Phone: +86 (0)512 628 34900, Europe It is usually found in fire-sprinkler systems of stores and at the same time, warehouses. ... weighing a little more than 1 lb, and one of them is right at 1 kilogram but my little digital scale won't go high enough to weigh it with accuracy. Indium Corporation — ©1996–2018. Indium is a bright, shiny metal that forms a thin (80-100 angstroms) protective oxide layer. Their global reach and expertise in the minor metal and high temp space is substantial. It will form a hermetic gasket seal between two mating metal parts. High-purity versions of it are used in electronics, including solar cells. All items ordered within this store are REACH Compliant. Home; About Us.

CMK CO. LTD. buy many kind of electronic scrap, electronic board scrap, non ferrous metal scrap and plastic scrap. Recycling centers and their highly-specialized but vital work is key to making this happen. Such a metal that is not naturally occurring in the environment and yet high in demand highlights the need for experts in extracting and recycling this material from old scrap.

Because LED and EL lighting is becoming increasingly popular, the demand for indium is growing, which continues to push indium price higher. Customers can depend on us to handle all logistics related to the import or export of indium materials. Indium will cold weld to itself, useful for bonding parts or assemblies together. Indium is primarily used in the manufacturing of LCD screens for televisions and computers. Milton Keynes, Torino Indium Corporation does not recommend, manufacture, market, or endorse any of our products for human consumption. Our global team will travel to any location in the world to assess, sample and verify indium material. Indium can also be found in the absorber rods used in nuclear reactors. It is used as a decorative trim coating metallization on plastics used in appliance and automobile trim. They make transactions very easy and seamless. It was first used in the manufacturing of bearings that are required in very demanding working conditions like aircraft engines. What is being produced comes from zinc ores.

Similarly, indium can be used as an efficient thermal conductive interface in electronics. All Rights Reserved.

Indium is a rare metal and is not commonly found in the environment. We can produce indium in many shapes and quantities. Old scrap, or from used items like old LCD TVs, is usually more difficult and therefore, less popular.

Phone: +65 6268 8678, Penang If you would like to investigate how indium metal might work for your application, please contact us at [email protected] 1851 Blount Road E-Mail: [email protected] It is a very soft metal that it silvery and shiny. E-Mail: [email protected] Being soft, indium will deform and fill in the microstructure of two mating parts, pressed together using moderate pressure. Beyond its use in semiconductors and electronics, it is popularly used in the creation of low-temperature alloys. Indium is versatile metal with unique physical properties. Indium effectively reduces the melting point in solder alloys and fusible alloys. Exotech Phone: +1 315 853 4900, Asia/Pacific Melting Point is 313.9F Indium Metal is extracted from indium bearing based metal ores and refined to various grades in high volume utilizing state of the art SPC controlled refining technologies. The following are some of the unique properties of indium and a sampling of innovative applications for the metal: Indium metal has played a key role in technology advances since it was first investigated by Dr. William S. Murray in 1924, and with the creation of the Indium Corporation in 1934, the two have been tied together, leading and supporting the advancement of technologies that we all rely on today.

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