mixer. Kinnie - THE ORIGINAL - direct from Malta - shipped to your doorstep! Kinnie is available for sale in cases of 24X33cl cans at £15.00 per case. | Purchase online for delivery, or pick up in store. You will get one unit/carton with 6 plastic bottles, 0,5l each, of Kinnie We are shipping worldwide directly from Malta! New Product

Hot Products Drink ice-cold Kinnie straight with a slice of orange or lemon or mix with your favourite Scotch whisky for refreshments with a difference! Contact your State Agent for your nearest Kinnie outlet. Payment MELBOURNE. hope you can find it! Oranges and Aromatic Herbs KINNIE - GREAT WITH FOOD. Contact your State Agent for your nearest Kinnie outlet.

0 0. Also available at the retail outlets below... Big Fields Fruit & VegBrimbank Shopping Centre - BrimbankWatergardens Shopping Centre - Watergarden   03 9367 2878, The Original Maltese Pastizzi Company18 Suffolk Rd Sunshine Nth   03 9364 7527, IGA - North St Supermarket40/44 North St, Hadfield   03 9359 1978, Aust Cont Deli Big Sam’s Market3 St Albans Rd St Albans   0417 515 584, C&L Liquor94 Northcott Rd Lalor Park   02 9624 5828, Minchinbury Fruit Market1039 Great Western Highway Minchinbury   02 9625 8021, Grima Brothers Wholesale ProduceGregory Hills Rd Gregory Hills   02 4623 8330, * ALL OTHER STATES CONTACT YOUR STATE AGENT, Watergardens Shopping Centre - Watergarden. The list of cocktail possibilities is endless, and since Kinnie is such a versatile mixer, that you can easily create your own “Kinnie cocktail” or long drink for your enjoyment at any time of the day or night. It is suitable as an aperitif to accompany savoury appetizers including traditional Maltese snacks like “pastizzi” but it is also great with meals. On the contrary, KINNIE’s herbal ingredients have been said to improve both appetite and digestion.

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